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Improvements at Atlanta’s Inserection Adult Bookstore

Ground Floor Layout of Inserection Cheshire Bridge Atlanta

After my last update on Inserection Opens a new window from this blog this summer, I wondered if the adult bookstore would recover. Surprisingly, the recovery has happened and it’s much better.

It’s not perfect. The air conditioning works, the beds in the hook-up rooms have been repaired and the seeming dominance of meth addicts appears to have lessened.

I doubt it’s the $1 addition to the cover (now $11 to get in on weekdays). Maybe the door people are better trained or recognizing the addicts.

The crowd seems still too top-heavy, although I’ve kept to breeding except for an occasional abortion Opens a new window from this blog. In fact, I’ve got a good couple of entries I need to write up soon including a raw fuck in the darkroom on the ground level and a beautiful married man upstairs in a hook-up room.

I post to Craigslist when I head to Inserection and I always get four or five e-mails from locals asking what to expect. I usually refer them to this website. To expand upon reviews and update, I wanted to provide a little more information including a couple of “maps” of the ground floor and upper level.

You can read the updated review and learn more Opens a new window from this blog.

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  1. Mark,
    I was searching online for the best Atlanta hotels to host a gangbang when I get back in town next week and ran across your blog. You and your blog are both a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed reading (you are a very good writer) and learned a few things I didn’t know. I’ve always believed that the test of a really good writer is one who, regardless of content, is fun to read, easy to read, holds your attention, and, when you’re through, leaves you feeling like you’ve been visiting an old friend for a while. Keep it up (pun intended)!


  2. Hey Mark,

    I really had a great time with you at Inserrection (or however it’s really spelled) and keep reliving the entire moment of us in the upstairs hook up room as you call it. I’m the married guy you met at what was the last minute before we both almost gave up on the place that tuesday (election day) night. I finally fulfilled my fantasy of having you fucking me bareback and cumming deep inside me. Thank you for such a hot time!

  3. Hey Mark. I wish I could share your general enthusiasm with Inserection. I’ve tried the place now 4-5 times, during the week, at night, on the weekend and even a late Saturday night… it was beyond sad every time. I suppose my timing is just way off.

    Wish I had your luck 😉

    Keep up the good work on the blog. Always love the articles.