Another Cyber Attack

Another Cyber Attack

The hate for barebacking is sometimes so strange.

My blog is under constant attack. In August 2011, I discovered what’s called a denial of service attack Link Opens in a New Window. I took several countermeasures against it (I won’t say exactly how since I don’t want the folks to know how I am preventing the attack).

Now comes a new attack.

This one proved to be a malware Link Opens in a New Window attack. This may or may not have been intentionally focused on the site. Based on my research, this type of code injection Link Opens in a New Window suddenly exploded over the last few days so it might be a fault in some software or an infected plug-in.

I’ve disabled features here and at the BarebackWiki and BBBH sites. It took me three days and a lot of manual cleaning (that means going into individual files and checking code to remove it). Norton or McAfee doesn’t make a scanner to clean up a website. It’s a manual process one must do step by step. Most folks with a blog would not find this process easy to accomplish. It’s complex.

Google had blacklisted my sites so many people could not see them. I then had to ask Google to lift the blacklist, which it has except for a few pages on BarebackWiki. I expect those will be declared clean today.

I have taken preventative measures and will be monitoring all intensively. But there’s only so much one can do.

Allow me to ask you all to keep your own protections in place including a software firewall and anti-virus software.

Thanks to those who altered me, especially my good friend Carl (@ch4suk on Twitter Follow on Twitter). When he first noticed, it was tiny. But it spread. And it took me a while to figure it out.

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