Making My Mark on the Fringe

Making My Mark on the Fringe

Back in 2011, I was featured as the “Gloryhole Expert” Opens a new window from this blog on a podcast known as Distorted View Link Opens in a New Window and the pay version, the Super Freak Sideshow Link Opens in a New Window. I’ve long enjoyed the podcast, as it contains some twisted shit and the host, Timothy James Henson, is fucking funny.

Well, he’s compiled some of the best interviews in the seven years he’s done the podcast and my interview — which includes discussions of barebacking, the Bareback Brotherhood, Str8Cam Lube Link Opens in a New Window, stealthing, adult bookstores and more — ends the compilation Link Opens in a New Window. While I encourage you to listen to the whole thing, you can find me beginning at the 48:32 mark Link Opens in a New Window.

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  1. That distorted view is rather interesting. I do agree how it was funny that he calls you the most horrible human being in the world. It seemed like he interrupted you a few times but glad you were not derailed. Seeing what you write all the time and hearing you talk seem to go hand-in-hand. I was sort of curious how you talked about barebacking and stealthing and it’s no different then how you write it. I did like what you said about Asian bottoms too. I’m glad that some people out there appreciate them.

    The little segment about how you became a barebacker is very interesting too. Great interview.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a few years and I’ve finally heard your interview… lol… he’s got some very interesting characters that appear on his show… love how he introduces you as the most horrible person in the world!!! Love that fact that you’re super-opinionated!! It keeps me coming back for more…. keep it going!!


  3. Had the great pleasure to listen to this interview and it was awesome.
    Mark speaks with great honesty and truth on where he is in life and how he got there. This was totally enjoyable,and I respect Mark for his views.
    And Mark…you have a great sexy voice!!!