Become a Better Stripper, Go-Go Boy, Waiter, Bartender, Stylist or Anyone in the Service Industry

Become a Better Stripper, Go-Go Boy, Waiter, Bartender, Stylist or Anyone in the Service Industry

Do you work in the service industry — sexual or otherwise? You can be a bartender, a waiter, a massage therapist, a stripper, a go-go boy, a house cleaner, a hairstylist, or any of hundreds of service industry jobs.

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I am available for one-on-one training

This is something I enjoy teaching, especially young, attractive men. You want to learn this, I will tutor you how to make this system work for you. Just get in touch with me.


I find myself helping out hot men in the service industry all the time, telling them how to get bigger tips from guys like me. Beyond crawling up and taking a seat on my cock, a service professional can make big bucks by actually making a little effort. I’ve made it into an easy-to-recall mnemonic: HEFT. HEFT breaks down into the following:


Give your customers hope that you’re actually “gettable.” Even if you’re playing gay for pay, there’s enough money or he just might be that guy that can turn you. The second you dash all hope is the second money stops flowing.


No matter what place you’re at — whether it’s a restaurant for food or a strip club — you’re both there for an acknowledged reason. Step outside that role and engage your customer in conversation. Get to know them a little before you get down to business hardcore.


This assures returning customers. Flirting just enough will get customers to come back to you and become more loyal. You make it memorable by the flirt. Male-to-male flirting is significantly different than what females do, so you need to learn how.


It’s long been proven in university studies that restaurant servers will increase their gratuities if they touch their customers. That physical contact means a lot. It’s important to break that barrier and find appropriate moments to have physical contact with your customers.

I’ve created a Guide to Making More Tip Money Opens a new window from this blog specifically for the service industry. It outlines some of the approaches that has worked with me and the ones that have failed.

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