The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom

The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom
(by a Bottom, for All Bottoms)

 Mark notes: I received this as a comment to my original post about Rage Against the Bossy Bottom Opens a new window from this blog. I’ve since also written Revenge of the Rage Against the Bossy Bottom Opens a new window from this blog with a few more things that bothered me.

I got a note from Ryan, a bottom who follows me on Twitter. After reading my Rage entries, Ryan had some interesting feedback. This was unsolicited and he provided it. 

I’ve posted Ryan’s proposed Eleven Commandments then edited them to make them sound more commanding. Bottoms just don’t know how to make things sound like it’s not a request or nice. That is, unless they’re a bossy bitch.


By a Bottom for All Bottoms

With Notes from Mark aka iBLASTinside

Ryan's Hole... the ultimate bottom's holeSorry about these experiences. It’s shameful, to be honest.

There are a lot of “bottoms” out there giving us real bottoms a bad reputation. This in turn makes it harder for genuine bottoms to do what we do best because a blight gets cast over us a group. Consequently, solid tops (and even versatile tops) have to play mind-reader games in order to figure out if the person they’re talking to is really what they claim to be (a bottom).

The guys you’re describing need to be honest with themselves. They aren’t bottoms, they’re versatile bottoms (at best). They’re holding on to way too many mental assumptions that do not belong to total bottoms.

Put another way, they’re thinking (at least in some vestigial sense) with the mindset of a top, and they can’t have it both ways. Bottoms aren’t — by definition — supposed to be bossy. That’s the top’s job. And you are rightly irritated when they step out of their role.

There are certain things one must mean when one claims to be a bottom. I call them my Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom. And since I am a true bottom, if you (a top) disagree with them, my job is to change them.

The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom

1. If you’re going to bottom, come prepared to bottom.

Naked Man in ShowerBe clean, be committed, be submissive. Do not, however, be lubed.

 Mark notes: I believe a true bottom always strives to be clean. I have one bottom friend who shower shots when he gets up in the morning and when he gets home from work and, if he’s at home, right after every shit, whether or not there’s a plan for a fuck in the near future. He also carries a portable douche with him everywhere he goes. The idea being he never knows when a fuck might show up. He literally has an open-door policy (he used to sleep with his door unlocked so men could come in during the night and fuck him but after a few things went missing, he had to revise that).

Therefore, if I were writing this, it would be… Thou Shalt Always Be Prepared to Bottom

2. Why? Because the top chooses the lube.

It’s your job to bring some. But many discerning tops only want to use spit, so you may have to take him without lube and with more friction. Deal with it.

 Mark notes: I truly appreciate your approach here. Pisses me off when a bottom expects me to bring supplies (and I prefer spit as lube anyway). Further, I recommend the bottom provide all the supplies — lube, poppers, towels, etc. There’s nothing nicer than a bottom who gets me off and when I roll off him, he sucks me clean then he gets up, brings a warm wash cloth and wipes up my cock then dries me off. That is full service. I’d recommend the following selections:

Lube (each clearly marked)

Poppers (to keep fresh, please keep in darkness)

  • English
  • Amsterdam
  • Jungle Juice Platinum
  • A fourth option like Jungle Juice Black Label, Pig Sweat or Taiwan Blue.

Therefore, if I were to write this, it would read… Thou Shalt Provide All Supplies a Top Might Require

3. Assume that if you have a gag reflex and can’t take his cock all the way down your throat, that your ass will just have to make up for what your mouth can’t do.

The bottom is responsible to get the top hardGetting your dick sucked, ass rimmed and/or fingered is at the top’s discretion. Understand if he sucks your dick, it’s because he like to suck dick…it just happens to be your dick. And understand that if he takes the time to rim you, you’re about to get fucked the way he wants to fuck you.

 Mark notes: I rarely rim and even more rarely suck cock. And if I kiss you, well then I really like you. One of the things that I’ve not put on my Bossy Bottom lists is when the cunts ask if I’ll rim or blow them. First, see Commandment Number 1. If that ass isn’t fucking pristine, my mouth isn’t going near it. My nose tells me whether it’s okay to go in for a lick. Then if I taste anything bitter, um, I’m not taking a second lick.

 On the other hand, I am generally clean. I might not be fresh out of the shower. Your job, if I want you to, is to suck me hard. If my ass isn’t clean, I’ll never send a bottom down there. but I’ve had plenty of bottoms volunteer to lick my funky ass. Your choice. Just know I’m not kissing you after that, no matter how much I like you (or how much mouthwash you use later).

If I were to write this, it would say… Thou Shalt Not Demand Any Assistance to Prepare for Being Fucked But Thou Shalt Help a Top Prepare to Fuck

4. If your top wants you to blow a load before he fucks you, get to work jerking it.

The bottom may be asked to blow a load first.Yes, we know it’s going to hurt more when he fucks you after you’ve already nutted. If he’s asking, it’s obviously the point that he knows that and wants your hole super sensitive so that you really earn his cum. Time for you to bite that pillow.

  Mark notes: Now I already figured I wanted to fuck Ryan (author of the bottom half of this piece). Now I know I do. I’ve made bottoms bite the pillow and take me after they’ve popped off because they’re not patient for me to cum first. I stay hard after I cum and I like working my DNA in deeper. But actually jerking off before I start fucking?

I personally think there’s nothing hotter than a bottom who cums on my cock and lets me fuck him with his own cum. 

My version… Thou Shalt Cum When, Where and By What Means the Top Demands

5. Your top has control of a lot, but whether you moan while being fucked isn’t always one of them.

Vocalize pleasure, not pain.Some bottoms can just take more than others and vocalize that proportionally. That said, if he wants you to talk to him, he’ll fuck it out of you. And if all you can say during the first few thrusts is “ouch,” or “slow down,” or “easy,” expect him to put you face-down on the mattress or stick his underwear in your mouth. He has to fuck his way through the pain so you can start to feel the pleasure, so stop running away.

 Mark notes: Thou Shalt Vocalize Pleasure and Not Pain, Unless Your Top Demands Silence

6. Stop it already with putting your hands against his hips or stomach to try to control his depth/speed/roughness.

Bottoming is what you came here for, get to it.

 A Rough FuckMark notes: Now I’m not huge but I am hard and, for some bottoms, that’s a challenge (I don’t know why because it goes in easier than some softy you have to grasp by the base and shove inside). I will normally give a bottom a few moments to adjust to my cock. 

After that, shut up and take it. 

Along with this trying to stop it is when a bottom grabs my hips and tries to get me in deeper.

My commandment version… Thou Shalt Allow the Top to Penetrate as Deep, as Rough and at the Pace He Wishes

7. Don’t worry about jacking yourself off.

The bottom should never pleasure himself unless instructed to do so.Focus on the pain and the pleasure your top is giving you with his cock. If your top wants you to get off, he’ll either tell you to stroke it, or he’ll do it for you. It’s not his job to make you cum, it’s his job to fuck you how he wants to. The better job you do, the more likely he might let you cum while he’s still inside you. Earn it.

 Mark notes: Oh how much it pisses me off to have a bottom playing with his own nipples or jerking his cock or, worse, both. And I’m having to maintain balance for us both. Meanwhile, he accidentally brushes his hand against my balls and notices I like that and then goes back to jerking his own cock? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?

Thou Shalt Not Touch Yourself Unless Ordered to Do So by the Top

8. Don’t try to take charge.

Ryan's Ass... the Bottom's Ultimate Ass...Your top sets the pace. Don’t back up onto the cock unless he tells you to. Your top is not an amusement park ride, you are. He’ll let you know if he wants you to drive.

 Mark notes: This one overlaps a little with Commandment Number 6 so we’re going to change it up a little because I think I know what the bottom means here.

There was this terrific bottom I fucked for a while and his ass just really knocked my socks off. Where he excelled happened to be when he’d be in the crab position above my cock and just ride the cum out of me. Literally. He did it once. I loved it.

I told him to do it again the next time I fucked him. He made a half-ass attempt for like a minute then switched positions and pace on me, even when I told him what I wanted. 

Then there’s been bottoms who grind their cock into the bed when I’m riding them in my favorite position. I tell them to stop moving and let me do all the work. I want to shoot off in their ass. Don’t move. Just hold still and let me use them to get myself off in their ass. But they don’t. They’re thinking moving against my fuck is good, even when I tell them just to hold still.


It’s even better when I let a bottom try to get me off with his ass if he’ll ask if this is better. Go faster? Go deeper? Shut up? Just pay attention to me. You should figure it out.

Thou Shalt Do as the Top Commands at All Times, Pay Attention and Ask If It’s Unclear

9. Don’t be stupid.

 Ryan's Cub ChestUnless you have some prearranged, agreed upon commitment about something, it’s the top’s show. He picks the positions. He picks the bed, floor, shower, etc. And he picks where his load ends up. You can ask, but don’t natter away and make him regret picking you over the other guy that was just as hot.

 Mark notes: My dear bottom finds himself struggling a little with this one, so I’ll first say what I think fits best…

Thou Shalt Anticipate a Top’s Needs

It’s like I wrote about in my last Bossy Bottom Opens a new window from this blog piece. I’m on my way to cumming and the fucking bottom interrupts me. I’d fucked him before and he should have paid attention to know what it is that I’d preferred, how I liked to cum and then allowed me to shoot. Instead he interrupted me. He was stupid. He didn’t anticipate that I needed him just to enjoy the ride instead of worrying about his pleasures.

10. Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash, so be careful what you say.

You didn't say you were not into this kind of play, did you?Don’t say “anything goes” unless you mean it. Don’t say “fuck me harder” unless you want to feel his girth for the next week. If you call your top “Daddy”, or “Sir”, or “Papi”, or whatever, be ready for any role play that follows. Don’t bitch about it if you call him “Sir,” only to have him put your ass hole through a Seal training boot camp. Your ass belongs to him until he’s done with it.

 Mark notes: Oh, this one is too fucking true. A great example is an entry I wrote quite a while back in my Dark Passenger series Opens a new window from this blog.  The young man told me he wanted some tit torture, I told him what I would do, he was gung ho for it, he showed up, I did it and he cried like a little bitch.

I see entries online all the time that bottoms will do “anything” except blood and scat. Do you guys realize how fucking wide open that is? You start talking to them and you soon find out it also includes no permanent scarring, no bruises, no hitting, no spanking, piss only with beer or water, time limit of two hours or less, no women, no transgender, no animals, no shaving, no bondage, must use a safe word, no drugs, etc. 

If Thou Asks It, Thy Top May or May Not Grant It

And one other thing. You call me “Daddy” only if I could actually be your “Daddy” — meaning you better be in your twenties. Then I’ll call you “son” or “boy.” And while I’m completely familiar with the Leather Community and the Sir/boy relationships, I do struggle with men my senior begging to be called “boy.”

I’ll give you whatever title I want to give you. Just because you think that word recaptures your youth, it doesn’t.

11. It isn’t about you, it’s about the top. Period.

It's all about pleasing the top and getting his load.Really understanding this eliminates the need for the other ten.

 Mark notes: Amen brother. Preach it.

Thou Shalt Focus All Thyself on The Top

The most successful bottoms have always expressed this. There’s this joy that comes from them — their jizzjoy Link Opens in a New Window — from the cum deposited in their ass. When I cum and I hear a bottom sigh from that, I know I’ve got someone who really enjoys what I do.

The Eleven Commandments of a True Bottom

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  1. This is degrading for bottom. Not all of us want to be a sex slave and not all of us can stand a hardcore fucking.

  2. As a confirmed bottom I find this, for the most part, to be the Gospel truth. I’ve always had great respect for my (active) top man. As far as number 5 goes, I’m not really vocal when being fucked but I’ve always moaned and grunted and the tops I’ve been with seem to like it.

  3. I love your commandments and will apply them to myself.

  4. These commandments are less of a commandment set for a “bottom” and more for a BDSM sub, just because someone is fucking you, doesn’t mean they get to do what they want. It completely ignores the concept of powerbottoms altogether and associates receiving dick with submission, it’s shitty journalism if you’d even call it that. This should not be used to define a “true bottom” in any way, shape or form because suddenly there’s no accountability for the person actually doing the fucking, an this provides commentary for the horrible state of the porn industry as a whole. Actually as bad as AIDS tbh.

  5. I am a total top, I like my bottom to get in the position I want. It annoys me when my bottom won’t keep still so I can get in him.

  6. I guess the person who wrote this article is the same type of straight person that expects a woman to be nothing more than a fuck hole to create babies eventually.

  7. That’s what a TRUE bottom does is be clean and submissive to his top man. As a total bottom I want to please my and I do listen to my top man. I just love it when he cums inside me damn feels so good especially if he likes to keep going and gets hard again. Also I have a bottom kit with me at all times have lube, a dido if my top wants to use that to get me ready, also have a shower attachment to keep myself very clean and ready also I use a etable lotion the top guys that have rimmed me told that my ass tasted great and I love that top telling me that. Im submissive I want to really please my top love a hard cock inside me no matter the size.
    Just wish I could find a real most all gay men to day want to be versital something I never want to be Ive also consider my self a submissive bottom. Love to please one daily what he desires I want to do.

  8. Yes I’m all about pleasing my top and not moving and bringing supplies and son on… yet the best fucker I’ve been with, has said that since I take his cock so well and I present to him my ass the way he likes it, he feels a need to rim my hole for hours in return and before he fucks me. He also helps me cum afterwards by kissing me and we are plain fuck buddies but like he says, it’s the least I can do for having such an amazing ass.

    It’s a 2-way street and I certainly won’t get bred by a selfish top, but I will offer my ass to one who knows how it’s done.

  9. this is amazing, the rules i am going to follow for the rest of my life

  10. Seriously offensive to bottoms that aren’t into abusive BDSM/slavery.

    It seems all you want to have is a hole dedicated only to be your cum-bucket and nothing else. I will definitely not show this to my gay friends (tops, bottoms, and both);they would very much tear you apart for this article.

    I don’t believe tops that agree to this would treat their bottom partners as real people, just some mindless slave that would bend over for your pleasure and gratification.

    This whole article makes me sick.

  11. this article turns me on a lot and i know i should follow this to be a good submissive bottom boy and i will follow most of these but i’m not going to completely just be a slave to my boyfriend. i want to have sex out of love but of course sometimes i’d loved to be fucked like this as well, but you need a balance

  12. Hi ready waiting for my bull top

  13. What a stupid article.

    If you want to be a slave and be treated like cap – then yes, this is for you… But most tops that I know of, like a bottom who can also take charge and give input…

    If you think that being a bottom is just bending over for your “master” then you are seriously deluded… And Mark – who gives his jack asked input should rather go fuck himself because I won’t allow an idiot like that to bring his dick near me.

    Sex is about mutual respect and both parties enjoying themselves… What you described is everything but.

  14. Is this definition of bottom and top specific to a nationality? Because where I come from what you’re describing is dom sub without the specific bondage or sado masochism kink. Here the term top and bottom is almost exclusively limited to giver and receiver, though a bottom can often be more submissive, it’s not a given.

  15. I can’t agree more with everything on this page! I’m a true bbottom and completely fulfill every criterion!!

  16. This shit is incredible…

    What the fuck do you think we are the bottoms?

    A fucking slaves for the tops?!

    The sex has to be a consensual relations, not one being the master and ruler and the other the total submissive.

    Seriously, I’m a little bit freaking out seeing all the bottoms that accept this kind of behaviour and attitude, one thing is being a slut and other completely different being treated like a sex-object with no will and opinion.

  17. By simply responding to an offer to meet, the bottom should be willing to turn all control over to the top. If a bottom is not willing to do so, they need to say so in their profile or ad and the top can choose to proceed or not. Once the meeting is agreed upon, the bottom surrenders all control to the top (the bottom had his chance before agreeing to meet). The top knows what he’s doing. When I was fucked for the first time, I begged my top to pull out after he inserted his big bare cock in my ass but he refused, telling me that if he did so, it would hurt more the next time. I’m glad that I listened to my top because he was right, once my ass adjusted to him, the hurt disappeared and I truly enjoyed the feeling. He went on to plow my ass hard and I loved it—and the big load he deposited deep in my ass made it even better. From that point on, I’ve trusted my tops and have never been disappointed.

  18. As a bottom I like it when a top knows how to be a top and for doing it harder I should not have to ask I like it when my ass pussy still feeling it days after, as for cumming I don’t care if i cum or not or even if I get hard. I am his cock whore for him to use as he sees fit

  19. I’m gonna print this and make my bf read it out loud the next time I’m doing him. He cums twice every time he comes to my place I don’t cum at all sometimes. I rim him, I blow him, and I always think about his pleasure but it’s as if he does not care if I cum or not. Of course, it makes me feel sexy and all but I have to masturbate after we’ve had sex because my balls hurt!
    That’s nothing like the bottom you’re describing here. I want this bottom! Not that selfish bastard of a boyfriend I call honey.

  20. loved this post

  21. As a bottom I agree with everything except 10. The problem with “everything goes” is that there are some strange dudes out there. Over the years I managed to get my list of things I don’t do fairly complete, but sometimes you meet someone who wants something I never imagined, while in hindsight I had heard about snuffing you can image my fear when he brought it up. Basically to me, bottoming is about being humiliated and used through penetration. Taking the pain for his pleasure, being denied my own pleasure. He is the man I am his bitch and by penetrating me and breeding me he becomes more masculine and I less so. And while I enjoy certain types of bondage or role play; to me those things are less about sex and say nothing about top/bottom positions.

  22. Total Bottom here and it’s great to see those commandments spelled out so clearly…though I’m surprised any true Bottom needs to read it. You should know this shit, brothers!

    Stop being whimps and let your Top use you any fucking way he wants. It’s an extraordinary high and you will never regret it.

  23. Follow up: I meant to say about jerking off that I only do so when He gives me permission. W/we are developing a Dom/sub sexual relationship and it pleases me to please Him.

  24. I obey most of these as a sub bottom bitch boy, but I still learned a few things. Thank you. With Commandment #3 I’m learning to take my Top’s cock all the way down my throat and getting better every time I service Him. I am ready whenever He is and obey signals, like Him whipping His cock out and nodding or telling me to suck His cock. because I know what to do. He rarely reciprocates what I do for Him. I am pleased by pleasing Him. When He’s done, He’s done whether I get to cum or not. I am learning to be chaste as well, only jerking off. I’m learning not to touch myself while He fucks me. I assume I shouldn’t touch his balls, raise my ass for Him to go deeper, or spread my legs, right?
    I need to obey Commandment #6 and will work on that. I grab His hips only so He goes deeper, but I should leave it up to Him. Lesson learned.
    Commandment #5 is interesting because I’m a very vocal bottom, but I understand that it should be up to my Top. I’ve been getting better, only answering Him when He asks.
    My sexual relationship with my Top has become more than me being the bottom-I am progressing into become a submissive bottom bitch boy and I love it.
    Based on the 11 Commandments perhaps, is it okay to beg for it and say “please” and “thank you?”

  25. While these are nice for hook ups they do leave something to be desired. I enjoy doing everything on this list but in order for a relationship to balance out or even a fwb situation there needs to be a better consideration. These will only work well if the top that interacts with a bottom that complies with all these rules is smart, competent, and is possessing of a strong personality. Few have one much less all three of these traits and as a bottom of some experience I do have to say that, as much as I loathe to, taking control away from an incompetent top must be done in order for pleasure to be achieved by either party.

    That being said I do enjoy sometimes absolutely using a top, it’s kinda a fun way to screw with their heads.

  26. I don’t wrap anything in plastic.

  27. Sounds like you don’t give a fuck about bottoms. Like meat wrapped in plastic.

  28. Sirs, Thank You All for these lessons.

    i have to admit i’m a bossy bottom. Thanks for making me realize it.

    If i can ever do anything to express my gratitude, please do not hesitate to let me know. i will spend whatever time i have left on this earth practicing these commandments in hopes that i might one day live up to my duty to please You.

    If i may risk being presumptuous one last time, i’m glad that it was pointed out (so that no other Top might have to risk being unsatisfied) that some Tops want us to be quiet, Others (or at another time) want to hear us express pleasure and Others / other times want to know that They are hurting us (sometimes even if we’re not actually feeling pain or pleasure – play the part (convincingly) if He has indicated that He will accept role playing).

    Also, i believe – and i would be honored if You were to choose to correct me if i’m wrong about anything i’m posting here – it is the responsibility of a bottom to be prepared to serve / pleasure / relieve anyone else that the Top wishes, to serve the Top in tandem with one or more other bottoms, to know how to mix drinks, cook and serve a meal, do laundry, iron clothes and bed linens, shave Him, take care of His dogs or other animals, use various forms of restraints and ‘instruments,’ perform first aid, cut lines, prepare a pipe, cut and light a cigar (and we better have the right kind of cutter and lighter), and to partake in whatever substance(s) He wishes. (Some People don’t like to drink or smoke alone, or They might want to put us in a certain frame of mind. So unless He wants us playing the role of a twink, He probably doesn’t want to see us choke on a drag or wince at the taste of fine scotch).

    Lastly, we bottoms or bottom-wannabes should aim to become so proficient at these skills and intuiting what the Top and His Guests want of us that we might some day be put in the role of training and preparing other potential bottoms to be able to serve the Top and His Guests well. Oh, and one more thing, we bottoms should know when to leave without having to be told (unless the Top wants to tell us to leave) and yet should be prepared – and grateful – to not leave, to not go back to our previous home, friends, family, job, possessions – this is all at the discretion of the Top without whom we would never get to experience the gift of serving as a bottom. Humbly Yours, whatever You want to call me (if anything).

    PS: If any experienced bottoms read this and could reply with instructions on how to clean out one’s (or another’s) ass, i would be forever in your debt.

  29. I am a bottom…total bottom…like I only want dick in my ass all the time…but I also I am not just a piece of ass…I will be submissive and let whoever do whatever they need…but being expected to do and bring and just shut the fuck up…it is funny that people say that I should be happy that you are fucking me when you should be happy that I am allowing you to fuck me…the ass is a great treasure…so appreciate it as we appreciate the wonder dick…I do agree with most of this but there are times when a top does not know what to do and need a guideline…need for some people here in this city

  30. This is useful information to me as a not too experienced bb bottom

  31. Today, I followed these rules. I have never barebacked before or ever been what I now consider a “true bottom”, I was always a bossy bottom. Today I decided to try something new and met someone on… he came over and was as thick as a can already. I gave myself over to him and told him to do whatever he wanted, the lube was on the night stand. I laid on the bed, ass up, and he put lube on my hole. He then inserted his penis. I then made a big mistake, I told him I like it rough. He began to spank me. BUT as the rules I had just read stated, I only gave sounds from pleasure so I was quiet… he then removed his penis and inserted the lube bottle, which is thick enough that I can’t touch my fingers when I put my hand around it, and being a “nearly virgin” it was a rough experience for the first couple of minutes. He then pushed me further onto the bed, inserted the lube bottle again and then did something completely unexpected: he inserted his penis on top of it.
    I couldn’t help but scream. I know it shouldn’t have but he pushed my head into the pillow and kept on plowing. It was EXCRUTIATING, but it was THE MOST EROTIC THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. After a while, he took out the lube bottle and rammed his dick (a solid 8″) straight inside me and came deep inside.
    Then, he slapped my ass, pulled up his shorts and left without saying a word.
    Thank you for posting this. Thank you for “opening me up” to this new amazing experience. I owe it all to you (and whatshisface).

  32. Yes I definitely agree with the 11 commandments. As a sub botom cock/cum slut I take these as words to live by. We are their to please Tops. And take there cocks the way they want to give it. I love to get fucked by a dom aggressive top, getting fucked rough, raw and having his hot load inside my pussy.

    Especially learned to keep my cunt clean. I hooked up with a hot top I met on a fuck website. New to being fucked so I didn’t douche. After he fucked me raw, he pulled out his dick, and there was a little shit on it. Boy was he pissed. He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved his dick in my mouth and said lick the shit off my dick you dirty slut. Who the fuck do you think you are you fucking whore. I’ll show you what I do to fucking dirty whores who don’t keep their pussies clean. After I cleaned off his dick, and gagged I might add, he said I hope you learned a fucking lesson you slut. And that wasn’t the only thing he did. He then proceeded to turn me over his knee and slapped the living shit out of my ass. And as I laid across his leg, he lit a cigar. Then he took his lit cigar, and burned my ass with it. I still have the scar as a reminder. I hope you learned a fucking lesson slut. Never dirty my dick again. Boy did I learn. He did fuck me again, and you better believe one thing… cunt was clean.

  33. Amen. Praise the Load.

  34. Perfect! Every single word. It’s our DUTY to get these bossy bottoms in line.

  35. I agree with some of these but I do not agree that a bottom cannot be bossy. I simply believe that man was created to please me and my every want, desire, command.

  36. I think IceeInChrg makes some valid points. I do prefer it when the top makes me moan in pain when he’s railing me. If he wants me quiet, I get quiet and just bite into the mattress/pillow (if he lets me). But I like it when he fucks me so hard I can’t help but to squeal involuntarily. I know when I watch porn I definitely prefer vocal tops and bottoms, especially if the bottom’s in pain and the top is talking shit to him.

    Also, all three commandments make sense to me, especially the second one. I bet IceeInChrg’s bottoms have trouble walking for a few days after he dicks them down.

  37. I disagree slightly. A faggot should know better then to ask a top to slow down or go easy, but I want to hear it when I’m hurting a faggot. A faggot in pain, and who takes it, is one of the most arousing things. If I’m fucking a guy and I’m NOT hurting him, then I’m not into him at all. Pain is affection. I really don’t give a shit if he feels any pleasure. I want to hear when it hurts, and I want to hear lots of “Thank you for fucking my pussy,” because I could easily be fucking a different faggot.

    Also, I have three additions to the list:
    1. Don’t shave your cunt, and if you do, there better not be stubble. Maybe tack this on to #1 in the list.
    2. Always arch into it. Turn your cunt up and into your top, not down and away.
    3. Simply being tight isn’t a good thing. Muscle control is how you milk out a load. Always keep in practice; go solo if you have to. No real top wants to hear “You’ll have to go slow. It’s been a while.”

  38. Now these are some commandments I can definitely agree with.