Top 10 Stealthing Tips

Stealthing is controversial. Yes, I know that. But it’s also a reality. If you want to do it, you need to know how. If you don’t, you should know the techniques someone employs.

The act of stealthing or a stealth fuck is somehow assuring that it appears as “safer sex” to one party involved in the fuck but, in fact, the other party has conspired to assure sperm will be deposited in the ass of the bottom. 

How many times I’ve been at a sex club or an adult bookstore or during an online hook-up when a bottom hands me a condom then turns around, never to look back again. I’ve even been at a gloryhole when a bottom slips a condom on me then backs his ass up and never checks again to see if the condom is still on.

This implicit trust is by one party. I have not verbally acknowledged that I will use the condom. 

These tips, combined from my own experience and discussing the methods with bottoms and other tops, brings them all together in one place. I hope you enjoy.


You’re a Magician. Practice. Practice.
Practice Your Trick for Your Trick.

A lot of what you do is sleight of hand — sort of like up close magic tricks. Understanding the diversions are more important to accomplish your goal and should be foremost in your mind. Whatever you’re doing as a top or bottom, you need to figure out a technique that works best for you. Nothing is ever on the fly. Some tricks may be practiced on your own but others require you find a bareback buddy and enlist his help. And like a professional magician, understanding that sometimes a trick can go wrong. You must simply be able to keep your cool and maintain the illusion.

Condom Preparation (for Tops and Bottoms)

If you control the condom, you control the whole trick. Condom brand selection can be the most difficult but luckily there’s always someone giving some away for free, either at sex clubs or doctor’s offices. Grab a handful. I find the colorful generic Durex brand brings me the most luck. Generally, you can’t find the bulk ones, but I did at where there’s some variety packs there. My favorite seem to be Durex Rainbow Color.

Option 1

The season (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is getting perfect to begin preparation. Put your condoms in your car for a few days, especially if you can sit them on your dashboard. Then bring them inside and put them into your freezer straight from the extreme heat. Then take them back outside to the car. Doing this a few times — extreme heat, extreme cold — really breaks them down but only once or twice helps.

Option 2

Pinpricks through the wrapper and the condom if you don’t have the time or patience to switch off with the extreme temperature technique is also fine. I recommend getting a very small pin and only poking though the side with the printing on the condom wrapper. If you are careful, this leaves the see-through side intact; tampering there is more likely to be seen.

Other Prep Work (Tops)

Tops will need evidence of their cum. For some, you might be able to produce more than one load. Or you just might prefer to dump both inside the unsuspecting bottom. So you’ve got multiple problems: Cum that should be “outside” the bottom (probably inside a condom) and a lack of cum inside a bottom.

[alert style=”green”]A note here about the folks at Str8Cam Lube and SpunkLube. The use of this cum-substitute has long been a product of my (and my alone) idea.The makers of Str8Cam Lube and SpunkLube neither endorse nor had any knowledge of this activity. In fact, the lube produced is “safe” for use with condoms and marketed as such. By using the product, you’re able to safely pretend to play with cum and fuck yourself in the ass with it.I could remove this gay-positive product and go with other similar products (and there are some) but I’d prefer not. I just want it clear that if anyone is to be blamed for stealthing, it’s not Str8Cam Lube/Spunk Lube. It’s also not Durex or or any other products implied or listed here.[/alert]

Enter the solution: Str8Cam Lube Link Opens in a New Window. Condom safe, it looks and smells like cum. So if you know you’re going to fuck a bottom tomorrow and stealth him, preload a condom (make sure it’s the same color) with Str8Cam Lube Link Opens in a New Window (or even jerk off into it) and slick off the outside. Have it handy before hand. This is where sleight of hand is very important. You might even stage multiple condoms around the room if you’re not sure where you’ll end up. A lot of bottoms won’t notice condoms sitting out if you’re careful. If you finish up on the bed or the edge of the bed, have one just between the mattress, easy to pull out.

As a top, since you’ve already shot a load in his ass, learn how to use the lube to “shoot” another load on his chest using the lube. This takes some acting chops. Adding a reservoir of Str8Cum Lube Link Opens in a New Window in your hand, jerk off, staying loose around the palm. Move a lot (as a distraction) and talk about how hot his ass was. Then begin to “shoot.” Thrust forward with your body and dick while you squeeze your hand, moving your palm to where the pee hole is located. Aim down for his pubes. Grunt a lot.

Other Prep Work (Bottoms)

Yes, bottoms can stealth, as many of them told me. But in many cases, they aren’t in the driver’s seat, so to speak, since they cede control to the top. However, here’s a few things a bottom can do if there’s options to do so.

First and foremost, get rid of all condom-safe lubricants but not the bottles they came in (maybe not all… when you do have the barebacker over, you might prefer one). Fill up these “safe for condom use” bottles with oil or petroleum lubricants.

Now let’s say you’re going to his place to use his condoms and his lube. After you’re all cleaned out, take a nice glob of petroleum jelly and coat your insides. By the time you’re there, your pussy will be dripping for him (and won’t be a very friendly environment for condoms).

I Just Said I Wouldn’t Bite… You (Bottom)

With all your might, you’ve done what you can to get a top to fuck you raw. You’ve been rubbing your cunt against his hard cock and tried to take a seat but he just won’t let it in without that fucking piece of plastic. But you want his sperm so bad. You didn’t prep in any other way so you’re fucked.

Not so fast.

As a bottom, you need to provide full service. When he pulls out the condom, take it from his hands. Tear it open and apply it. Suck it. Lick it. And while using both hands to play with whatever is most sensitive like his balls or nipples, bite a hole into the tip. You have to know what you’re doing in order to make this work since you don’t want to mistakenly bite the head off his cock. It works best if you grind between your teeth for a second. Unfortunately, you can’t really give it a good rip, or he’ll notice.

If you have fingernails, you can slick up his dick inside the condom and use a nail on opposite sides to slice through.

If you can control the fuck, he will never know. So ride him. And if he asks, just tell him you want him to feel good. Relax. Lay back. Let the bottom do all the work.

Breaking a Condom (Tops)

If you can control the condom, you can control the fuck and everything about it. Of course, your prepared condoms (Tip #9) come more breakable than others, but sometimes that’s not the case. First thing is to learn how to put on a condom “porn style.” This means unrolling the cock in your hands, stretching it wide and putting your hard cock directly into it. This takes practice — a lot of practice.

During that process, you can pop a hole using a finger.

Perhaps you’re not so talented at this. If you put the condom on the normal way with the roll-down method, grab the tiptop and pinch with your dominant hand (your right hand if you’re right-handed and vice versa). With your non-dominant hand, grab near the head and pop the tip. This should create a tear.

Slipping It Off Mid-Fuck (Bottoms and Tops)

The whole question here is how much the non-stealther is monitoring the condom. If he is checking the condom closely, it would be tough. If he isn’t, it’s much easier.

As a top, pulling completely out and plunging it back in needs to happen a few times needs to be part of your regular routine. Even after the condom comes off. Work the condom down and then take it off. The best thing is to have a couple of additional things happening at the same time.

You want those distractions. If you can, give the bottom a whiff of poppers. Additionally, while slipping it off, play with his nipples, jerk his cock, kiss him or whatever else will distract him from your ultimate goal. He needs to be feeling something else rather than the difference of with or without a condom. You might even add some extra lube too.

The bottom stealther needs to create similar distractions for the top. If ass-to-mouth (ATM) is an option, you can go down on him. As you suck on him, then when you’re climbing back on top, slipping it off will be very easy as you go on top. You do you also need to try other distractions as well, like pinching a nipple, pulling on balls, etc.

Condom Watchers (Top)

So you’ve got a condom watcher. Someone who is monitoring too closely for a tip-off broken condom or to slip it off mid-fuck. How are you going to breed. First, you need to determine where the bottom wants you to cum. This maintains the illusion, of course. You also need to say you need to fuck in a particular position. Get dominant. My best technique I found is to position the bottom at the edge of the bed, pull the condom off, grab the bottom’s hands and pin them and then fuck hard core.

You must control your breathing so that when you cum, it’s not apparent you’re cumming. Immediately after shooting in the bottom’s ass, pull out and reach down to appear to pull off the condom. In this process, wipe off any excess cum from the ass. Produce the wet condom and drop it somewhere near his chest and/or face. Now breath hard and “cum.” Hopefully you’ve got some Str8Cam Lube.

Condom Watchers (Bottom)

Aggressive fuckers really need to pound to get off. So you’re probably out of luck getting the condom off. But beg him to cum while inside you. The cum goes into the condom. Take the condom off him. Suck him (distraction) and then go “clean up” with the loaded condom in hand. While you’re in the bathroom, you can load your ass with his cum.

If he’s not an aggressive pounder, you’re in luck. Just ask if he minds if you climb on top so you can jerk off while you ride it. Tell him, “It hurts a little when it’s going in.” You know how to wince. After riding with the condom on a bit, you add more lube or something and, when you sit back down on it, slip the condom off. Put it somewhere close by. Now, a good, experienced bareback bottom knows how to give a top the ride of his life. For a top who never or rarely fucks bareback, this will feel incredible so bringing him to climax will be easy. After he cums, grab the condom, grab his cock, act like you take it off and suck him clean.

What to Do If the Bareback Is Caught (Or How to Lie Convincingly)

Breaking condoms, overly attentive people, little slip-ups can cause things to be discovered. Remain calm with a “these things happen” attitude.  If he’s freaking out, you just respond that you know you’re fine and have nothing to worry about and you hope he doesn’t either. If he’s the one who’s freaking out, he’s the one who will look like the problem.

Now if he starts to suspect you’ve sabotaged the condom or something else, you’ve got another issue. Try never to be on the defensive. Look him straight into the eyes and do not blink when you speak to him. Rapid blinking is a dead giveaway you’re lying. Also don’t divert your eyes ever from his, especially down and to the left (that’s another dead giveaway you’re lying). And don’t fidget with anything. Control your breathing at a steady pace and talk calmly (at this point).

Act like a politician and pivot on any attack. If he’s asking if you broke or sabotaged or took off the condom, say to him: “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about or what you’re accusing me of.” If the condom broke, just say the condom failed. These things happen.

The most important thing is to never say too much. Don’t over explain. If there’s silence, don’t try to fill it. Let there be some awkwardness. It makes the problem seem like it’s his, not yours. And stick as close to the truth as you can, that way you won’t seem guilty or in trouble. For example… your trick just discovered the condom failed. He’s very worried.

“Are you sure I’ve got nothing to worry about?” he asked.

“I’m absolutely positive,” you respond.

If you can’t figure out what you just told him, read it again.

If you took the condom off and he’s figured that out, here’s where you have a choice. Do you want to burn him forever or do you want to fuck him again? Burning him forever, you might want to suggest (especially if he’s average size) that the condom just didn’t fit him very well and next time a more “appropriately sized condoms” should be used if he was the top. If he was the bottom, you might say something about needing to “feel”  and the “ass just didn’t provide enough friction” (in other words, he was too loose).

At some point, you may need to abort. Blame his outrage on his past. Just simply say, “I don’t know whatever someone has done to you in the past, but this was just a fuck. Thanks.” He’ll be baffled.

Now if you’re hoping to fuck with him again, point out you’ve already fucked bareback by mistake (wink wink) and you both might as well keep fucking raw.

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Comments from My Curiosity



  1. It happened to me few years ago. I went to the gay Sauna in London. It was very late, i was bottom, getting fuck by this “nice” hot guy. the fuck was intense and i was giving my back to him. i took few times popper, i guess then he took the condom off. When he came i had the instinct to turn and look at his cock and i didn’t see anything on. He told ” It’s in a bin, i just took it off”. Something was not right and i went to the bin that was in the small room and i check, and for my luck the cleaner did just change the bin bag and it was completely empty… no condom in there
    I was so fucking upset that i really start to scream at him and he was just keep lying like a dick. I had a moment where i felt that i was in a real nightmare. I run out the room, took the car went to the AE. I was so upset, i felt like i never felt before in my all life. I started immediately the PEP, it was 4am. I didn’t sleep almost, went in the morning to the sexual clinic get tested. All good, i could carry on the PEP. I did 2 tests after 3 and 6 months and it was fine.
    I was very lucky and I’m grateful.
    I think if you are into this shit you should really get checked out by someone. I feel your attitude towards other people health and life generally is totally fucked up. If you want to fuck someone BB is plenty of guys that are more then happy to do that.

  2. Thanks for the tips, I have been doing #7 to all the Straight boys that fuck me in my area now. All I do now is just after i clean my self out I re-lube my Shower enema again with heavy P.J. Slide it in and out for 30 sec & I’m good to go every since I started I’ve so many new loads in me. They all tell me how extra tight & wet I am once the condom breaks they just keep going. I have had one boy switch condoms on me once mid way after it broke, but when the 2nd one broke he gave up & gave me the load!!

  3. When I was 18 a top I met off phone chat had me come to his place, when I arrived he was much older than described and a pox mark face. I get inside he immediately grabs my head and slams it against door then rapes me raw. He degraded me racially calling me nasty Asian slurs. After he was done he hid my phone and keys and kept me for 15days. I was used as sex slave to pay for his meth addiction and infected. A black men felt bad and freed me the only one out of 65 RAPISTS. I went to police and he was arrested but he sent texts to his cell from mine saying everything was consuseal AND IT WASNT. He now walks free and I hate him and because of virus I no longer date. I hate u mark and all other violent predators.

  4. Disgusted. This is so wrong on so many levels – it’s worse than rape. If you want to have sex protected, it’s protected. If you want to bareback then find someone willing to do it bareback!

  5. My pussy is wet I was made by god to be wet moaning all day I’m a college kid

  6. I caught a guy doing this to my partner during a 3 way. First time I warned not to take it off when fucking him again. Well apparently he thought a loop hole or hole rather would save him as he poked his thumb through the condom when I wasn’t looking . When I reached down and felt what he had done . His dick was still in my boyfriend when I it him as hard as I could square in his jaw. I checked that he was still breathing and left him on his floor

  7. Better yet, contact me and write an entry about being stealthed. I think a lot of guys think it’s hot.

  8. We need the police and other authorities to take urgent action to tackle this form of rape that had ruined so many people’s lives. If you’ve been a victim, don’t suffer in silence, contact authorities.

  9. Fun information. Very informative to those that need to know this exists and also those who want to stealth. I want and crave a guys cum that I have been with and I know for a fact he stealthed me last time we fucked. The fun part comes in when he wanted to put condom back on for round two. I told him don’t worry he insisted.

    On a previous occasion, I was stealthed and thought it was accident the guy ran away and doesn’t realize I have his information. Bottom line is I am an adult. I went on PrEP after the first time. The second time, I caught the guy do it immediately and he came literally on the thrust PrEP again.


  10. If a guy insists on a rubber and I prefer to get barebacked , that is the only way a sissyslut like me fucks I say ok. But after I get breeded I want his seed so I take his rubber off. I say I wanna use your cum as lube for the next guy. Well I turn it inside out and put 2 fingers in it. Then proceed to finger fuck my hole and make sure I go deep and put the cummy rubber in me becoming impregnated with his toxic load. Or when I give bj’s I do the same thing save his cum and cram my cummy fingers in my hole to get his viral load. By doing this you will always get that annon cum in yah!

  11. Ah, my dear, if I could only dictate how it should be.

    I should publish a few of the comments I get. Those tell tell me how I should die along with how they would kill me. At first, I was shocked by the e-mail messages. Now I just automatically delete them.

  12. Mark, I must confess, I find it amazing that people are blatantly threatening you with bodily harm. Maiming, killing, aggravated assault, and THEY are the ones that feel that you are causing harm.

    Personally, I AM still willing to use condoms, but I do not hide the fact that I prefer to fuck bareback. In fact, I have told some of my closest friends that I AM too honest.

    I AM most thankful that I AM physically, emotionally and Spiritually healthier now than this past April, when I had a major health scare. And, I AM also most thankful to be HIV-.

    And I also find it amazing that so many people are so willing to blame you for so many of the challenges the Gay Male Community faces today. What does that make you, Mark? An evil, vengeful god?

  13. When I was younger (I started sucking cock and getting fucked in a park bathroom at 14) I ran into stealth tops. Of course it was hard to know if the condom really broke or was sabotaged and being young/naive I didnt realize they would do this on purpose. I’ve always preferred bareback (everyone does but some aren’t willing to take the risk) so didnt care if my tops used condoms or not. When I reached my early 20s I became really good at being able to suck the condom off my tops cock with my ass but that was the only “stealth” move I used as a bottom. Of course they sometimes broke or came off without any help from me and the top kept pumping my ass anyways. I just feels too damn good to stop.

  14. Ok guys. I have been poz for 30 years. Have I barebacked neg guys, most definitely. There is something very intimate about knowing your DNA is becoming part of another human being. This being said, every neg guy that has got my seed has knowingly asked me to place it there. I always inform them of my status, it’s a responsibility I do not take lightly. There are plenty of hot neg men out there looking for a poz top to inject them with his seed. I don’t feel the need to do it without knowledge and consent. I do not use condoms, will not use condoms and will tell the bottom right up front. I will pull out if they ask but it is going to be bareback and usually by the time you are ready to cum they ask you to leave it in anyway. To me it is much hotter knowing that they are aware of my status and are begging me to cum in them regardless.

  15. I don’t understand what all the fuss. To steath has to be so easy. Just cum in the condom and keep fucking it’s bound to break. It has happened too many times to me when I’m on the bottom. That’s why if you want to fuck bareback, I say sure. What the use!

  16. I’m sorry, but I love stealthing, and do it all the time. It’s easy, I just get started with the condom on nice and tidy, then as I fuck, I just ease it back up my shaft with my fingertips in a v shape, being careful not to push in too deep so that the bottom can feel my fingers. Once I get the condom more than half way down, I just let the fucking do the work. I love watching that ass slowly suck that condom off of my tip. Then I shove it in deep and bust on it and hold it in nice and still, like I’m taking a break. Then I ease it out and pack up my rig and buzz off. Go through the motions of pulling it off, and jack off over his back and spit on him. Nice and warm like cum. The secret is to get the hell out before the cum and condom start sputtering out of his hole.

  17. You are a fucking piece of shit and I hope someone kills you. If anyone ever did that to me they would beg to die as I stripped their skin off with a sand belt and cut off their dick.

  18. Good tips man! I’ve use a lot of them to stealth guys. Most have converted too!
    Love knocking up young guys.

  19. I have a Glock .32 and a bunch of knives for people like you, Mark Bentson. Breeders, stealthers, gift-givers, come at me. See what happens. I put up fake ads to lure people, and then, when it’s too late… 🙂

    I love to mutilate a stealther or gift-giver in the act—forget cum, we’ll see how you like a boxcutter inside of you. If you tamper with me, then I will then cut you up Jack the Ripper style and wear your ribcage as a hat.

  20. It’s guys like you that are the reason that HIV in the gay community is on the rise. Thanks also for allowing us bottoms to know what to look out for with any tops who might try this stealthing shit! (And vice versa).
    Gonna pass this around so my mates know what to look out for!

  21. I’m reporting this post to my local authorities!

  22. This happened to me as a bottom….I became hiv positive. I was devastated.
    The top broke the condom on purpose. I could feel the difference and when I reached back to see it it was in tact he pinned me down and came inside me. He pulled out and said “oops the condom broke” and then laughed. I felt like if I told anyone that they wouldn’t believe me since the beginning of the sex was consensual. I now know that this is a form of rape. Anyone that does this should be castrated.

  23. Hey nice rape guide. I just got stealthed last night but I caught it. Thankfully there was no cum involved. But now I have to go get tested and hopefully wont have any STDs. It’s only because I know this page exists that I even considered the possibility that I’d have to be a “condom watcher”.

    Knowingly having HIV and sabotaging protection is rape and is a crime. I don’t know why you would ruin a thing like sex by knowingly transmitting a terminal illness. Telling someone you’re HIV positive after knowingly infecting them isn’t a valid excuse.

    I really don’t fucking understand your sick anger issues against people that want to use protection. Your disgusting need to expose other people to disease is NOT NORMAL. The whole reason that condoms have a reservoir tip is so that you can cum inside without exposing the other person.

    So basically, thanks for having this website, so that people know your crazy exists and can use it to fight back.

  24. Although sharing jiz openly or covertly is HOT, all stealthers need to know a few things before they expose themselves and others to possible nasties. I’m not judging, i’m just sayin’.
    Just because you’re a top doesn’t mean that you are not at risk for getting HIV (and other bugs) from your bottom man. You can. And when you stealth bare back, you are exposing yourself to a non-zero level of risk.
    If you are poz but your viral load is “undetectable,” you can still transmit HIV and other bugs, too.
    So, understanding the less commonly known risks of stealthing will help your readers make informed choices that are right for them and their sexual partners.

  25. Actually, I’m glad you posted this.

    I’m a bottom and I know I’m naive and inexperienced and way too trusting already, but I would have never thought of being so vigilant. But now I will ALWAYS be hyper aware!!

  26. I can’t believe this site exists – it is a new low in the internet.

  27. Perhaps later versions changed as he developed SpunkLube. The first ones I tried did.

  28. Don’t know where you get that str8cam lube smells like cum. Yes, it looks like it, and yes it feels like it, but they have never advertised a “scent” and it, in fact, has no scent at all.

  29. Awesome tips, man. Used this an hour ago with a cute college boy who has no idea that he has cum up his ass right now!

  30. Well I wont stealth, but…90% of the men I fuck with do it raw. If someone wants condom is his choice not mine… I know this is going to get a lot of criticism and neg votes but im ruled for the “Dont ask Dont tell” Probably for that im Poz now… So I decided to act that way… Each one take care of their lives… Condom is made and used for some reason if they dont use it is their fault but never stealth

  31. I think this is all a ruse and that Mark is really an FBI agent. Or works undercover for some gov’t agency. This can’t be real.

  32. you’re a sick fuck. you deserve to be stealth raped by an HIV+ guy

  33. this happened to me. as a trusting bottom i always had a feel of the base of the tops cock to ensure it was on. unfortunately for me that wasn’t enough. he deliberately took it off. filled me & knew he was HIV+. sad to say he passed it on to me. i will never forgive him nor forget. and i will never trust anyone again!

  34. 1. I do not alter the status of the people I fuck.
    2. I am not a psychopath. In the spectrum of personality disorders, I could never be a psychopath since my behavior is predictable. That would make me a sociopath. But that would be true only if I caused harm, which I do not.
    3. Learn.

  35. The bottom line is that you are dishonest psychopath that should be in behind bars. Dont you get it you piece of shit. What you are doing is no different then committing murder. You are knowingly disregarding the fact that you are an infected sick fuck and that your disease is deadly and as of yet, there is no cure. You are describing situations where the bottom has made in amply clear directly or indirectly by insisting on a condom that they wish to practice safe sex. You can sit there and pretend all you want and continue to be delusional in your thinking that that by playing your stupid play on words about being “positive” that you are somehow not doing anything wrong. However, the clear fact is that all of these unsuspecting and trusting bottoms are clearly making it clear that they want to practice safe sex, and you are going out of your way to LIE and to mislead them. That makes you a psychopath and in actually even a criminal. You are subjecting innocent unsuspecting people to a much greater risk that they did not sign up for. Protected sex is much safer then unprotected sex and you cant intentionally try to infect someone and justify it by their desire to have casual sex. Casual sex can indeed be safer sex. You and the scum on this sight that agree with you are the ones making sex unsafe. Shame on you. You are a angry uncaring psycho and a criminal. If even one person get infected by you based on your intentionally misleading him an maliciously removing the condom when in fact they believe that they are practicing safe sex, then you should be convicted of attempted murder. And knowingly damaging a condom and then pretending that it accidentally happened makes it premeditated. You are pure filth of the likes of which I have never come across.

  36. I don’t get the point of “stealthing” (although think it is ethically quite questionable!)….as a bareback top I find there are MORE than enough guys who want their ass creamed!! I tell ’em up front I only fuck raw and if they don’t want that then I just decline. I am “neg and know it” and never bottom myself so I can seed guys in good conscience. I find I am often the first guy to fuck somebody raw who normally are “covered only” but been wanting bred.

  37. I love this post. Brilliant stuff. As a bottom I think a top is completely in the right to do what it takes to get his cum in whatever hole he wants to put it in. As a bottom we are here to take it, it’s what we want, even if some can’t admit it. So a stealthing top is usually giving the bottom exactly what he wants but he’s too afraid to admit it. So the bottom gets the cum and no guilt. You are doing him a favor.

  38. I’m all for barebacking between two consenting adults but this is totally fucked up.

  39. So this could be an interesting reader poll
    have you stealthed? How often? Had it done to you?
    gotten busted?
    top or bottom for those questions?

  40. Wow, this information is pretty useful. My trick is to unroll the condom a little over the tip of my cock, take it off, as it was the wrong side, turn it around, stretch it and hold it to the base, so it remains mostly still rolled. I keep holding the condom for a moment, in case the bottom wants to check it, then I let it go. Within a few deep, strong thrusts the condom usually rolls back, detaches itself and gets lost in the colon, so I keep fucking raw until I can come inside. If the bottom doesn´t notice what happened, It´s time to get the hell out before he does. If he notices right away, I act as shocked as him, tell him that i didn´t notice the thing wasn´t there, and apologize for the inconvenience. If he keeps bitching about it, I blame his loose hole for the accident.

  41. Great tips mark. Ill try them out when I can 😉