Top Ass at the Glory Hole

Top Ass at the Glory Hole

My testosterone rebounded of late or something. I’m hornier than a hound dog in heat with an ass rash. So I posted on BBRT and Craigslist that I’d be hitting up the local adult bookstore to fuck some ass.

I was not the only horny guy in the world.

Fuck if I didn’t get a few dozen responses. Weeding things down, I ended up with two serious contenders — one a top from BBRT and one a bottom from Craigslist. I didn’t give a fuck which one I ended up with, I just wanted hole. The question all came down to timing and who got my cock first.

When I arrived, the place was hopping. The two of them were texting updates regarding their arrival times. I didn’t promise anything, although secretly hoped the top would arrive first.

He did. We met on opposite sides of a booth. I dropped my jeans and shoved my cock on the other side through the oblong gloryhole. He sucked me hard and when I pulled away, his slightly hairy ass was at the gloryhole. I couldn’t get a good look at him, but his ass was practically flawless. I felt around and found the asshole. It was a little damp, probably from some sweat and from his effort cleaning it out earlier. I spit on my hand and slathered it on his pucker. I added more spit to my 7 incher and put it at his hole and pushed inside.

He gave way. A little at a time, but it went it. As his ass opened up more and more, I slid in deeper. I gotta admit. For a top, he took it like a champ. He never backed away.

Pretty soon I was all the way in. I rested there a moment before pulling out all the way. He shifted a little too far to the left and I had to get his hole lined up with the gloryhole again. Then I went in again.

His mostly dry hole and the slight amount of spit made for a perfect fit. He was tight as hell. And his ass-ring gripped my ass just perfectly.

I began to fuck. And fuck in earnest.

Part of me wanted to take this 30-year-old ass some place where I wasn’t blocked by this wall. Yet, with a gloryhole, all you feel is your cock in an ass. There’s something fantastic about that simple sensation of just a cock in a hole. A tight hole at that.

I fucked at a pace. And that pace picked up. And I found myself slamming into the wall in front of me harder. And faster.

I took a snort of poppers. And that did it. I was over the top and into the zone. I could feel my spunk boiling up and surging from my balls and through me until I was spurting into that raw hole of his. I just shoved into his ass and let it flow out. Then I pumped some more, making sure to plant my seed deep in his ass before pulling out, pulling up my jeans, zipping up and leaving.

But before I left, I shoved my hand through the gloryhole and gave him the “thumbs up” sign.

Now that was an ass I want to fuck again.

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