Off to the Not-So-Wild-West Again

Off to the Not-So-Wild-West Again

My CockWell… California…. here I come again. And I hope to cum again and again. LOL. I’ll be arriving on Monday and staying much of the week.

Why I bother sometimes, I’m not sure. I get more hits off and Craigslist. In fact, no one ever follows up through here when I head out West.

Anyway, I’m just letting everyone know.

P.S. I’ve updated this with a photo of my cock that I like to use to raw top bottoms. I’ll be staying toward Silicon Valley in East Bay but with easy access to San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. In fact, I’m sort of in the middle of all of these. And if you’re wondering how to get in touch with me, there’s always my contact page.

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