As a Top, I Like Marking My Territory and a Bottom Gets Off on ‘Jizzjoy’

As a Top, I Like Marking My Territory and a Bottom Gets Off on ‘Jizzjoy’

I’ve been having a discussion with HavingIt from Seattle on BBRT. He describes the moment when a man injects his cum into his ass “jizzjoy.” As a natural bottom, there’s no greater high than that moment. That sensation of cum flooding your ass and your walls feeling the spunk.

When I fuck a bottom, I know the difference between real, natural bottoms and the one who just take cock bareback. When you’re fucking them, it’s a small moment. It’s sometimes audible but sometimes not. It’s is indeed detecting the moment that I think HavingIt has correctly identified as Jizzjoy.

For some bottoms, it’s a sigh of relief. Like a drug addict who finally has their fix … if just for a moment. They know. They’ve got fresh cum. And they will keep it in their ass as long as possible. They won’t lose it. They absorb as much of that cum into their body until finally they’re forced to relinquish it naturally.

When it comes to the top side of things, you’d think the most important effort is just to cum. Of course, I like cumming, but that’s not what gets me off (so to speak). Sometimes I don’t cum and say I do to deadfucks who aren’t worth it. It’s when they don’t beg enough for my DNA.

Deadfucks. I’m not necessarily talking about bottoms who just lay there. I’m talking about bottoms who don’t deserve my cum. Men who don’t beg enough. Who aren’t really worth my DNA.

I get off knowing that the man I’m putting my DNA into will be walking around later with a little bit of me. Like a dog who pisses here or there, it’s a way to let others know, “I’ve been here.”

Or more in my speak, “This is my ass.”

If I don’t actually breed it. If I fake getting off. It’s not worth claiming as mine.

The more difficult it is for me to get, the more I want to mark it. If I have to stealth it, the more I want to mark it. The more the bottom begs for it, the more I need to mark it. And if I know the bottom will get true Jizzjoy, then I must mark it.

I fuck to make it mine, to mark what’s mine. And I press my DNA deep into an ass. I hope it stays there as long as possible.

If you’re a Jizzjoy bottom, I’m happy to give you what you need.


* * *

Allow me to personally endorse HavingIt in Seattle. He’s the first in a series of men who get the thumbs up from iBLASTinside.

As of yet, I have not had the opportunity to fuck his ass, I would like to suggest anyone in the Seattle area or planning to visit take advantage of his ass. He’s real and earns an Official iBLASTinside Broken Virginity Seal of Approval.

If you do fuck his ass, please let me know. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Drop me a line.

* * *

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  1. I know I loved the moment when my first top took me, came in me, and made me his. I loved it, and I wish I could find that feeling again. He was my first love, and I took his loads in my mouth first, and then gave him my ass. I wanted it, I loved it, and I was so sorry when that moment passed and I didn’t get to have his cock inside me anymore. I guess we both grew apart. I would say we grew up, but that’s not right. He was an adult both the first and last time he used my ass as his dedicated pussy. I miss that feeling, that love that I felt and still feel for him. Would I let him top me again? You bet. I loved it, and I will honor the memory. I dreamed of being his every time he shot another load in me, and I love him even now. He taught me who and what I was, and I’m still his regardless of where his dick shoots cum now. I just wish I could have been a better “girlfriend” and that he had stuck with me, or kept sticking it in me, forever. From the very first time he shot his load inside me I knew I was his girlfriend, and I still think I’m his girlfriend today. If he showed up at my door now, I’d be a giddy little girl just like I was when he said I wouldn’t suck his dick to completion. I loved belonging to him for the years we were together, and even after both of us moved on we “hooked up” on occasion. To be honest, I wasn’t as much his as I wanted to be. We’d discussed it now and then, but he never did some of the things that I was desperate to do with him when we were together, like getting golden showers. In retrospect, I’d have been a really slutty, but probably more fulfilled, girlfriend to my dominant daddy top. Given the option, I’d be more slutty and dedicated, and maybe even still be with my man. I still love him, and if he ever showed up at my door with his dick in his hand, he’d have his choice of where to stuff it and cum. I still love him, and I wish he would see this. God I wish I’d have told him to piss on me, to let me drink that piss, and to fuck me bareback whenever and wherever he wanted. That is the biggest regret of my life.

  2. I met rob on manhunt 3 years ago. I was 32 at the time. He was 49. Older Puerto Rican uncut. Beautiful 7.5 inch cock. Our first time together in his bed he used a condom on me. It was hot. The second time he didn’t put one on and slowly slid his cock into my ass bareback. In the beginning he was not
    Cumming in my mancunt. He would pull out and cum on my back or all over my chest. After a year of hooking up once every couple months, we were in the heat of the moment. I was laying on the bed with my ass in the air and he was fucking me really good and deep. I reached behind myself and began playing with his nipples and pulling him into me by his hips. This got him all worked up and he decided this was the day for my first seeding. I felt him push balls deep and let out a loud moan. Next thing in know I feel some of his cum sneak out past His dick and runs down on my balls. It was so fucking hot laying there with his dick still in my pussy and his cum completely filling me and leaking out on my balls. This session led to him breeding my ass everytime we fuck now. The last time we fucked he came in me 3 times in a half hour. I held his cum for the entire day and was passing it for a couple days after. God I love taking a mans seed.

  3. 20 years ago I met a top that claimed my ass and my mouth as his own. He is allowed to fuck who ever he likes but my ass and mouth are his. I am allowed to watch but not touch or get in the way when he is fucking another ass. Now and then he will reward me with a strangers cock and lets them fuck me but he picks them and I must take their load in my ass so he can fuck the hell out of me pounding their cum deep into me and he calls me a slut and many other names for letting another man get at what is his even though he ordered me to do it he likes to punish my ass for being a cum dump whore. He takes a long time to cum but when he does he gives me large loads. I am a feeder and love to eat his cum and do what ever it is he needs I am so very lucky to be his cum dump I can not believe how lucky I am to have found him and his beautiful cock that feeds me so well. I of course am off limits but love your way of thinking Mark just reading your words made me hungry and my ass twitch wanting a big cock to fill it. You would never fuck me because I smoke and so does my top but I can always fantasize about my ass hole engulfing you cock and pulsing against your throbbing man hood being worked over until you shoot your DNA into me. Thank you for the wet dreams.

  4. I totally understand jizzjoy. While I didn’t coin the term (but thanks to the man who did), I have long recognized that it is a privilege to receive a man’s jizz — in my throat, or in my ass, or both. When a man grants me that privilege, I am grateful, and I’m pleased that my man considers me worthy of receiving his precious sperm. It puts me into a state of joy that lasts for hours as I move through the day or night knowing that his cum is inside me because he was willing to put it there. My gratitude goes out to all you men who realize the joy you give your cocksucker and/or bottom if you allow him to accept the very essence of your manhood!

  5. Very fucking cool website man. I look forward to visiting it often. I also love taking a thick load of cum and lately becoming insasiable about it.Feeling the hard thick dick throbbing as it pumps cum deep inside then lying there waiting for the next load. Started getting motel rooms occasionally to see how many loads I can get and love the idea of several big dick guys breeding my hole one after another til the hot jizz oozes from my stretched butthole.
    Also want to make videos of it for me to watch when stuck at home and can’t get out to play. Saw a great BB video on lifeout called BB Frenzy by Frazzy, fucking hot cum scenes.

  6. Oh, my God! Mark, this post was fantastic! And Mr. “HavingIt in Seattle” is another great reason for me to visit that part of the country.

    I also enjoyed the comments that the others wrote regarding this post. For the record, I AM a Versatile Top, but if another man licks my hole long and hard and the right way, I AM definitely going to beg to be fucked like a bitch in heat.

    Also, yes, when I have felt another man’s cum in me, it does feel good. For me, there is this sense of relief. Interestingly enough, it feels deeper than when I have cum inside another man (which probably means I have been fucking the wrong men! Ha, Ha!!).

    Thanks, again, Mark, for another great post.

  7. This is one of the most accurate descriptions of how it feels to crave a breeding and why I take cum. Just as you want a bottom who profoundly appreciates having your seed planted deep inside him, I need a top who understands marking and breeding, who knows the value of his cum and knows that I know it too.

  8. Cum is such an energy boost to me, or it was, since I top now. But taking cum into my ass and feeling the tops cock throbbing inside me was a real high. some guys I have talk too, don’t get that energy boost, butt I did. anyone else get that feelings?

  9. I love your blog and im learning a lot from you. I don’t like condoms also so im learning a lot about Stealthing. I went to a bathhouse the last two weekends in San Diego with condoms with holes and had a
    “straight” come over and fuck me with a ripped condom, I put it on him and took it of him. He came in me it was hot. He didnt notice. Thank you and I hope to have you cum deep in me one day. As for as the JizzJoy once some cums in me I get high and want more and more. I once spent hours getting fucked by random guys I met on craigslist. Most were married, had girlfriends but wanted my tight ass and I told them i wanted them to shot a load in me. I had it set at different times but we all now guys flake, show up late so a few showed up at the same time and just tag team me. I got fucked maybe 14-17 times that day. My ass some how get’s tight again after a fuck because some of the guys had issues getting there dick in me and had to use more and more lube until I reach like the 4th guy the cum was leaking out lol