Where’s the Gay Sinning in Sin City?

Where’s the Gay Sinning in Sin City?

As I get closer to the date for travel to Las Vegas, I’ve been researching and asking locals about where I’ll get my fix for fucking around. My answers are disturbing. For this little outpost in the desert that promises excess and hedonism, the opportunity for homosexual offenses seems few and far between.

I am told by the resources I’ve pumped for information the following:

  • Two “bathhouses” exist, only one of which is decent (and the two are practically neighbors).
  • No adult bookstores in the area offer any normal “gay” action in booths or gloryholes.
  • No gay strip clubs or even go-go boys are available in town.
  • All of the nightclubs are pretty much upstanding, nice places.
  • Nothing too cruisy or too seedy in town when it comes to businesses to visit.
  • While ass is available, your likely source will be other tourists on the strip.

Alas, this concerns me a little but doesn’t surprise me. I’m not one to get political (fuck politics) but the overall environs in America has us returning everyone into the closet and hiding all the good fun.

I’m become more and more pessimistic in the bottom population of Sin City and my hope for a bottom partner-in-crime during my time in town as I search for a bottom cum dump. I have one who claims to hope to join me and a couple others who’ve expressed interest.

I have a feeling I’ll just be fucking whatever walks through my door late at night. Oh well. So much for Sin City. Hello Fuckville.

P.S. Any locals have any other information about where to find some fun, hit me up.

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  1. I too have had shitty luck in Vegas. Not only are most of the guys tourists on the strip they are, well… TOURISTS! There is a gay hotel just off the strip that I may need to check into – and they have day passes, though kick you out at night. Might be a good cruise spot during a hot afternoon at the pool. Check out the Blue Moon.

    Good luck to you – I am gonna be there next week so let us know if you find something more!