Travel Diary: Fuck Fest in Sin City

Travel Diary: Fuck Fest in Sin City

I began my little adventure in Vegas with a fuck fest, inviting several over to my hotel room.

An orgy is something like a soup. You dump a lot of ingredients into a pot, add some heat and hope the flavors meld together.

Asian AssAs with any culinary experiment, some things don’t go perfectly the first time around. But some things do. The Asian and his top friend (I believe more like a boyfriend) who arrived first turned out to be quite a pair. If you find the ass photo appealing, you don’t know the half of it.

I’ve had bossy bottoms before. Generally, they break down into two categories:

  • Prissy.
  • Prissy bitchy.

He was neither. All man. All Asian. All bottom. All smooth. All hot. And he knew what he wanted. Three of us in the room, two of them tops. There were way too many people with clothes and fuck if he was going to put up with that shit.

His humor was captivating. I really enjoy someone who knows that sex can’t be too serious.

The other top, like me, had a geekish appeal. But in this case, he had a much larger cock. A little shorter than me with glasses and a bit socially awkward.

And both these guys had invited others over to join the fun.

I was starting to like them both.

We were admiring the view out of my 24th floor windows. Naked. My cock brushing up against Asian’s ass.

“You’re getting right down to business, aren’t you?” the Top remarked.

“We’re here to fuck,” Asian snapped back.

About that time, a light knock came at the door.

“It’s Room Service!” the Asian said with delight and headed over to answer.

Malaysian CockIn walked a 22-year-old Malaysian. He was thin, small-framed with extraordinarily large nipples and a decent sized cock. He claimed to be versatile in the correspondence we’d had.

He proceeded to disrobe as we moved to the bed. Asian had added lube to my cock and I’d just barely entered inside him when the initial knock came. But now I laid on my back and Asian sat down firmly on my cock.

If I’ve said it once, I will say it again. There’s nothing so wonderful as Asian ass. Smooth on the outside, incredibly tight and warm on the inside. As I glided inside, I reached up and played with his wide, muscular chest and tweaked his dark brown nipples.

Soon the Top friend kneeled behind him and I felt his cock near mine.

It’s one of those sensations I truly enjoy. Two cocks, together, probing the same hole. His pube hairs tickling mine. Oh fuck. It brought me so damn close as we each took turns sliding into the Asian’s ass.

Asian proved to be a talented bottom but not accommodating enough to be double fucked.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian lounged on the bed, stroking. He didn’t engage closely. The Top encouraged him into play at one point, hoping him to fuck the Asian, when suddenly the bottom needed a break.

A knock at the door.

“Room Service!” this time, the chime came from the Top, who answered it.

A slender Black top entered. He began to disrobe as I fucked as I attempted to engage the Malaysian. We kissed. His lips were full and his kisses were indeed amazing. His lithe body squirmed in delight as I stroked his respectable seven inches and brushed against his balls. But when I tapped at his backdoor, he backed away.

“Not my asshole,” he said.

So much for versatility.

I stepped away and re-engaged with the Asian, who by now was hungry for cock again. I’d heard him mumbling with his Top friend about me cumming in his ass.

“No, I’m sure he shot a load in there,” the Asian had said.

So as I entered him, I asked him about it.

He acknowledged he thought he had a load. I told him not yet.

“Haven’t you wondered why I call myself, ‘I blast inside’?” I said.

I pushed him down on the bed, flat onto his stomach, and began to pump him proper. He found the poppers and handed them to me. I took a big snort. Top appeared out of no where. And we both began asking questions.

“Do —you want my load?” I said.

“Yes,” Asian said.

“Tell me you want my load,” I insisted.

“I want you to fuck your cum into my ass,” Asian said.

“Can you feel his raw cock in your ass?” Top asked.

“Oh yea!” Asian said.

“You know he’s going to breed you, right?” Top asked.

“Please!!!” Asian said.

Through all this, I’m pumping and pumping even harder. And soon I am there.

“You’re about to get a really big cumload!” I grunted.

“Oh fuck yea!” Asian said, as he arched his back and thrust his ass up toward my cock.

I went deep and began to throb as I let loose a torrent of cum, coating the insides of his chute and then pumping a little to make sure anyone else — anyone who came along in the future — would know that I had been here and bred this Asian ass.

In this moment, in the silence between seconds, the Asian let out this little sigh.

This boy was made for breeding.

As I recovered, three more men entered. An older white man and his young dark black man. They would stand in a corner and kiss before leaving on their own, ever attempting to integrate with the main group.

The other was a tall, dirty blond versatile with one of those wide, junk-in-the-trunk asses we all know and love. He soon stripped down while the duo went to kissing in a corner.

Now, as I said, an orgy is all about melding of flavors and we had plenty of flavors in the room. At this point, the duo were stuck like glue to one another. I sat between the naked Malaysian and recent Black arrival. And the new tall Dirty Blond was kissing on Top and Asian in a third group. I needed to see some cross-pollination.

I sucked on the Black guy a bit and he sucked on me. I encouraged him toward the center of the room when the duo, who’d barely disrobed, now announced they were leaving.

That prompted Malaysian to start putting on his clothes.

But I successfully got Black man and his nine-incher to the center of the room. While my Asian — already with a nut up his butt — didn’t seem inclined to take him, the Dirty Blond soon was getting fucked and, well, the versatile produced a respectable thick eight-incher that Asian did bend over for in a flash.

The three-way fuck was hot as hell but the duo and Malaysian still left.

Within moments, the Black top let it be known he was close. And soon the grunts were matched and the Black man let loose a gigantic load into Dirty Blond’s ass.

How do I know?

Well, fuck, now I was hard again! I churned that shit up.  His ass was such a cummy mess when I entered it and I fucked it more into him. My Asian bottom, hearing the comments, came around to check it out, popped and boner and displaced me. He rammed his cock inside and within moments, added his spunk to the mix.

The Black man fucked the Dirty Blond some more as I licked one nipple and the Asian the other to try and help the Dirty Blond cum, but it just wasn’t his day. Still, I think we all went home very, very happy.

Or at least, that’s how it seemed to me.

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