Getting Down to the Last Chance, Las Vegas

Getting Down to the Last Chance, Las Vegas

I’ve got to say, Las Vegas produces some hot bottoms worth breeding. And so far, five men had their ass walls painted with my DNA (and one gentleman had the cum churned up in his ass by my hard cock, but I wish I’d added to the mix, but alas, seeing it was my second load of the day, I didn’t squeeze one out).

Unfortunately, I’ve not had a consistent bottom, as I’d hoped. Still, the willing cum dumps are easy to find and even easier to get.

In fact, right now two men are offering me cash for my load tonight, although I doubt either of them coughs up enough for me to give up the hot piece of ass I’ve got lined up to breed.

That doesn’t mean I’m all set. A few more days to go before I leave means I’ve still got time to meet, greet and seed more ass before I leave town. I’ve been keeping myself hydrated so I can continue to produce enough cum splash to make it worthwhile. And with only one Asian done so far, I need to see if I can find some more exotic ass to fuck (although I think I’ve gotten one state royally fucked that hasn’t gotten it).

So please… Kick it into high gear and e-mail me or hit me up on BBRT if you want a load before I tumbleweed out of Vegas.

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