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Anniversary of the Last Time I Touched a Vagina Coming Up Soon

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Well, upcoming a momentous event. I will be halfway to 90. If I were to be an optimistic man — and I consider myself more pragmatic — I am officially over the hill, heading down the slope toward the waiting waters of the river Styx.

My birthday. Forty-five. Ouch. This one might be a little painful.

Of course, I welcome anyone (or anything) to take the sting out of this anniversary of the last time I touched a vagina.


I always ask for suggestions but fuck if no one comes up with anything new or interesting. You know, fuck a few asses, travel, the usual shit. Nothing all that compelling to make it fun.

I’ve got the usual wish list but I’ll probably come up with something else on my own.

In the meantime, if some twentysomething is hiding the fountain of youth in his ass or balls, please get in touch with me.

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