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Travel Diary: Be My Cum Dump for a Week While in Las Vegas

Travel Diary: Be My Cum Dump for a Week While in Las Vegas

I am seeking a cum dump for a full week.

I will be in Las Vegas for a week and, like everyone else, I like my share of fun. But at some points, I’m going to be so damned busy it’s going to be impossible for me to attempt to find, procure and assure I’ve got ass to breed.

That’s where My Cum Dump comes in.

I need reliable ass in Las Vegas. Someone who will arrive at my hotel on a  nightly basis, suck me hard and then take my cock which ever way I want it… usually I like the bottom to sit on it a ride for a bit before lying down flat on their stomach for me to mount like a bitch and breed deep.

It would be particularly nice if the cum dump in question would guide me to the more sleazy spots in Sin City (please, you know they’re there), help procure other bottoms to breed (maybe even trick a few) and follow my instruction on the number of loads they might need to have in their ass before I see them that evening (I might like a pristine ass while I might be in the mood to churn it up with 10 other loads).

I want to help my cum dump get more loads. I want my cum dump to help me experience the best Las Vegas has to offer.

Hit me up if you’re in Vegas and interested in becoming My Cum Dump for a week in April. Here are some requirements:

  • Non-smoker.
  • Generally fit, healthy, athletic or beefy.
  • Bottom (obviously) or mostly bottom.
  • Be in his twenties or early thirties.
  • Reliable and not a flake.
  • 100% Barebacker.

Some other things of consideration:

  • I have a thing for ethnicity, especially Asian. But every race is welcome.
  • I personally don’t use drugs but have nothing against it. Just don’t be a tweaked out fool.
  • I do love poppers.
  • Don’t be the jealous sort. You’ll get many loads from me, but I hope to inject a few other assholes while out there.
  • I will be writing about you here but will respect your privacy as much as you’d prefer.

If you’re seriously interested and meet the requirements, please e-mail me as soon as possible at You need to include photos of yourself (face, body), your stats and a way to get in touch.

I’m completely serious about finding a bottom cum companion while in Las Vegas. Would be especially cool if it were a Bareback Brotherhood (BBBH) member.

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