Leaving on a Jet Plane and Arriving in Oakland, CA

Leaving on a Jet Plane and Arriving in Oakland, CA

I’m off again, this time I’ll be a little closer to Oakland, CA, than in previous visits. While my success at fucking increased my last visit, I’m varying the areas I stay to see if we can get a little more lucky.

This California visit also will have me headed to Los Angeles next week for a little while so you sunny Southern California Boys have a chance to sample some of my DNA. I won’t be in downtown LA proper (sorry) but folks closer to a magical mouse might have a little more luck with me.

As always, my travel schedule resides on my favorite website, BarebackRT.com. And I welcome the opportunity to meet fellow Bareback Brotherhood members and blast inside anyone else who gets off on raw sex — okay, so not just anyone. Some folks have a better chance than others…

Maybe I should write about that.

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