He’d Always Wanted My Load

He’d Always Wanted My Load

When he asked to meet at the adult bookstore — a place I’d already planned to visit that evening — I was hopeful to get some ass. I’ll admit I was a bit horned. Work had been keeping me from breeding as much as I’d liked and, of late, I’d been finding hole with no place to hook up near my workplace. His stats were pretty good and we’d been flirting on BarebackRT.com for a while.

We agreed on a time and I finished up the day, knowing if he didn’t show I’d still find something to satisfy that urge in the pit just below my stomach.

As I arrived at the bookstore, we’d traded a few text messages. I got there ahead of him by at least 30 minutes and the place wasn’t the most active, but the crowd tended to be a little better looking than usual. Unconvinced he’d show, I checked out a couple of booths and rooms to see if I should whip my cock out and get warmed up or even just go ahead and fuck.

But I got a text from the trick:

I'm coming.
Please. Don't fuck anyone.
I've been wanting your cock
and load for a while.


A cute guy turned the corner, eyeing me and heading into a booth. I resisted the urge and waited.

He arrived soon enough and let me know he’d settled into a room upstairs. I entered as he’d removed his pants and folded them. Before I could get my pants open, he was sucking my cock.

This guy had some enthusiasm about him. He shuffled around so I could relax on the furniture that loosely functioned as a bed.

His aggressive sucking didn’t hurt, as some oral can when men get a little too out of control and forget to pull back. But it lacked the finesse one finds with a true oral artist. However, he could deep throat with absolutely no resistance and when my cockhead passed his tonsils (or where his tonsils should be), I never felt a thing. Sometimes the top feels that thrust of the oral bottom opening up.

Then this fucker did something I’ve never, ever experienced in all the oral I’ve ever had. To impress me with a blowjob is something amazing. But this told me the bottom had some incredible talent. And I mean T-A-L-E-N-T when it came to blowjobs.

He deep-throated my cock and then licked my balls.

With his lips around the base of my cock, I am not kidding. He opened his mouth wider and what must have been a Gene Simmons tongue, let it drop down my balls and around them and licked from side to side, like a windshield wiper.


He was a bigger man but seemed to carry his weight well. His body felt naturally smooth, including his ass and chest. Both nipples were pierced and his head shaved. In the dim light, he was good looking enough and I was having a fucking good time.

He changed position and sucked me more and deeper. And then he crouched on the edge of the furniture for the fuck.

Taking a hit of poppers for my spit-soaked cock, I entered his dry ass and it opened easily. An experienced bottom with a well-used ass. Warm and a little loose, I began to fuck to the rhythm of the R&B music that thumped outside. We talked dirty to each other, talking about how much he wanted my cum.

The music’s volume suddenly got louder then softer. I turned around to look at the door I thought I’d locked. It was closed. I continued my fuck, feeling just fine and debating whether to go ahead and blow my load now.

The music mirage happened again, only then time, two men entered the room. I’d not secured the door properly, but good news was the men weren’t trolls but decent looking. Cocks were out quickly. One sported a nice 8 incher while the other worked a loose noodle up to a respectable 6½. The bottom turned around and began sucking 8. I fucked but pulled out when 6½ stepped closer. I offered him the hole. I wanted a little tag team.

He didn’t enter.

The music got loud again.

Before I knew it, I had an audience of seven or eight men, none willing to fuck the bottom but all wanting to watch and all beginning to urge me on to breed. I encouraged 6½ to cum on my cock and let me fuck him with it, but he wanted me to cum. To breed him.

Who am I to deny an audience?

So I  took my own hit of poppers and went to fucking harder. In the daze, I began to unload.

“I’m fucking cumming!”

The bottom clamped down on my cock.

“I’m breeding your ass, buddy!”

When it was finally over, I pulled out. The 6½ guy grabbed my cock as it popped out of the loaded ass and squeezed out my  last little bit of cum. As I stepped back, he stepped up and slid his cock inside. Within seconds, he added his cum to mine.

Despite the audience, no one else volunteered to step up — at least while I was there. I headed home, satisfied.

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  1. My dear Mark, you shall be happy to know that when I suck a cock, and deep-throat it, I lick the balls, too. it is always a surprise for the one whose cock I AM sucking and it throws them into major sexual overdrive (well, at least when I do it).

    Also, I love how your coupling became an orgy! And I love your bottom stud’s text message. Talk about desire!