Northern California! There’s Gold in Them Silicon Boards!

Northern California! There’s Gold in Them Silicon Boards!

This time will be different.

I’m returning to Northern California this week.

(There’s no use linking to the Travel Diaries of 2011 since I’m optimistic it will improve in 2012.)

And this time is significantly different since I will be in the area for a significantly longer period…and over a weekend.

And since I’ve been there once, I’ll venture forth a little further than just my hotel.

Of course, anyone volunteering to show me around a bit might is welcome to help a newbie out a bit. Look, we don’t always have to fuck. I appreciate meeting fellow tops or especially fellow Bareback Brotherhood members. Heck, even just geeks like me. I even get along with straight and bi guys.

This especially includes showing me the ropes of local night clubs and hot spots near San Jose, CA. This especially includes the local bathhouse, the WaterGarden, especially with its very, very mixed reviews on Yelp.

* * *

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