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Going Out in Atlanta

Going Out in Atlanta

I’m headed out tonight, probably to my standby… Swinging Richards… to see some hard-bodied men (because I hit Nob Hill in San Francisco and that review won’t be all that friendly as a stripper club or a gloryhole club).

After getting a little tipsy (and sobering up), I’ll probably head over to some place to breed a hole or two, likely Inserection.

Want to say hello? Look for me on Scruff (while I try it out), maybe Grindr and, of course, Twitter. You can always contact me via e-mail. If you do, send a pic or two.

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Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

Travel Diary: To Summarize My California Trip (in Fucking)… a Triple Play

When it comes to the California journey, this time turned out a lot better than last. And the effort netted three beautiful asses in which I deposited my DNA.
Triple PlayYou can see the three here.

#1, Cumslut

The first proved to be your common, everyday cumslut. He wanted cum and would take it anyway I’d give it.

Now I like cum-hungry bottoms. There’s not a damn thing wrong with bottoms who know their place. That said, often-used bottoms often end up with sloppy asses that aren’t exactly tight around a cock. The question becomes how he works a cock.

Technique is everything for a bottom. This little slut relied on one thing: Movement of his body. His muscles in his ass never contracted around my cock to increase the friction.


However, since I wondered on my journeys whether I’d be lucky enough to find more ass, I dumped a load anyway, which he gladly accepted.


#2, Nailing Rusty

Rusty wasn’t his real name, but got to give him some creativity for coming up with something other than Ryan or Josh or Mike — seemingly the go to names when it comes to the fictional fuck labels.

At 23 years old and five-foot-four-inches, the pic to the right doesn’t come close to doing this little fucker justice. A crooked smile with deeply brown eyes one could get lost in for a few hours easily.

This dude had model good looks but luckily lacked the attitude. Within moments, he was kissing me deeply. He undressed quickly, with the impatience of a young man. His beefy, smooth pecs jutted out while his tight tummy barely outlined the perfection of a six pack. But that beautiful layer of baby-fat still covered his body. The smoothness of his chest gave way to dark fuzz on his legs and around his five-inch cock, which stood rock hard and straight perpendicular from his body.

Then I got a glimpse of his beautiful ass, furry as well but mounds of just beauty. I loved it and went in for a little taste before his aggressive nature returned for a kiss.

He climbed up and began to grind his ass against my own 7 inches of rock hard skin. He sucked me some but just didn’t want to spend all that much time wasting it on oral before searching the hotel room for lotion and lubing me up. It took a moment before he could get me inside.

We kissed. A lot. And he was damn hot. For his youth, he was accomplished at kissing and knew a thing or two about flexing his ass a little. But because he was tight — very tight — and the lotion never really lubed him up too much, we kept the friction going. Soon he jumped off and laid on his stomach. I pounded him from behind and he began begging for my load.

I gave him my babies.

My DNA rushed inside him and released with great throbbing. When my orgasm died down, he jumped back and rode me until he released a small load onto my stomach hair.

And in a flash, Rusty left me.

Still, one of those memorable fucks.


#3, The Tao of Taye

Taye messages me from San Francisco, a half-hour away. Claiming to be a “fan” of this blog, I always tend to be a little hesitant to meet people who seem to know too much as they might turn out to be stalkers. But eventually, I agreed to meet him. He arrived.

His online photos failed to do him justice.

This chocolate god pulled off his jacket and his shirt clung to his pecs. As I reached for them, my fingertips brushed across his nipples.

His exhale told me the secret I needed. His weakness. I exploited that weakness and soon had him naked.

Rather than attempt to even express the expertise of Taye and his skills as a bottom, I’m going to explain a little on the entry. This is a man who had the most incredible ass lips and he used them, puckering them around my cock and teasing me just a little then moving them over the head of my cock. Opening himself a little and then tightening around my cockhead and seeming to try to swallow.

His ass had a personality of its own.

It was a solid 10 minutes of play before my cock fully entered him and I have to say it was among the most enjoyable 10 minutes ever.

Taye’s enjoyable ass proved to be a warmth to live in for hours — or that’s how it seemed. I fucked him and bred him deeply.

When I bred him, he was flat on his stomach. I’d mounted him from behind and, considering how long we’d played, I blew a huge load in his ass. I throbbed in a much more pronounced way than normal.

And Taye noticed.

So much so, without touching himself, he shot his own load on the white hotel linens.

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