Travel Diary, Day #4: The Party that Wasn’t

Travel Diary, Day #4: The Party that Wasn’t

I thought to improve my chances at a bareback lay required something a bit more creative. A party, surely, would attract a few more men and make it worth their while to drive two miles off Interstate 880. Right?

Fuck no.

I posted it and got about seven responses, but two were abortions too far away to really count (or just not in my field of dreams). The remaining five made the grade and I accepted them. I’d hoped for more tops but, alas, that didn’t seem to be the case.

I sent an e-mail with instructions and my location and followed up with a request to confirm. Shortly after that message, I started to get responses:

sorry. you are pretty far from me...about 30 I
am going to pass...thought you were closer...have fun

Okay, so BBRT does indeed show his city and mine and approximate distance. Had he checked, he’d seen a bridge needed to be crossed and a 30-minute drive.

Next one:

new to the area and don't have idea where you are. sorry bud.

Guess what, dumb ass? When I told you the hotel, there’s this really amazing thing called the fucking Internet. USE IT.

sorry, but bbrt normally emails me when i have a message and
it didn't tonight. hope you have fun. sorry i couldnt make

Well, I invited you to a party at 9 p.m. and accepted you. What the fuck do you think would happen? The one night BBRT doesn’t work right. HMMMM… suspicious.

And finally, the guy who begged me all week to fuck him but wouldn’t come over unless I found another top to fuck him:

I'm not gonna attend.  Someone I blocked is going.....have a
great time man

Well fuck.

Everyone else, just a no show.

I’m back in January. Maybe I’ll have better luck.


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