Travel Diary, Day #2: And Mark’s Blue Balls Are Getting Larger!

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Another night, another set of abortions from the men of the San Francisco Bay Area. Perhaps if I were in the city proper, it wouldn’t be so difficult, but that would be far, far away from where I need to be during the day.

The overall result resembled my first night, although a 22-year-old top who read my blog entry from yesterday told me I was wrong. He gets plenty of ass.

Fuck. Of course he does. He’s 22.

His big suggestion: Role play.

Well, Daddy wants some ass and son better deliver. Coach is fed up with the training his team has gotten here. And the old business man needs to interview a new assistant to help out.

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One Comment on "Travel Diary, Day #2: And Mark’s Blue Balls Are Getting Larger!"

  1. JP says:

    You can bb me. I can host in SF.

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