Another Cherry Pop

Another Cherry Pop

I’m not usually this lucky.

But I’ve been horny. My hospital stay caused a backlog of cum that’s built up, needing release. So when a 24-year-old beefy Latino called wanting a fuck, I didn’t hesitate to invite him over for a quickie.

He arrived. Beefier than I expected, about five-foot-six with a shaved head and very “round” and shape. Still doable but on the street, he would look mean as fuck. Not someone you’d pick up outside a home center hoping to get a bit of pinga action. We went upstairs and he stripped, revealing that dark olive skin with bit of hair all over.

His cock-sucking skills had a lot to be desired — too rough and way too handsy. He didn’t use his mouth enough to suck the cock. But still, it got me hard.

“Gonna fuck me, papi?” he asked.


He turned around and pushed his ass in the air doggie style. I lubed up and squirted a bit on his ass. I began pushing into him. His ass proved to be fucking tight but allowed me in just a bit at a time. Constant pressure gave way and soon I buried my cock inside his thick, slightly hairy Latino ass.

“Fuck,” he said. “First time ever!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ve never been fucked,” he said.

“You have been now,” I said. “And it’s about to get intense.”

I began moving my hips a little and thrusting more and more. I didn’t much feel like giving this boy a great experience. I just wanted to get my nuts off. But soon he begged me to fuck him harder. So I did.

“Want my load?” I asked.

“Yes papi!” he said. “Give me your babies!”

As I plunged my cock into the dark circle of my massive ass, I pushed in deeper and released my cum. I slammed it inside him harder and harder before slowing down. And I really mushed it into him to make sure it would stay.

Then I backed off and let him get up to “clean up.”

He went to the bathroom to try and shit out some of my cum. But I’d really shoved it into him deep. I doubt he’d prove to be successful. He left quickly after, stung in the ass.

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  1. Oh, yes! You know we Latinos are wonderful!

    Although I AM surprised that his suckjob left a lot to be desired. Recently, a straight, but open-Minded friend, sucked my cock for the first time. I had to ask him if he had ever sucked cock before and he said no. However, one of the first he and I had sex with each other I stuck my left index finger in his mouth and he began sucking on it.

    Then again, he is highly Intuitive and he may have Intuited what to do. And now I AM beginning to feel naive.

    OK, I do not have time for self-consciousness. Thanks for a great post!