Q&A: Do Tops Enjoy It When a Bottom Cums?


Do tops enjoy it when a bottom cums?





My short answer is no. My long answer: Depends all on the bottom.

When a bottom cums, I love the sensation on my cock inside a hole as his Kegel muscles involuntarily contract and expand while he shoots his load. A few bottoms do know how to milk a load from a cock using those muscles but most can’t effectively kick them in the right way to give the top ultimate pleasure.

The problem is when fucking a bottom who cums, the fucking ends after they shoot — at least, all too often, that’s the case.

I’ve had a few bottoms with whom that is not what happens. If they can continue the fuck, even after that load shoots out of their cock, then we’ve got a situation that works for me. Cum all you want.

Ultimately, I don’t really give a shit whether a bottom cums. However, if I enjoy an ass and I know that the bottom’s goal is to cum… therefore I want to breed him again… I’ll make certain he gets off so I can have it another time soon.

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