‘Don’t Call Me a Barebacker Even Though I Never Use a Condom’

‘Don’t Call Me a Barebacker Even Though I Never Use a Condom’

Direct message received from Twitter

Mark, please remove me from your public bareback list. (Why isn’t it private anyway? Isn’t a public list what the BBBH roster is for?) I try to keep this account from going beyond the “suggestive” level. Follow if you like but your list with its description is a “no” but I’d rather not have to block you to get off. Besides, you already have my dirty account on list 2 of 4. If I tweet about bareback sex, it’d be from that one.

* * *

Another closeted barebacker. In the end, I invited him to block me. He ended up on my bareback lists for comments made on October 29, in which he admits would be among the “very few explicit political/sexual” posts on the feed. He retweets comments from @BBSaunaSlut along the lines of “Bareback is king.”

That, my former follower, is how you got on my bareback list. You agree that barebacking is the way to go and you used #BBBH in a post.

My lists online provide some of the most comprehensive available of men who advocate barebacking online — or at least that I’ve discovered. Most people have a list of a few dozen or maybe a few hundred. Currently, my barebacker lists contain 1,668 men in four lists:

If someone attached to my feed makes a bareback-positive comment that rises to a level of likely participant, the account gets added. If someone doesn’t like it, just block me. Blocking me will drop one from all lists associated with an account. Unblocking immediately allows my account to see that same account again.

Truth is with this particular user, his fear of being associated with barebackers is just all out of sorts. He follows many on his PG account and, well, his many other comments are not sex-neutral. He’s just a pussy. Some friend of his confronted him when they noticed he’s a raw sex advocate and he freaked out. Instead of standing proudly that yes, he likes it without that plastic barrier, he buckled under and begged for mercy.

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  1. Gay hypocrisy is the worse.

  2. Ah… that’s because back then, I had only four lists. Now there’s seven. I’ve updated the links so they work. I think!

  3. I clicked on the links and got responses that the pages do not exist.

    Nonetheless, although I shall not go to the extreme that this man does, I have found that since I began following your blog I AM more comfortable acknowledging that I prefer to bareback publicly, especially with men with whom I would love to have sex.