There Is a Distinct Difference

There Is a Distinct Difference

It pains me to find Cristian Knox in a bit of a row with me over stealthing. He offers his feedback to my previous entry with his “Spot the Difference” game, in which he compares me to a purse snatcher, a mugger, a bad repairman, etc.

Cristian misses the point so very much.

  1. I don’t wander the streets seeking people to stealth. Quite the contrary. I make the distinct point of stating I invite these people into my lair or fuck them at an adult bookstore or sex club. This isn’t some miscellaneous place. It isn’t rape. The sex itself is quite consensual. Both parties agree to the sex, unlike the mugger where one party doesn’t wish to be robbed but the other does.
  2. A repairman coming into your home to fix plumbing or some other aspect (in his second example) is an implied contract or an actual contract. As I so explicitly stated, no such contract exists between the two of us engaging in sex. I never explicitly agree to engaging in safer sex.
  3. Cristian further makes the assumption that I am the source of any exposure of disease. This is a further problem that condom Nazis often assume about all barebackers. We are all puss-filled, infected zombies full of the worst diseases with intent on bugging everyone around us. This simply isn’t so.

But by the same token, Cristian did remind me of the fable, The Scorpion and The Frog.

A scorpion asks a frog to carry him across the pond.

“But I am afraid you will sting and kill me,” the frog says.

“Of course I won’t,” the scorpion replies. “I cannot swim. If I sting you, you will sink and we both will die.”

The frog thinks about this and finally agrees, figuring it’s safe enough. The scorpion climbs on the amphibian’s back and the two begin the journey across the pond.

Halfway across, the frog suddenly feels the sharp prick of the scorpion’s stinger. As he feels the poison begin to numb him and his body slow, the frog asks, “Why?”

“Alas,” the scorpion says. “It’s in my nature to sting.”

They both sink into the depths of the pond and drown.

I am a top. I am driven by a force I cannot describe to breed. You don’t want it, don’t fuck with me.

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  1. Wow! This sparked a lot of reactions.

    Personally, Mark, I get a good vibe about you. You are direct, honest and upfront, and there you go.

    As for James’ comment, I would like to point out that although we are human beings, we are also animals. (homo sapiens is the Latin name for our species). And we have desires and urges; we eat, we go to the bathroom, we fuck, etc.

    There are man that I have met and I wanted to have sex with them as soon as I did. Regardless of whether or not I did, the desire and urge remained and was present.

  2. So here’s the crux: “Ethical Framework.” And you’re quite right, indeed you see a color of black or white. While I see no such hue. I don’t just stealth anyone and always in the same circumstances. They’re at a sex club or a place where male-to-male sexual contact is running amok. Or it’s my house. And I never agree to the use of the condom.

    Where does ethics arrive in the equation? I could probably give you some unwritten etiquette I’ve violated that it’s impolite to cum in an ass without an invitation. We live in a society that allows ethics to be ignored or signed away. So am I being unethical, immoral or just evil to suggest that a bottom take accountability to monitor his own ass?

    And an e-mail is on its way…

  3. I will only answer your 1st question, as it seems on this issue, you see black and I see white (or vice versa). I have to admit I find it frustrating that you believe living outside of an ethical framework means you have “grown”. But there we go. So to answer your 1st question, I am not bald. lol. Infact I am 30 with short/medium length blonde hair. Very blonde actually – I think my family probably came from Scandinavia waaaay back 🙂 I probably look VERY different to how you imagine me. Send me an email (or add me to msn and I can share pics with you if you like. C x

  4. Cristian: Do you have hair? (I’m joking a little… for some reason, I’ve always pictured you with a very shortly cropped hair or even bald head.)
    There’s no need to tread old ground here regarding where these people meet (adult bookstores, sex clubs, etc.) and the level of trust (none). There are no rules. Only personal accountability.
    I’d use another analogy of how the financial institutions here in the U.S. seemingly rape us blind and we have no protection from it, but it really does no good since you seem to think it matters and there’s some responsibility somewhere.
    Don’t worry. Most people side with you. I certainly see your perspective. I just have grown beyond it.
    Anyway, hope you’re doing well. -Mark

  5. But, mother of 3, the point is that the BB isn’t consentual when its stealthing. “You don’t hide who you are or what you want, and I think that’s great.” – no, he does hide who he is when he is stealthing. He doesn’t say to the bottom “oh btw I am IBlastInside, I stealth people”. If he did, then that point would make sense. It seems all of IBlastInsides defenders seem to keep missing this point. “If a person is well informed of your rules and chooses to be with you they already know what to expect.” Yes, I agree. If this were what was happening, then I would not have an issue. But the person being stealthed is NOT informed of the rules. Again, I pull my hair out trying to understand why people are missing this??

  6. “You don’t want it, don’t fuck with me.”

    I love that line. It seems that James missed it. You don’t hide who you are or what you want, and I think that’s great. If a person is well informed of your rules and chooses to be with you they already know what to expect.

    What I don’t understand is why would anyone ‘feel quite sorry for people who enjoy consensual BB’? If it’s consensual it’s what both people want and there’s nothing to feel sorry about . When a person feels that their only choice is to BB is when you feel sorry for them. There are just as many people who refuse to BB as there are that prefer it. Have sex the way you want to, how ever that may be, don’t settle for something you don’t want.

    I’m a stay at home mother of 3 whose been married for almost 12 years. My husband has anal sex with me without protection because it’s what we both like. Do you feel sorry for me too James? I don’t. I feel lucky that I have a husband that’s willing to be sexually adventurous.

    Also no where did I read that Mark felt ‘unable to resist’ the urge to breed just that he couldn’t ‘describe the force’ behind the need. I don’t see a problem with that.

    I love your blog, Mark. You’re open and honest, and that’s becoming a rare thing these days. I more than enjoy reading about your encounters. Keep ’em cumming and Keep up the great work.


  7. “I am driven by a force I cannot describe to breed.”

    So… What, you’re some sort of animal, unable to resist even your most basic desires? How pitiful. You really are an antithesis to everything that humanity has been climbing towards since the days of the first Philosophers.

    I really feel quite sorry for people who enjoy consensual BB, it must be horrible for them to be associated with things like this. I guess it must be a lot like what it was years ago, when gay people were constantly connected with paedophiles and other sex offenders.