Straight Men Are Pigs

Straight Men Are Pigs

His greatest fear was I might see his face.

The scenario he requested seemed simple enough — enter my home, remove his clothing, come upstairs and find me naked on the bed. He’d suck me hard then I’d fuck him. There’d been no discussion of condoms and I’d surely not ever brought them up.

He seemed a little conscious of his weight, pointing out he was a “bigger guy,” but among my many attractions happened to be what I’d called “substantial men.” Not fat. Just men with a width and thickness who carried their weight well. He did, or it seemed to me.

He’d asked me to leave the lube downstairs to lube his ass.

I can get my bedroom only so dark and, honestly, only tried so hard so when I heard him come in, he took only a few moments to strip off his pants and slick up his ass.  Then getting the rest of the way naked, he came upstairs, entering as a shadow into the bedroom. Coming from the sunlight into the darkened room, it may have seem like he could keep his anonymity, but I’d been in the room long enough to get a good look at this hunk of man.

Standing around 5-foot-9 with dirty blond hair short cropped and a tan, beefy body, you could tell 20 or 30 pounds ago he probably offered a body of death. Now with a winter layer of fat, the tight muscles ridges were hidden, but it didn’t bother me. His chest offered a light layer of golden hair and two perky nipples, already pointing up.

He found me and subsequently my cock, gobbling it down like a starving man. He sucked deep, choking himself on it long after it turned rigid. I leaned back and enjoyed his mouth, his lips, his licking all over, from my asshole to cocktip. But the intense attention finally cause me to reach around to that precious mounds to check indeed to see if he’d lubed himself up.

It was wet and juicy. Not overwhelmed.

I finally stood up, taking my cock from him mouth and moved behind him as he leaned on the bed. My cock was wet from his slobber . My finger at his hole. I just pointed it, not bothering to ask whether he wanted a condom or not. He didn’t protest as my head touched his hole and I pushed.

In it went.


I didn’t ask. I didn’t take my time. I just started a fuck rhythm. I went deep with my first plunge, deeper with my next. I kept it up. Pretty soon, I pummeled my cock in and out, slamming my rawness into his hole.

The fucking pig moaned. “Fuck man!” were the first words he said. “Fucking breed my pussy.”

“You want my load?” I asked.

“Yea man!” He said. “Give me your spunk!”

Never ask me twice.

My balls boiled and I felt then seize up as cum, rushed up.

“You’re about to get it man,” I said.

“Fuck yea!”

My pace picked up and I began to really slam into his ass as my cock started my massive throbbing. Then I took the plunge and buried the bone. Stopping still for just a moment.

Inside his raw ass, he could feel my cock throb with the pulse of my muscles injecting cum into his ass. And then I felt his ass tighten around my cock. He moaned violently.

I resumed my fucking, to push my DNA into this cunt’s ass, deeper so he would know my territory was marked.

I collapsed for a moment, then slipped out and rolled onto the bed. He stood with a bit of wobbly legs and headed toward the door.

“Be careful,” he said. “I sort of made a mess there.”

And he was downstairs, dressed and out the door, headed home to his wife, his three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter.

* * *

I didn’t get a thanks or that was great note, figuring it would be a one-time thing until the other day when just a “hey” appeared in my mailbox. He wants to do it again.

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  1. Wow!

    I actually do not know what else to write, but the post was smokin’ hot!

  2. That’s fucking disgusting, Dave, you piece of shit.

  3. He, he…I would fuckin love to be there when his wife finds out her husbands cheatin and she’s pozzed up, even better if she’s pregnant at the time. You could be pozzin three for the price of one man!