Stealth Bomb: What It Is, What It Isn’t, How It Works

Stealth Bomb: What It Is, What It Isn’t, How It Works

Every hook-up begins practically the same way — an ad posted somewhere. I’m very blunt about being a top and fucking a load. But stupid dumbwits that bottoms can tend to be, I’ll often get this e-mail, text or message shortly after I provide my address:

Do you have supplies? Condoms? Lube?

What? When did it become my responsibility to always supply the condoms and lube?

I think bottoms consider themselves ladylike. They’re the bitches. They need to be wined and dined and then they’ll give up their pussy if they’re feeling it. And the man pays. The top needs to foot all the fucking costs.

If I’m feeling up to talking, I might actually respond that my spit works well enough for lube and that’s all we need (we’ll talk about these dumbfucks in a minute). If I’m not, I’ll say, “Sure, come on.”

So the bitch arrives and we start the play. Sitting out on the bedside table is a condom and lube. But I don’t plan on using either. And funny thing about the vibe of what’s going on, usually the bottom won’t ask for it either. I can eat their little cunt and have them groaning for my cock without a condom and with spit as lube. Sometimes I don’t even need to eat them out. I just lay back and let the little bitch do the work. He’ll sit on my cock without asking for anything.

I guess I have that kind of vibe that just causes them to go for it.

If, at some point, they insist on a condom, I will do one of two things. If they’re hot, I’ll use my prepared condom, sliced open at the tip.

Following the standard, non-porn method of putting on a condom, you pinch the tip (therefore covering up the hole) and roll it over the cock. Lube things up and slide it into the ass. I don’t roll it all the way and use some lube on the raw cock. Then I can pull the condom down and expose my raw cockhead inside.

If the guy isn’t that hot, I send him on his way. Chances are, he’ll ask if he can suck me off. I’ll tell him he’s not that good at sucking cock and I can’t get off by his sucking. Nine times out of 10, I’ll end up fucking him raw. Rarely does he leave without my load in his gut.



Why Bottoms Never Have a Condom

Why do you cheat on your diet? Why do you accidentally say someone else’s name when you’re fucking your boyfriend? It’s a little bigger than a Freudian slip.

Bottoms want to be barebacked. Subconsciously, they want it raw. They know what they’re built for — being used for the top to get off.

Let’s be frank and straightforward about this shit and stop beating around the bush. Bottoms are little dogs in heat. Their cunts itch for cock and cum. They’re not satisfied.

The argument is that they put their trust in a top. Well, for the most part, they’ve just been e-mailing someone who’s been lying about their age, weight, stats and name. They chose to fuck someone based on a blurry cell phone photo or two that’s probably a few years old. They drive to an address and meet, surprised a little when the door opens and the two of them take a look at each other and go, “Oh well, what the fuck? I’m here now.”

I don’t know about you, but my wallet, keys and valuables are hidden. I escort my visitor from the door to the bedroom and back out.

If this is the type of person who’s willing to trust and fuck, who’s to say what he does with others?

He didn’t bring a condom, what’s to say it’s my job to assure his safety? It’s his responsibility if he wants to protect his ass to do exactly that — protect his ass. I’m intent on one goal. Fucking and getting off. I will do it the way I want best.


What Happens When I Reveal I Only Bareback Online

Sometimes I don’t feel like going through the machinations of the stealth. So I don’t. I just tell the bottom I only bareback.

Funny thing: They still want to come over.

I could cut and paste literally hundreds of conversations. Here’s one from a Craigslist ad two days ago when I sought people to come over to “go to pound town.” This is all true, word for word.

BTM: I am interested. Vgl biwm. 32w 185 looking for 11:30ish. Face pic? Location?

ME: pics for trade

BTM: yours? (Note: He sends a pic of himself way far away. You couldn’t see him very well.)

ME: Since we’re playing games. (Note: I shrink a photo of myself so small you can’t see me and send it.)

BTM: No games. Try another pic. I am on the right. (Note: It’s a better photo but the image is upside down, so I can’t tell which “right” he’s talking about.)

ME: Is that on the right UPSIDE DOWN or RIGHT-SIDE UP? (Note: I turn the photo around the right way and send his photo back to him. One guy is a reject. The other is okay.)

BTM: Black shirt. You have a face pic? Looking in about 30 min. (Note: He’s not the reject.)

ME (Note: No text. I send a face pic.)

BTM: You hosting? Where? Safe only. You have supplies? I can leave now. I am in (mentions a part of town).

ME: I only bareback.

BTM: Sorry. Safe here only.

(24 minutes passes)

BTM: You positive you are clean?

ME: I’m positive.

BTM: K. I really need to be fucked. Where are you located?

Let me also note the stupidity of the bottom’s question and how I’m able to answer his question. He asks, “Are you positive you are clean?” I am able to honestly reply, “I’m positive.”  The double meaning is intended. To a judge or jury or prosecutor, I could simply have shown this to tell them that I informed the dumbass of my status. It has both meanings. Note he’s not bothered to tell me his either and not clarified when and if I’ve ever been tested.

And I’m not saying what my status is.

FYI, this bottom was too dumb for me to fuck. I didn’t.


Adult Bookstores, Sex Clubs and Stealth Fucking

If you go to an adult bookstore or sex club and you are a bottom, bring a spotter with you. Or simply, do not get fucked there. It’s that simple. You are not in control of you and your environment. You cannot trust the people and what’s happening.

If a bottom puts a condom on me and turns his back, I will take it off. Good bottoms constantly check for a condom, but that doesn’t really matter. Breaking a condom is very easy.

Using the porn method of putting on a condom, you stretch out the condom with both hands and pop a finger up inside it to place over the cock in a swift movement. If the bottom is a cheap one and bought his rubbers on the way in, they’re usually the ones very easy to poke that finger through. That way, the head pokes through the top and the  shaft of the cock remains sheathed so if the bottom checks for a condom, it appears to be there.

If the condom is heavy duty, a snap or two of the tip with a good pinch should work to break the tip

Real simple as a bottom. You really want the condom on the top, you purchase the condoms. You purchase the lube. You put the condom on the top. You guide the cock into your ass. You face the top at all times.

Unless you’re actually dating the guy, do not trust a random fuck.


Bottom Techniques for Stealthing

Yes, bottoms stealth too. If you’re a top, you might think you have all the advantages if you’re going to play the safer sex game. Not so. I know a lot of bottoms who have developed some sophisticated tricks to assure a raw load in their ass — fulfilling for those who really like getting the cum where it belongs.

Bottoms planning to meet up with any condom-wearing tops will often douche their asses full of petroleum-based lubricants, so even tops who bring their own condoms and lube might not know the seed of deceit is planted already. Good friction and petroleum jelly will break down a condom depending on the thickness and quality. A top in control of the bottom would notice but if a talented bottom rides the top, he might not. Keeping the top distracted (and feeling good) is key to this one working.

Of course, slicing the tip off a condom or cutting a hole always works, but what if the top brings his own condoms. The best technique for this is the tip-biter.

A well-cleaned out bottom will switch things up and go ass to mouth… get fucked a while and then suck the cock. This takes a little practice but the bottom, using a little coordination between his hands and mouth can suck an come to the repository tip, using his sharper canine teeth to poke holes or bite through while holding the shaft to prevent a snap back so the top won’t notice. Then guides it back to the hole.

Gloryhole action makes it easier. Nail-clipping scissors are perfect for a quick snip of the tip then guide it into the asshole until the breeding happens.


Crucify Me

Today, Cristian Knox — a bareback pornography videographer I happen to respect and enjoy — called me a “con man” for what I do when it comes to stealthing. I’ve also been called a sociopath, criminal, threatened to be killed and many other names. You need to go back in my blog to read these, but they’re there. I softened my stealthing content in the recent year to make it more palatable for fucktards who miss the point of what I’m saying.

And chances are, if you are enraged by now, you won’t comprehend what I write anyway. You’ve made up your mind.

I am a top. I am responsible for my orgasm. I am responsible for my cock. I don’t give a fuck about your orgasm or your asshole. If I stick my cock into your ass raw, I realize what I am risking by doing so.

If you’re a bottom, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. Not mine. There’s no tacit contract between us. All I’m promising is that, if I find you appealing enough, I will shove my hard cock into your ass and I will work myself up into shooting a load.

That’s it.

So you all get pissed off that humanity has some sort of responsibility toward each other, I’d like to introduce you to the real world and how it really works out there. It’s not fantasy land where we all get a safe word and the mugger stops mugging you when you say, “Banana.” Nope.

I’ve written about my life in detail, including my molestation. You know what, I stopped that myself. No adult helped me. No one recognized it. And you know what, I don’t blame the man who abused me for my lot in life either. That’s why it’s written here. I have embraced it as who it made me into.

I’ll bitch about shit that’s happened to me that I don’t think is fair, like getting fired for being Gay. When I’m performing well and bringing millions into the company for which I worked, I don’t think a piss-ant asshole boss should have the power he did to fire me. But you know what, it’s cause the little fucker is surrounded by a bunch of bottoms who allow him to dominate.

I learned that lesson well.

I’ve been stealthing since 2003. I’ve been writing about it. You hate me, don’t read it, don’t fuck me. It’s fine. We don’t have to be friends. But you know what, if you’re a barebacker, then why the fuck does it matter. We’re on the same team. We’re going to bareback anyway. So there.

Get over it. I’m sure there’s things you do that others don’t like.

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  1. I’m so glad someone can diagnose mental illness based on one paragraph on a blog.

  2. “I am a top. I am responsible for my orgasm. I am responsible for my cock. I don’t give a fuck about your orgasm or your asshole. If I stick my cock into your ass raw, I realize what I am risking by doing so.”

    As you admit it yourself here, you lack empathy. Lack of empathy in human beings can be caused by many different diseases and psychological disorders, including Alexithymia, Autism and yes, even schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as psychopathy. So those accusations thrown at you are not far fetched from reality.

    In any case, you most likely suffer from a mental disorder and as such should seek professional help, without fearing the stigma behind it. Even if you are convinced you don’t have a mental disorder, a visit to your local psychologist can determine whether you do have one or not, as well as to proceed with further help and medication.

    All the luck,
    A one time reader from Denmark

  3. I address this here.

  4. Question for the “stealth” tops here.
    I am an exclusive bottom guy who loves BB and loves cum. I tend to be upfront about it and what I want.
    What I find from the tops (who want it “safe”) is essentially the same as the bottoms who want it “safe.” They never have condoms but insist on using them. Interesting when I start by proposing to use condoms, responses to my posts seeking a top is ridiculously high and then they never want to use condoms when we fuck.
    On the converse, when I specifically advertise for BB only, I get far fewer responses. So what the fuck?
    Do the tops who want stealth really just looking to get off on deceiving someone? I can play that game if that is what works for you guys. You seem to be turned off by the direct “I want your bare cock and cum in my ass.” But yet if I pretend I want a condom on your cock, then I can suddenly get all the bare cock I want. any thoughts?

  5. I say kill them all, deception is fucking hot as fuck

  6. I’ve been sucking and fucking for about 27 years, starting in my early teen years (in a public bathroom, oh those were some hot years) until my current age, 42. I’ve been stealthed so many times from those early years until a couple of weeks ago and loved it every time. Truth is I think we want to use condoms but for some of us it just wouldn’t be worth it if it was wrapped. To each their own so save your opinions. I love bareback and have some pretty hot stealth stories myself.

  7. Mark, it is no coincidence that you Tweeted this archived post; today I shall either have one sex date or two (either one may show up, or neither may show up). If so, I can always masturbate (you would not approve of that, but I digress).

    And yes, both are bottoms. Actually, there are two others that I can fuck today, but if neither one of these bottoms show up, I shall just spend time with a book (and masturbate later).

  8. Andrew,

    Your best bet is to always stage a second condom that you’ve jacked off into. This assures you’ve got a condom to fling aside. You can also fill a condom with cum-looking lubricant like Str8Cam Lube, SpunkLube or Dragon Lube.

    If this is an impromptu fuck, go clean up and flush the offending piece of plastic. Most bottoms won’t even notice or ask.


  9. I have a question, How after you have stealth fucked a bottom do you remove the condom without the bottom knowing there is a hole in it…?

  10. I understand the excitement of receiving the gift. I want to know if gift givers enjoy chasing hard to get neg bottoms like me? I like to set up meetings and get gifters hard and horny. Then I chicken out at the last second and all the guys have been real sweet about it and even if they have blue balls they’ve complied. I guess I’m lucky. Anyone feel like that’s bad or mean and if so what does it make you wanna do to hard to get neg bottoms like me? Are you okay with respecting my right to change my mind and be a cock tease? I won’t be offended by replies. Just tell me what you feel when you read that I like to dodge your poison bullets?

  11. This is an eye opening post. I found it interesting and believable.
    Not sure that I agree with the idea fundamentally; but I have seen the actions myself.

    only once has a bottom taken off the condom ; I leave the condom on if i use one. IF

  12. Ever stealth anyone on cam? Want to? 😉

  13. Yo whats up man. I see you like barebacking, and stealthing, thats cool. I like to bottom and I invited my own form of irresponsible fucking. i call it fudging.

    see most tops think its my job to clean out my ass. man fuck that, an experienced top would straight up check and see if theres poo in there. im not taking any effort to be clean and safe with my partner. i just let them slide it right in there, fuck ya man. your here for my pleasure, i don’t give a shit (well not figurativly anyways). sometimes they do check and if thats the case i just find some unwanted food products to shove in there. honey mustard, grits, raw eggs, corn. fuck if they knew better they would check constantly and make sure i didn’t just produce. dumb fucking cunt faggots. secretly, they want me to shit on their dicks. i mean think about it, if they didn’t they probably wouldn’t shove their unprotected dicks right into where shit is stored. lets be real here.

    I been fudgin since 2002. Get over it, its totally legit.

  14. Hmm, let’s see.

    -Shit quality photo in the “about me” page that’s so bright you can’t make out any facial features.

    -Complete and utter slut who has to resort to dumb whores over the internet due to being an asswipe in real life.

    -Backhanded tactics just to get what he wants.

    -Obviously riddled with STDs.

    Yep, you’re definitely someone no decent person would touch with a barge pole. I hope you enjoy your lonely, depraved life old man, however short that may be.

  15. I always wondered what the ramblings of an absolute psychopath might read like. It’s less disturbing than I expected, more mundane, obnoxious. The banality of evil perhaps.

  16. Please go see a therapist or a shrink.

    Such behaviour is very dangerous to not just others but to yourself as well. You shouldn’t act like the quintessential collegiate douchebag because of your past experiences. Please get help before its too late.

    Good luck.

  17. Seriously, you are fucked up and fucking disgusting. What you’re doing isn’t just self-centered, it’s criminal. If you can’t handle fucking someone without assaulting them (and that’s what criminal transmission is) then you shouldn’t be fucking at all. Seriously, you need to be locked up and put on a sex offender list, because that’s exactly what you are.

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