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Swinging Richards Review Posted to Sleazy Atlanta Guide

So my reviews of Atlanta’s sleazy guide would be incomplete without including Swinging Richards, the premiere strip club for Gay men in Atlanta. I admit it. I fucking love this place. I wish I could go more often and see the boys here. Someday I will. In the meantime, let me give you some of the secrets of the club, in case you didn’t know.

Dancers actually pay to work at Swinging Richards. Every night, the dancers “tip out.” A percentage of their tips or designated amount go to doormen, bartenders, the deejay and security. Therefore, the bartenders, bouncers, etc., are watching for anything given away for “free.”

The little blue pill might come into play. Because most of the dancers are straight, getting a hard-on is prime time to getting good tips. Boner pills are a welcome resource at the club.

All the dancers have multiple names. Their stage name isn’t usually their real name. If a dancer likes you, he might give you his “real” name, but often it’s also a version of their real name — like their middle name or a nickname. But don’t be upset by this.

A few dancers provide freelance work but most don’t. If they do, it will be expensive. Some use the same rate of $400 an hour as at the club, which is ridiculous since they must tip out at the club. A few have quoted me up to $1,500 for overnight.

Dancers will pop-off for you if you pay for it and request it. But don’t be surprised if they lie to you. Pay for at least 30 minutes in a private room and make sure the dancer hasn’t popped off yet. Ask the dancer what he prefers and likely you’ll end up sucking cock or eating ass for a while.

To get attention from a dancer you like, it takes cash. Dancers want it. It’s very simple. However, they aren’t all beef. Don’t touch them without their permission. Be polite and respectful. Generally, you’ll get attention you want but some dancers simply will not be interested in you. That’s how it goes. But tipping twice or three times while performing on the main stage helps get you noticed.

Some dancers have done porn. Some are even proud of it. Some aren’t.

Dancers lie. If dancers get your number, they might solicit you for funds outside the venue. Some might even ask that you send them money via Western Union or other means. Be cautious about this. Understand they usually won’t “pay you back” even in kind, especially at the club. Dancers won’t give you their true sexual orientation. They’ll see if they can pick up on your fantasy and answer the question based on what will turn you on and loosen your hold on cash.

Dancers are people too. Getting past all the shit they do and lies that patrons tell them, real people lie beneath the façade. They’re making their living. Many are students, some travel from out of town to work just for the weekend. So while it’s a fantasy, be a little careful.

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