The Ultimate Asian Ass

The Ultimate Asian Ass

I am not prone to hyperbole. With a somewhat public-facing profile and blatant disregard for the safe sex conspiracies, I am known. That said, I am not recognized. I don’t have a face that’s recognizable. It’s my choices that define me. And my words.

Most people wouldn’t even know me if they saw me.

So a constant cyber correspondent and I finally met. He, in town for a conference. Me, simply hoping to finally meet this man.

I’ll admit among those on Twitter,, Tumblr and other online communities, there are those with whom I harbor secret and not-so-secret crushes. Some I simply want to breed… in the most instinctual way, mark my territory. Others, I want to actually meet, speak with for a moment before fucking their brains out and sending them on their way. A few, I just want to meet. Fucking doesn’t fit into the equation.

With this particular man, he’d entered a relationship with a degree of openness. Bluntly, I’d been informed that fucking  — while allowed — required the bane of my sexual existence, the condom. I never agreed to use one.

We met. As with any such meeting, you wonder if cyber chemistry translates into the real world and, in so many ways, this did. It seemed to easy. While the Sunshine State may not be so far away from me, it might as well be world away from the protective cocoon his boyfriend seemed to wrap around him with calls and texts throughout our time together.

Still, as the afternoon inched toward evening, some excuse for a hotel visit quickened my pulse.

The tour of the downtown towering room ended as he excused himself to piss and I sat on the edge of the bed. He returned, as I commented on the vista in the distance, he crawled onto my lap and began to kiss me. Soon everything began to intertwine. I can’t forget the sensation as I removed his shirt and touched my hand to his smooth skin, feeling the heat radiate from it. It felt as if he brought the sunshine with him.

Soon we were both on the bed, pushing the collection of travel belongings that always end up on that spare second onto the floor as we made out and explored one another. With almost a foot difference in height, being horizontal proved to be a great equalizer. When he first put my cock in his mouth, his talent truly came forward.

The kissing continued to be our main thrust as I explored his naturally smooth body with my fingertips. The only hair seemed to be where you’d expect it… just a touch in his pits and around his cock. But when I ventured to his crack, I detected no shaving stubble or hint of fuzz. Smooth. Perfection.

And speaking of perfection, the tan lines for an already light-cocoa man couldn’t be detected. As I broke our lip-lock and began to venture south to orally inspect what I’d perceived by touch, I savored every lick. This pocket Asian began to exude his natural body scents and oils. Both only drew me closer as I tasted the hint of sunshine trapped in his skin and the inhaled the exotic flavors.

His tight pecs and perfect stomach gave way to this throbbing cock with a drop of nectar, which I lapped up then shared with the source as I had to return to those gorgeous lips for one quick kiss before finding those hairless kiwis just beneath. As I tickled them, he knew my intentions. He knew my aim. He knew my destination.

My Asian friend had made it no secret that he loved his ass played with in a variety of ways and I intended to add a fourth meal to my day — this one, a Floridian fantasy of spectacular sphincter proportions. When I began to lick beneath his balls and nibble a little on his taint, I could sense his pucker winking at me.

Over the next several minutes, I worked his hole. I licked. I slobbered. I spit violently. I pushed my tongue in as hard and as deep as I could, adding my fingers to spread his asshole wide. Then I would pull back, blowing it dry and just lightly licking it. Kissing it. Nibbling at the edges. I flipped him over and parted his mounds to motorboat. I lapped up all the juice he and I produced. And then I just looked and admired what creation had made.

I would occasionally kiss him, letting him taste himself on my tongue.

But of all the moments, one is seared into my memory.

I’d resisted taking him, as much as I wanted. With every kiss, my cock conveniently would poke at his hole — a talent I’d fostered over the years and quite frankly, did without thinking now. But today, out of respect for his intention to “make it work” with his boyfriend, I never thrust my hips forward to enter him raw with spit as lube.

He was on his back, the limber man had his ankles at his ears and I’d been eating his hole. I came up, my cock again right there at his pucker. By now, it was wide open. My cockhead was just beyond the opening and I was about to plunge in for a kiss when his dark chocolate eyes looked at me with an intensity I did not expect.

I froze.

In a swift movement, his right hand came up and grabbed my cock, pushing be back a little. His left hand reached for my waist. He took the cockhead and pushed it into the pink tunnel opening. Then his right hand was on my other hip. And with both hands, he pulled.


His eyes closed. His mouth opened. I think we both gasped for air.

Inside him, the intense warmth, my cock surrounded by everything that perfect ass had to offer.

The look on his face, that few seconds lasted an eternity. And even now, as I write this, my cock throbs and leaks. My breath quickens. And my brain senses nothing but the intensity of the pleasure.

His choice. Strange on my journey that I’d come to a place I could resist fucking a man I desired for so long and he chose to break his bareback oath. But as I throbbed inside that golden ass, we became one.

The fucking that follows proved to be monumental. But I had one more fantasy to fulfill.

Well, at least one.

I sat him on my lap, wrapped around him and began to thrust up into him like a rocket taking off.

Knowing that he’s smaller in frame, I don’t imagine I am the first to do this and, also, since I am not the biggest in the cock department, surely some other man had taken him this way. But as I did, as I granted myself this vision I’d seen, the intensity rose. Our fucking reached a pace and intensity like no other time in recent for me.

And my Asian began to lose control. He leaned back, arched his back and cum came from his cock, splattering all over us both.

Some tops go for bragging rights. But this was my fantasy. And the little fucker shot off like a rocket from my fantasy.

I got an opportunity to sample more of this Asian delicacy and did. Oh how sweet.

An ass like a champion, it was I who needed a short break before finally putting him on his stomach and fucking him again, nutting deep inside, filling him with my cum and everything I’d been thinking of for a while.

When he flipped over, he begged for me to play with his ass. So I shoved my fingers inside, pushing my cum in deeper and tickling his prostate until he produced another nice load.

And then I left, a little reluctantly, but still satisfied that I’d successfully gotten what I’d wanted and made him want it as bad as I.

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  1. WOW! These last few years, I have found Asian men much more attractive than previously, and I have always been attracted to men that are shorter than me (I AM five feet, nine inches tall).

    And now I AM short of breath!