Hate Extends Even Further as I Discover Cyber-Attack Against My Website

Hasn’t iBLASTinside.com been a little too S-L-O-W?

I thought so too. I know thousands of folks visit it every day (thank you). But it’s just been getting slower, even after a recent upgrade.

I regret I did not think the obvious until looking at the user statistics and analytics a little more closely. Okay, I had to look at them very, very closely. Then it became much clearer. It appears that I have been the victims of a long-term cyber attack.

I honestly have no idea how long it’s been going on. As I look as far back as I could based on records I could use, this leech sucked away bandwidth, getting much worse over time.

Having spent some time in cyber security, I should have been able to recognize the signs. However, the dastardly devil obscured himself well behind dozens of different addresses, which I am still weeding through. I have reported it to the host with a solution to block his incoming attacks and hope that his efforts will soon be thwarted. And I am doing as much as I can now to stop it or minimize it.

Just so you understand, this little Nazi’s attack sucked more than half the site’s attention, leaving all of you the rest of it.

Thank you all for understanding and I hope you see an improvement in the site very soon.

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One Comment


  1. I’ve been wondering what’s up with this site (can’t comment no matter how many times I try) so I hope this means it will all be figured out.
    Last time I tried to congratulate you (about the Asian ass post) and tell you that it seemed like things were looking up for you, my lame old PC freezed up and shut down. Still it seems like you’re moving on, and moving on up! And any thoughts you Mark have to offer, wouild be most welcome (Everyone loves you, Mark (except for the haters and their emotional problems)
    Either way, you completely fascinate your readers, nd we all look forwrd to hearing what you gave to say, coool guy.