Bliss Proves to Be a Big Miss

Bliss Proves to Be a Big Miss

August 2015 Update: Bliss (thank God), closed a while back. It was a piece of shit club. I’d actually gone again sometime in 2013 and it was horrible then too. All gone. All done. Glad you’re gone.

New Atlanta Nightclub Offering ‘All-Nude’ Male Entertainment Comes Up Short

I received a pass to visit the newest offering in adult entertainment for Atlanta. A local “gentleman’s club” decided to convert at night on Wednesday through Saturday to male dancers from the ordinary titty bar. Good thing, I thought. Atlanta currently had two offerings: BJ Roosters and Swinging Richards. Seems to me this town could use a third (and a forth).

When I drove by to see the line waiting on grand opening night Friday, Aug. 19, it worried me a little, especially considering my arrival time around 10:30 — seemingly felt like I was there for the early bird special. But I decided to wait it out. As I began, it became immediately apparent the night might be a bust as men exiting the club in droves suggested those on queue not enter.

“The dancers are tragic,” one would say. “And I think the air conditioner is broken.”

After a few more such statements by those exiting, the men in front of us disappeared and I suddenly stood at the industrial doors awaiting the straight bouncer’s go to enter. After a stop at the booth where I wouldn’t need to pay, the hallway seemed like some clash between Greco-Roman and Polynesian designer into the stadium that can only be described as 1970s Love Boat meets LED lighting.

Three stages (the main with two satellites) featured what they called dancers and, off to the right side, in some weird configuration of what could have been a good idea, was a glass shower stall. With complete indifference to the crowd around them, four African American twinks with Speedo trunks or similar underwear writhed to the music. As much as they ignored the crowd, the crowd ignored them.

No dick in sight.

VIP areas appeared to be up behind to either side of the entry with velvet ropes and more straight, Guido bouncers guarding the locations.

What other dancers that wandered the floor offered the same thin, twinkish appeal. A vast majority of the dancers working were African American. In fact, in my time there, I saw one Caucasian. I never saw a Latin or Asian — the two of my personal favorites that always earn extra tips from me. Body builds were universally thin and six packs were mostly behind the bar in the form of beer.

Indeed, the air conditioning seemed not to work and the flow of the room proved to be stagnant. Getting a drink from anyone would be close to impossible. The next set began and another group of African American indifferent men wiped the poles down for your sanitation protection before proceeding (not kidding). This began to worry me that the dancers carried some disease that required protection from one another, even though they’d never dropped trou.

And so I dropped out. My time there limited, but now I knew. Miss Bliss in Atlanta. If you want to get cash raped by strippers in Atlanta, stick to what’s there: BJ Roosters and Swinging Richards.

Bliss Atlanta
Adult Entertainment
2284 Cheshire Bridge Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 320-1924
Bliss of Atlanta’s Facebook

Visited Aug. 19, 2011

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  1. I just visited the Bliss website and found pictures and video of the entertainers. The men look good to me.