Seeking a Male Porn Performer or Wanna-Be within Two Hours of Atlanta

Seeking a Male Porn Performer or Wanna-Be within Two Hours of Atlanta

Are you an undiscovered talent? Maybe you’ve performed a little in some smaller online pieces or done a little dancing for dollars. Or maybe it’s just something you think about where you think you might be able to make some much needed cash.

I am Mark Bentson and I’m a digital marketing professional. My work is on the web in ways you can see and may not realize. And I can help you. I’m looking to branch out into the adult business and advise someone like yourself through this process where it will be lucrative to us both.

Most of all, this will be helpful to you because I can make it work for you, teach you the ways online can grab an audience and keep them engaged and grow a tremendous fan base you will keep throughout your career.

I’m just getting this gig kicked off, so you can imagine I am motivated. I don’t mind working with undiscovered talent or those who’ve just worked a little. Agents, I’m glad to have a discussion with you as well. And studios, I’m always available for consultation.

Want to know a little bit of what I can do? The #BBBH. Whatever your feelings, in less than four months the movement gathered more than 1,200 active members and continues to be active on Twitter and Facebook (even though the latter has banned it twice).

Ask any digital marketer how to gather 1,200 followers in four months without any free giveaway and they’ll say it can’t be done.

So call me at (404) 910-3254 or e-mail me at I look forward to discussing how we might work together.

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