A Modest Proposal… to Read Mason Wyler’s Blog

A Modest Proposal… to Read Mason Wyler’s Blog

Please, take a moment and read this post from Mason Wyler on his blog: http://www.wylernation.com/2011/05/simple-plan-for-stopping-spread-of-hiv.html

I’ve personally had a crush on Mason for a long while, well before testing positive. But since that, his interviews have shown poise, grace and intelligence. For me, Mason always bucked against the trend that porn stars are all body (or all cock or all booty) and no brains.

But this piece is beyond brilliant. A piece of social commentary, especially considering the recent hatred coming toward the bareback community and more especially the Bareback Brotherhood (#BBBH).

I could write more, but Mason’s piece needs to speak for itself because I cannot do it justice. My hat is off to today’s Jonathan Swift.

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