It’s Official: I Have Fucked BOTH Matt AND Dan

It’s Official: I Have Fucked BOTH Matt AND Dan

For those of you who follow barebacking blogs, you will know of Matt & Dan’s Sexual Adventures (which currently is available with limited access — and don’t ask, I can’t give you access).

Last night, I fucked Dan. Previously, I fucked Matt. Dan has been trying to think and, at the moment, cannot think of anyone who has actually fucked them both. After a consultation with Matt, I might be certified as the first — or among the first.

Dan tweeted last night about our little adventure…

Dan: hot night: got royally fucked by @iblastinside. He came to my hotel, I waited ass up, naked in the dark, he came in, got undressed…
…we started making out, flipped around, I lubed up & climbed on @iblastinside’s cock, he started fucking… not a word spoken, then…
…@iblastinside whispers “do you want my load” – makes me beg for it – then when he cums I feel his cock pulse… #bbbh
…my ass is wet with @iblastinside’s cum, he feeds more to me & we kiss. We make plans to meet again later this week… #bbbh

Dan neglected to mention the second load I gave him later, whispering in his ear the story about fucking the 18-year-old recently.

Oh well. I’ll remind him later this week.

And, of course, I’ll write about my fucks in detail sometime.

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  1. Oh, yes, this was a great post!

    I recall their blog, but have not visited in a while. I shall check out the limited access thing, and yes, do Re-Mind Dan!

  2. Haha! This is MAJOR news. Way to go. Someone had to go there 😉