Does this enhance your mood?

Does Sperm Enhance Your Mood? Straight Surgeon Finds Cum Contains ‘Mood Enhancers’

A top surgeon was forced to resign from the American College of Surgeons after a controversial Valentine’s Day editorial in which he quoted a study that found women who had unprotected sex were less depressed than those who forced their male partners to rubber up, according to news reports.

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“There’s a deeper bond between men and women than St. Valentine would have suspected,” the straight surgeon concluded in his study. “And now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolates.”

In the study, sperm was found to contain “mood enhancers like estrone, cortisol, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin; a sleep enhancer, melatonin.”

I don’t know if this surgeon has talked to any gay bottoms, but I’ve found many of them so satisfied after I cum inside them, they don’t even need to cum. Now there’s scientific proof for the satisfaction the bottom feels. It’s not all about the connections between men, but there are mood enhancers in cum. I wonder if some bottom men are more sensitive to those chemicals being injected anally.

I hope I will not need to resign my post, so I thought it important to do a study as well. Please answer the following as honest as possible.

As a bottom, how do you find that your mood changes when you get sperm in your ass? As a top, how does your mood change when you inject your sperm into an ass?

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Now that there's possible scientific proof that women experience a mood enhancement when injected with sperm, do you think there's a similar mood enhancement for the bareback bottom when he is bred?

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