Coming Soon… Getting Old

Coming Soon… Getting Old

Another birthday approaches and this old bull gets a little older. The awkward prime number 43 goes away and I earn 44. It’s suddenly weird to think myself at twice of 22, meaning if you’re 22, I could have easily been your father. Fuck, had you been in your 20s at all — even 29 — I had the means to be your father (yes, I could easily produce sperm at 15, although I’d never get anywhere near a vagina).

So what should I do to celebrate?

Alas, this year looks slender since the ole job search lumbers on. I have hope of relocation soon into the Midwest or even far West, but the opportunities wax and wane. I attempt to remain optimistic.

Optimism proves to be difficult on all fronts, but I’m sure some of you enjoy reading that, as I have heard of a few flaming with hatred. I don’t quite get it.

So this be nothing more than thoughts of nothing much as I contemplate that moment of 44.

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One Comment


  1. IBI, don’t get bummed–even those of us who have a job are feeling pretty dispirited lately (things are pretty grim for everyone, financially).
    For what it’s worth, although I don’t always agree with everything you have to say, you seem like a really nice guy. And a smart guy!
    Happy birthday!
    (Would I be out of line to say that I’ve fantasized that you were my banker–he looks like I imagine you do, all professional and intelligent, but he’s always checking me out, and I’ve actually watched his dick get hard in his pants whenever we run into each other and talk).
    He makes me nervous. I like him a lot.