Blatino Joe

Blatino Joe

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In the dark passages, I wandered as my eyes adjusted to the sudden lack of sunlight. I wandered upstairs finally able to focus and found half the rooms occupied. It was Wednesday — not a good day in Atlanta for action. The space didn’t have a lot of people but I still hoped against hope I’d find something worthwhile to whom I’d lose a load.

Down a narrow dead-end hallway, I started to enter when he was exiting and suddenly stopped. I stared back immediately. Shorter at five-six or or, short hair and dark, tanned skin. His ethnic appeal certainly held my gaze. As I reached the end of the short hallway, a small pocket seemed like the perfect place t pause to see if he joined me rather than continuing the stare from the entrance.

He did. Within moments, he reached out to grope my cock, which bounced to life in an instant. I unzipped and he jerked it a bit before going straight to work, sucking it with a good fever pace. But not too fast. His small stature allowed me to feel around and check his chest, with a nice dusting of hair. He didn’t react to a tweak of his nipples. His pants were athletic and it felt as if a large, snaked uncut cock were trapped and wrapped inside something. His ass, though, seemed relatively free, leading me to believe he wore a jockstrap.

He stood after a moment and went to work on his drawstring as another man joined us. This, a twenty something man of Indian or Pakistani descent. Wide chested and seemingly Americanized, my Blatino friend was between us as he freed himself and bent over to begin pleasuring the darkly tanned man, leaving his jockstrap cock in my crotch. I lifted his shirt to see the band across his smooth, dark skin read, “Joe Boxer.” I reached down to his hole, finding it already lubed and wet. No invitation needed.

I lined my cock head up and pushed. He pushed back and I entered. Obviously, I wasn’t the first cock in him this day. He sucked and I fucked, spit-roasting the Blatino pig. I reached up to my fellow top but he largely ignored me, so setting a pace wasn’t going to happen.

My Blatino sensed this. He stood and offered his ass to the Indian/Pakistani boy. I saw his cock in its full glory… a little thinner but a full inch longer at more than 8. He went in raw. My Blatino sucked me some and I tickled his raw ass lips sucking in that cock. But a good tag teaming wasn’t to be in the cards.

By now, we had an audience that respectfully kept their distance and just watched. Unusual but I was pleased since none had anything I wanted.

Blatino stood and began to ignore the other top to focus on me, knowing the other top didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.

“But I was about to shoot my fucking load,” the Indian/Pakistani boy said.

As my lovely Blatino sat on my cock in a standing position and we watched, the dark-skinned Asian jerked his own cum off and onto the floor. Park of me wished Blatino bottom had taken it into his ass, but the attitude had bugged me some too. He departed and Blatino bent over so I could go to town.

I did, holding his dark, smooth ass mounds to either side and fucking harder and harder until I punched through and released a torrent of cum. I let myself breathe heavily I stopped moving in his ass, so he could feel my cock jerk and throb as it spurted cum into his raw hole.

“Damn,” he said.

I left my cock inside him and pumped a few more times before finally relaxing my gripped after more than a minute.

He stood, left my cock fall out and then sucked every bit of ass juice and cum off my cock.

Blatino looked up at me, staring into my eyes for the first-ever moment: “Thanks a lot.”

He disappeared and I left. I’d been inside 20 minutes. Some sort of record.

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