Birthday Bash, Here I Cum!

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I’m about to head out to dinner (looks like a little Asian for me tonight) then I’m off to Swinging Richards. I know, mostly straight boy dancers who love to tease and make the money. It’s all right. They know why I’m there. I know why they’re there. It’s a mutual decision. It’s so worth it though because the men are as hot as some of the Tumblr guys I post. Plus, being in their early twenties, when else do I get to sexually molest men in such an obscene way.

I’ll likely leave there and head to Inserection, where I hope to find an ass to breed. Who knows…

P.S. Any Atlanta or Georgia guys gonna be there? E-mail me! Link in the upper right… or find me in the crowd. I am the geek.

Birthday Bash, Here I Cum!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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