Big Bareback Birthday Blast Bash: Is Anyone Out There?

Big Bareback Birthday Blast Bash: Is Anyone Out There?

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The big day is fast approaching. I find myself still struggling. Two invoices are out for freelance work and I have hope that one or both might make it in by next weekend to make my birthday weekend extra special. Right now, I’m cutting it close with $40.36 in the bank.

The biggest question with cash (or even without) is how to celebrate. I fuck ass. I went five-for-five last week and today already popped one in a nice Latin ass, so finding fuckable asses is easy. It’s getting a little more than that. I’d love to hang out with some folks, actually chat, have a few drinks, get to know and then fuck around. Group fun is always more enjoyable (and tagging with a couple of tops is a lot of fun).

Among my favorite places in town in Swinging Richards, where I’ll likely end up again this weekend at some point (would anyone around here meet me there?). Of course, the straight boy dancers there resist whatever advances I could make but, as I’ve discovered, I leave there a bit buzzed and horned.

It would be nice if Atlanta had another strip club with a bit more interesting action, but then again, the quality of the guys at Swinging Richards makes it worthwhile to make the trip and pay the extra cost.

I have heard rumor that a bareback porn is shooting is town this weekend, but can’t seem to get any confirmation of what studio or which performers might be around so my as-yet-unfulfilled fantasy of fucking and breeding a porn performer (it used to be porn star, but I might as well downgrade) will likely continue to elude me (fuck, I wished for it last year).

So I’m still sitting here wondering what to do for my birthday and no one has suggested anything at all. I’m just wondering if anyone is reading anymore?

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAST hope its filled with extra creamy goodness and lts of good cheer Wish i could be there. much cubbhuggs

  2. I will not be able to make it to Atlanta this weekend but hope you have the opportunity to do LOADs of breeding! You deserve it!

    Appreciate you so much and LOVE your blog!

  3. Were I not so far away and too broke to afford a plane ticket, I’d be with you in a moment for whatever may come! And yes, I read your blog, too.

  4. cum to Charlotte, NC. The Tradesmen Leather club is having their 25th ANniversary event and I hear teh Woodshed is a BLAST! 🙂 OINK! Happy breedin wherever u are!!!

  5. How ’bout something slightly different? See if there are any bb parties already going on in town? Avoid Swinging Richards, especially if the dancers won’t put out. Maybe if one of those invoices come in, you could rent a hotel and host your own group, bb party.

    You’re ideas are much more exciting than mine. I tend to take myself out for a medium rare steak, rent a film, and rub one out before bed. 🙂

  6. Works for me…

  7. Well…I guess I have to drive to Atlanta and let you fuck me and breed me for your Birthday!!

  8. I am so so so sorry that I can not attend, but if your ever this way I’m sure I can arrange a one on one late birthday bare back session 😉

  9. Sounds great, Todd. E-mail me.

  10. i can always fly down. we go to swinging richards on me and we do a tour of sex clubs/theatres and you breed me and other hotboys along the way. sound good?

  11. Chris… Thanks for the note but you don’t have to know ATL to give me an idea of some fun things to do… 😉 Mark!

  12. Hey bud, I’m reading and am grateful for your posts! I would suggest something for you to do on your birthday, but I don’t know ATL at all…Hang out with NeNe? haha. Birthday gift on the way, hope it brings you some joy or at least a hangover.

    Happy Birthday!