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Breeding the Bi Boy Who Would Be Married

Breeding the Bi Boy Who Would Be Married

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I bumped my head as I entered the darkened apartments. Just off campus of a major private university in Atlanta, I’d been invited for an anonymous breeding by a “boy.” It amazed me the use of the word “boy,” even by this youthful thirtysomething, even if I felt his photos warranted the name. My eyes didn’t adjust from the bright spring day and this basement apartment with low ceilings didn’t help much.

So I wandered on, feeling my way through an obvious bachelor’s pad. He’d claimed to be bisexual and now I believed  un. Even I, with my moments of untidiness, would never let it get this bad — not that we yet warranted an episode of “Hoarders.”

I found the mattress on the floor and felt his leg, finally stripping off my jeans and pulling his head toward my slightly hard cock to suck it a bit. And he did, adequately enough to bring me to full mast. But he stopped quickly and laid down on his stomach. Very passive. Very ready. His ass already greased. So I slid in and began pumping.

The low ceilings and darkness played tricks on me, making me feel a little claustrophobic in the oppressive room. But yet his ass proved to be perfection. Although I could not see it, his tiny waist beneath me  betrayed the nice bounce I got off the mounds as I leaned into the fuck.

I sometimes want it over fast but other times, I want the bottom to know I can fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck. This one needed to invite me back. So I held off. I fucked him for a good 10 minutes.

Despite the state of the place, I was impressed that he smelled relatively clean. The sheets were a bit stale and, well, you could get a hint of old mattress beneath them. His smooth skin seemed unusual and perfect. When he spoke, it seemed to have a little country lilt, like he might be a Georgia native. And he certainly enjoyed my cock.

I finally asked if he wanted my load, which he answered yes and then, getting the hint, began to beg for it. That inspired a huff of poppers and a pummeling of his ass. When I’m in top mode, it’s a little more difficult for me to pop but I got there and laid him a nice load in his ass. He could feel my cock twitching inside his tight little hole.

Staying for a moment and chatting, he would tell me about both his wife and his girlfriend — unusually aware of his bareback escapades. Of course, wondering about the veracity did leave me wanting a little more, so we’ll see if I get a little better read if I’m able to fuck his sweet hole again.

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