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Loading Zone: Teeth-Ripping Condom Bottom

[alert style=”green”]I’ve done it a few times, but here’s a post not by me. It came in an e-mail from a bottom. It’s in response to my stealthing piece recently (and my responses). I thought it deserved a post. Enjoy or get pissed off.

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A Reverse Stealth

Hey man, I liked your post on stealthing so much, I figured I’d share my own form of stealthing with you. Feel free to share it on your site, just keep me anonymous.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneAlthough, like you said, there’s some assumption about the top being some evil disease-ridden son-of-a-bitch and the bottom being pure and innocent… this is hardly the case. While I’m free of any STDs so far as I know (and, come on, unless you didn’t have any sex in the past three months then get checked for everything, you never REALLY know, you’re guessing, hence my frank interpretation that I’m clean so far as I know), I’m a bottom who’s far from pure and innocent.

I’m a total bareback bottom. And I too have resorted to stealthing… really, it works for bottoms too.

I’d share all of my tactics but I’m afraid tops I’ve been with might catch on. So it’s easier that I share a simple one: Putting the condom on with my mouth. Eh, it’s better to share it as a story:

I was hanging out with a bud of mine — a bareback top — and we were playing together and inviting other dudes to come over and join us and load up my hole too. I’d indicated to some dudes that they had the choice of either fucking me or just watching, jerking off onto my hole, and my bud would fuck it inside. It was unclear that I wanted it bareback… where I am, being direct about bareback is an easy way to get everyone to immediately ignore your posts.

So, at one point a dude came over, not too bad looking (in some ways, I like guys who are just average looking, to me that’s hot) with a decent cock… discreet marired due as so many are. I was sucking him while my buddy was fucking my ass, then asked if they wanted to switch. The married dude said sure, and pulled out a condom.

I took it with a smile, opened it, turned to the night stand, put it in my mouth, and began tearing the tip with my front teeth. The married guy couldn’t see anything other than I was pulling lube out of the nightstand, but my bud could see, and smiled. I then turned around… it was apparent it was in my mouth, but I’d stopped chewing. I knelt down and started to chew again as I lubed/stroked him. He didn’t notice… I’ve never had a top that did. Once I was sure he was lubed up and very hard (read: It was completely torn), I used my mouth to put the condom on, which he really seemed to like.

I made sure to leave some space at the end (weird thing about many tops, why do you insist on pulling the condom down as tight as possible, you know you’re supposed to leave space, right? Apparently not… so many safe sex tops who have no idea how to even use a rubber, and not just straight/married ones), then lubed him up and bent over.

To make things simple, I’d only chewed this enough to guarantee I’d get his load, not to guarantee I’d have his raw cock in me completely. I do like when it’s their raw cock, because I know they’ll never fuck an ass as hot as mine, because every other fuck will be a condom covered bore fest. It also means a potential popping as they tear some of the condom which they may or may not feel… I’ve had some tops never seem to notice, and others tell me the condom broke and we’ll have to try again.

So, he was fucking, and it was a decent fuck. When he started to get close, he asked if I wanted him to pull out and shoot all over my hole, like I’d said before. I looked up at my buddy, and asked what he wanted.

“I want you to shoot it in the condom while you’re fucking him,” said my buddy knowingly.

That was all the motivation the married dude needed, as he finished off inside. When he started to pull out, I grabbed the base of the condom and pulled away, which, if you use the right condoms and lube, keeps the condom in your ass. I moved as best I could to the bathroom, squeezed my hole tight, and pulled it out. The end was torn just a little, and not a single drop of cum in the condom… and the married dude had no clue. He dressed and left while my bud went back to fucking my ass with a brand new load of cum inside it.

So, for all the bottoms who are told to beware… tops, beware too. Especially of bottoms who want to put the condom on with their mouths.

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