Shaggy Lad Shag

Shaggy Lad Shag

Craigslist can be real hit or miss here lately, especially with some assholes flagging any hint of barebacking. But I posted anyway, half bored on a Thursday afternoon and somehow got my cell number through the filters.

The usual collection of e-mails arrived, including a 325-pound, 52-year-old man who claimed he could give me a blowjob like I’d never had before. Now look, I don’t want to deny anyone a chance for my cock and I’ve fucked my fair share of chubs but, baby, you gotta produce a pic or two before you’ve even got a chance at getting my cock.

Then the usual “would you settle for a blowjob” e-mails and “please, could you use a condom” messages from the same tired people who always reply to my ads. They recognize me, I recognize them. I don’t know why they bother. Some of the messages are filtered and bypass my inbox.

But then the ones who bother with text messages.

A new number showed up though. It was a usual, “How’s it going? Still looking?”

I responded.

“It needs to be a one-time only thing,” was his message back.

Thing is, I have a good sixth sense about these kind of things, “Sure.”

He then announced he was 18 and it would be his first time.

Now I could have doubted it, but I didn’t. I just knew this guy wasn’t bullshitting me. I invited him over with my address.

The phone rang a couple of moments later. I answered.

“I just wanted to call to make sure you were for real,” he said, his voice deep but definitely inexperienced.

“No problem,” I said. “You want to head over?”


He hung up.

A little more than 20 minutes later, a gigantic truck with wheels too big for the frame pulled down the drive and parked. Out hopped a six-foot frame. He was barely 18 or maybe 19. His shaggy, dirty blond hair obscured his eyes and a pugish nose protruded out. His pouty lips thin lips curled a bit into a smirk as he entered.

I shook his hand. Rough. Very. This boy had done hard physical labor and his body showed some of the muscles, but the beauty and softness denied the need. His voice too masculine.

He didn’t seem nervous and eagerly followed to the bedroom, stripping off his clothes. Hardly any body hair except for his legs, he’d shaved his balls and pubes. His cock hung limp but unusually thick as we crawled onto the bed. His nipples were large and beautiful, his body smooth. Part of me felt a little guilty, as if I were attempting to suck the youth from this boy… pardon me… man.

He bent over and began sucking me, not that it proved difficult to get hard. He’d obviously done it some before. I moved my hands into his thick mane and found it both soft and unusual… like a stuffed animal or a wig. His rough hands worked my cock while his mouth tried to please, not quite sure how to make it down.

The blowjob ended quickly and I went to return the favor, finding his cock now fully hard. His cock stood out no less than 8 inches and approached 9 easily. Rigid like you wouldn’t believe with one thick vein wrapping its way around shaft. Shaped like an oval, it tapered toward the head. As I sucked him, I also nibbled at his balls and moved my fingertips toward his asshole.

Largely silent, I moved up to caress him a bit when he said, “I don’t kiss or nothing.”

“No worries,” I said.

And with that he lifted his legs.

I grabbed the lube, taking the hint. I worked a little onto my fingers and found his lightly hairy asshole, moving one fingertip inside him.

Despite having the cock of a top, the action of his ass was immediate. He was a natural bottom. I wondered if, in fact, it was his first time as he reached down to pull my cock toward his hole.

“It might be easier if you sit on it, then you can control how fast it enters,” I said.

I know. The sex seemed almost clinical. But sometimes with first-timers — or with practically straight guys — it seems that way. We moved into position and he lubed my cock. He reached past a couple of condoms for the lube bottle, by the way.

He sat on it completely, without hesitation.

My cock — all seven inches — buried inside him and he didn’t flinch. For the next 10 minutes, I fucked him there as he sat on me. I fucked him on his stomach. I fucked him on his back. I pounded him. I entered him softly. I slowly withdrew and entered. His ass accepted me every way. Not a moment of problems. Not a complaint. His only words.

“Do whatever you need to do to cum.”

I slicked my hand with lube and jerked him about 20 times while I pounded his hole.

“I’m going to cum.”

When he shot, the cum shot in copious amounts at great velocity, shooting at least five feet up and 15 feet over his head, across the bed and onto the wall. The subsequent splatters continued in diminishing amounts. His asshole constricted around my cock pulling my own cum from me into his hole, but at the same moments, beginning to reject me.

His only other sounds were breathing.

Two minutes later, he was gone.

I lay on the bed, partially falling into some of his cum and wondered still if this shaggy lad was a bit of a mirage. Something inside me knew the silence I should allow him, so I did, leaving him to his own silence, guilt and denial.

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  1. So I can pretend to be “safe” and take them off or poke holes in them.

  2. He reached past a couple of condoms for the lube bottle, by the way.

    Why do you even own/have condoms? 🙂