Stealthing, Stealth, Stealth Fucking

Popping a Balloon

I’ve always found Asians irresistible in some way, but he seemed like a mix — a little Asian, a little Latin. Still, that little ass shook at me and I could resist. He stood around 5-foot-7 on the thin side with a layer of body fat. We were in the dark corner of a sex maze at a club while music throbbed around us and the mist of blowjobs, poppers and fucking filled the air.

I’d opened my jeans and he’d been sucking me. Not a very good job of it because he never went very deep. These boys in their early 20s just never got the hang of sucking cock. And I’m not large. I’m proud of my seven inches but he just wasn’t cutting it and I was getting a little afraid that this Thai-Latin mix would only be into oral.

As he bent over to suck, I reached down to yank on his athletic pants. They gave way easily to a neutral colored jock and a naturally smooth ass. I ran my hand across it while he still attempted to suck and a little bit of tooth grated against the sensitive part of my cockhead. I jerked up.

He stood for a little kiss.

I kissed back, beginning to be very disappointed because this boy was hot.

“You want to fuck me?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

By now, his pants had collapsed to the floor and he bent over to go for the pockets, fumbling around a bit before coming up with a bottle of lube and the dreaded condom.

He tore open the condom package and handed it to me and then liberally lubed his hole before turning around and bending over.

Popping a condom for a fuckIn those moments, I debated. He didn’t turn around. I stretched the condom and poked my middle finger into where my head would go. As I slipped it onto my cock, I pressed harder with my finger until the latex popped and my head poked exposed. I unrolled the rest and pressed against his hole.

I entered easily thanks to the lube.

As I fucked him, he never uttered a sound. He stayed crouched over and never moved his hands to check the condom — what part of it remained, at least. His hole was tight, but obviously used from previously in the night. I wish there’d been enough light because I had this feeling my head inside that warm ass chute was churning up more cum and pressing it deeper into his guts. But I would never be sure.

Still, I was fucking hard.

I picked up pace and brought some poppers to my nose, giving myself one last whiff before beginning the last moments of really fucking.

As I bucked harder against him, bringing his ass harder against my thighs, feeding him my half-exposed cock, I thought about pulling out, yanking the condom off and cumming inside him completely raw. But that risked exposing the deception. A deception I think he was feeding himself. I didn’t.

I knew I was passing the point of no return anyway.

By now, a small crowd had joined us, watching the fuck, seeing this geek pummel this little athletic mix boy who just remained bent over and taking it.

I growled and let my load loose, but I keep fucking so I knew my spot was marked, that my DNA coated his guts and that, despite his attempt, his ass was owned.

Slowing down, he stayed bent over, his hands and head down, like some Geisha in training. As my deflating cock came out of his ass, I could see my cum around his loose hole. The condom was practically ripped.

Another top was stepping up to take my place. I pulled my condom off, completely ripping it now.

“Here, use this condom,” I said. “It’s still good.”

I could hear him chuckle as I left.

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  1. Hoping this story is a figment of the writers imagination. Nice story, however if it is real this is not cool at all

  2. That is so fucking hot! If he was really concerned he would have watched you put the condom on; and objected immediately when you passed the condom to the next guy. My guess is that you did exactly what he hoped you would do; telling himself that if he got infected he “tried” to play safe. But I love when a guy (or more) cum inside me; so I may be justifying 🙂

  3. I must confess that, I do not believe I would stealth, but I thoroughly enjoyed the post, and I also enjoyed reading about how you growled when you shot your cum inside this lovely Asian/mixed (?) man.

    The fact that another top chuckled when you handed him the destroyed condom certainly indicates that he agrees with your belief that this bottom was already fucked raw.

  4. Can someone understand the concepts of “right” and “wrong” and still make the choice to do it?

  5. rowdr-
    These guys are either pretending to stealth and enjoying talking the fantasy as though it really happened, or they’re antisocial ‘sociopaths’. I would guess the latter may be true regardless. The part where they openly deny the rights of other and “blame the victim” should have tipped you off. People like this are predators and don’t understand concepts like right and wrong. The fact that other people do is a mere inconvenience to them. btw, i’m an md as well.

  6. If he wanted to use a rubber, and you didn’t, wouldn’t it be better just to move on? I’m pretty sure there were other guys to fuck in that place, right? I don’t get the reason to trick him. Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask him “hey, wanna fuck raw?” and see if he was or not up to it? Seriously, dude, stealthing isn’t cool shit.

  7. So fucking hot!!!! I nearly popped just from reading!!!

  8. SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!! Nearly popped just from reading!

  9. @rawdr: You can recommend all you like, but since it was anonymous fucking at a bath house, that dude is S.O.L.

  10. @alaskadude: iblasts most recent entry is about child molestation. He references the margarine incident where he is clearly aroused by what happens although it is wrong and illegal and he is being taken advantage of because he is a child and does not have the capacity to change the course of what is about to happen to him. His molester got what he wanted and i’m not sure if he was apoligetic, but “getting what you wanted” does not justify actions and would certainly not be a good defense if this ever became a legal issue. And one could argue that iblast “had it coming” since he was physically enjoying what was going on but it’s still wrong and has clearly been a difficult point in iblast’s life. The scale is different but the thought process is the same.

  11. as a physician, if i had a patient who came in because they were stealthed, i would advise them to file a criminal complaint since they were subject to a nonconsensual sex act. The absence of objection is not the same as consent, especially when you are not informed to give consent.

  12. Several points: 1) If he’s too stupid to tell the difference between bare dick (even partially), and a wrapped dick then I have no sympathy. 2) If he was really concerned about protecting himself, I think he would have reached back to check and not trust a complete stranger at a sex club. 3) I don’t necessarily agree with ‘stealthing’, but the kid had it coming – see points #1 and #2. If you hadn’t done it, some other dude would have.. and by the sound of it, already did before you even got there. 4) This is a hot fucking story. 5) Kudos for getting what you wanted and not feeling like you need to be apologetic.

  13. I am not stupid enough to take my wallet inside the house of a trick. If you are, then shame on you. Do I drink something I do not crack the label open myself? No. And as for walking in a shady neighborhood, you bet you’re partially responsible.

  14. going to a sex club is not an invitation for stealthing just like walking in a shaddy neighborhood is not an invitation to get robbed.

  15. so if a trick you bring home does what he wants and takes your wallet, ipod/iphone/laptop, etc on his way out, that’s to be expected because you are bringing someone you don’t know into your apartment? or if you get roofied at a bar, that’s to be expected because you didn’t watch your drink closely enough? conceptually, there is little difference between lying to someone about using a condom so they don’t say no to getting fucked and giving someone a roofie so they physically can’t say no to getting fucked.

  16. I agree. He’s responsible for his behavior. I was responsible for my behavior. I did what I wanted. We were in a sex club.

  17. So I’m all for barebacking and people being responsible for their own actions and decisions. I’m a doctor and I’m always telling people about the risks of their behaviors. If they want help changing their behavior, sexual, smoking, etc, I help them, but I never force change on them. But when you stealth someone don’t you take away their ability to be responsible for their own behavior?