Snorting Poppers

Poppers, Persuasion and Pleasure

Poppers came to me late in my sexual experience. I first learned about them when I was 16 or 17, but I waited until I was 35 before indulging.

Why’d I wait so fucking long?

So if you’re wondering what poppers are, you can read up on Wikipedia Link Opens in a New Window, although I will quote the effects section:

[alert style=”green”]”Inhaling nitrites relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, including the sphincter muscles of the anus…. Smooth muscle surrounds the body’s blood vessels and when relaxed causes these vessels to dilate resulting in an immediate increase in heart rate and blood flow throughout the body, producing a sensation of heat and excitement that usually lasts for a couple of minutes…. The head rush, euphoria, and other sensations that result from the increased heart rate are often felt to increase sexual arousal and desire. It is widely reported that poppers can enhance and prolong orgasms.”[/alert]

Of course, this sounds a little clinical.

For me, I can actually see my orgasm approach. The sensation is amazing. I sometimes actually get tunnel vision, but usually I close my eyes for that. But in those moments following a snort (or huff), every other sensory input disappears and I exist only in my cock. The nerve endings of my cock are electrified and I sense everything.

Recently, I was fucking a bottom who shot his load without touching himself. I explained to him how his ass felt as he approached orgasm… every muscle contraction, the roll and throb of his prostate as he got close. He said, “You could feel that through your cock?”

“Of course,” I responded.

Then I realized perhaps not everyone does. I do. When I experience poppers, I get the full sensation, time dilation and, for me, the most intense experience ever. I’ll normally huff two or three times in a session. I don’t too much because the intense sensation fades with each subsequent sniff. After a while, I lose the enjoyment.

How to Do Poppers Like a Pro

Unscrew the bottle top and put the edge of the bottle to one nostril of your nose, cover the other and sniff deeply. There’s two basic techniques.

snorting poppers two-handedTwo-Handed Snort

Illustrated here is the two-handed snort, one to hold the bottle and one to close one nostril.

This is probably easiest for a beginner to do but it’s also effective when you’re otherwise occupied like you’re sucking a cock, as you can see to the right.

Snorting poppers two-handed while sucking cock.

Do not spill the poppers or get any in your nose. It will burn. And the taste is awful if you happen to get it on the cock you’re sucking (and if I were getting sucked, I would make the bottom lick clean the burning stuff off to teach them to be more careful.

In my opinion, it’s perfectly fine etiquette to take a few seconds break for a popper snort.

one-handed popper sniffOne-Handed Sniff

The one-handed sniff is very talented indeed and for advanced practice only, as illustrated to the left.

This usually comes from someone who’s been jerking off with poppers for while and can unscrew the top, cover one nostril with their thumb and hold the bottle up to their other nostril for the huff.

The other hand continues to jerk themselves or prop up or keep doing whatever they’ve been doing. A truly talented popper pro can put the bottle top back on.

[box icon=”warning”]

Caution with Poppers

If you are prone to migraines or severe headaches, you may wish to avoid poppers all together. Poppers can and will give headaches. If poppers are not fresh or they’re cheap or they’re counterfeit, a severe headache can result. Believe me, I’ve had a days-long headache from bad poppers.

Additionally, if you take any erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra or Cialis, you should never do poppers, even if it’s just for fun. It will lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

If your blood pressure is not stabilized by medication, do not do poppers. Poppers impact your smooth muscles, which surrounds your blood vessels, directly linked to your blood pressure.[/alert]

Your First Snort

It all depends on which kind of poppers you try, but I recommend that you take a moderate breath with poppers to get a sense of how they will feel to you. Don’t do them when anything is going on. Do them while making out and sucking each other’s cock — preferably with someone who won’t get too pissed off if you suddenly get a really bad headache and have to quit everything.

Each kind of popper has a different impact on each person. My favorite gives one friend of mine a severe headache (but generally, everyone else I know reacts well to it).

After that light sniff, you will know how it feels, so you might be ready for the real thing. A deep snort. The more you sniff, the longer the high, the more intense and the more likely a headache. It’s a risk you run.

Bottoms and Poppers

In my experience, bottoms use poppers as they’re about to take cock. This relaxes the muscles and allows the cock easier entry. As I am not a bottom, I can’t speak to the bottom sensations. However, I do notice bottoms become more voracious for cock. They want it more. I notice it lowers their inhibitions. If you’re a top controlling the feed of poppers to a bottom, giving him more will make him beg for your cock and, later, for your cum (even if he said don’t cum inside).

Tops and Poppers

The experience with tops can be wholly different. I will abstain throughout much of sex and then snort when I am ready to cum since poppers have this ability to allow me to bulldoze through whatever is happening and make my way to unloading. However, some tops may enjoy poppers but have said they cause wood suddenly leave.  Again, a little experimentation might lead you to discovering what’s best for you.

Etiquette for Poppers

Cock head next to a bottle of poppersI believe in any situation it is appropriate to share poppers. That being said, there are a lot of interesting results from this experience. Because I am a bit of a connoisseur of poppers and I only bring the best quality with me, some fuckers think it’s like I’m bringing wine to their house. No. Poppers come with me, poppers leave with me, even if it’s an orgy at someone’s house. Everyone is welcome to enjoy my poppers but they’re fucking mine.

Stealing poppers at a person’s home doesn’t bother me as much as they do when I’m at a bathhouse. I’ve learned to travel with a second bottle and always offer the less fresh second bottle to the bottom I’m fucking so I keep the best for myself.

“Feeding” a bottom is not unusual and I will occasionally keep control of poppers so I can make sure that the bottom does as I wish. Using the poppers as a carrot works like a charm with some bottoms.

Call me selfish but I’ve had my quality poppers stolen from me too often.

That’s one thing to keep in mind. Quality poppers are difficult to find and expensive as shit. Online sources will be your cheapest option and, even then, since a major company went out of business and the U.S. Postal Service began cracking down on the shipment of chemicals, it’s difficult to find places that will

Popper Flavors and My Personal Recommendations

Recently, it’s become more difficult to obtain poppers but I’ve found them available through Link Opens in a New Window and can recommend them as a good source.

I just checked and my former source seems to be back in business, although its selection is currently limited. I’ve been purchasing from Link Opens in a New Window for years and loved it.

I am disappointed Poppers Express does not carry the smallest bottle available, which is usually 10ml or 10cc (or sometimes 12ml). I recommend small bottles because only fresh poppers are good poppers. You will find that PictureBrite does carry the smallest bottle size though. The next size up is the 15ml “tall” bottles. Large bottles are 25ml or 1oz. And finally, the huge bottles are 30ml.

Keeping poppers fresh means keeping them sealed and in dark places. You can keep them in a refrigerator but once they’re opened, it does no good to put them back into the fridge. Just close the lid tight and put them in a dark place. Cold or warm, it doesn’t matter. Within a couple of weeks, they’ll get old. And to me, the little “pellet” inside does no good keeping them fresh.

Taiwan Blue


Taiwan Blue

If you’re just getting started with poppers or you’re someone who gets headaches, I find that Taiwan Blue might be a good option. They are very mild, pure and provide a nice slope up to the pleasure zone and then an easy path down if you do not sniff deeply. For the more advanced among you, I hear that Taiwan Blue can be appropriate for fistee (the one being fisted) if inhaled deeply. If you are someone who finds you enjoy poppers more than rarely, you can easily get used to the other brand name poppers out there, especially the ones below. Taiwan Blue is only available in 15ml “tall” bottles and can be rather pricey, up to $30 for a bottle. But they can be worth it. (I personally do not find Taiwan Blue enjoyable any longer but I keep recommending them because they were my “gateway” to popper pleasure.)


Jungle Juice Platinum


Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers

Once you get into poppers, I suggest moving up to Jungle Juice Platinum. I prefer it over regular Jungle Juice or Jungle Juice Plus, which is much more harsh and has a tendency to lose its potency in very quickly. Jungle Juice Platinum is less likely to give a headache, but users have told me that these can tend to give a good pounder. But when I’m giving a good pounding, this is the second most reliable brand I’ve found to give terrific highs and nice recoveries. I find that Platinum can lose its luster quickly once opened, that’s why I use it quickly or at orgies. 

Jungle Juice Black Label


Jungle Juice Black Label Poppers

Some who indulge in poppers really love the newest Black Label from Jungle Juice. Not as harsh as Platinum with a sweeter scent — I’d liken it almost to Taiwan Blue. Almost. Personally, I do not find it enjoyable and cannot get an intense high anywhere close to what I receive from Platinum. But again, some really love it so I’d suggest those who like poppers to try them. They are expensive and only available in 30ml large bottles, which mean most ends up going to waste unless you have an orgy or you’re an intense user. 




Amsterdam Poppers with the "pink" lable

My personal favorite and the absolutely best I’ve found are Amsterdam with the pink label. Do not confuse these with the silver label “Amsterdam Special.” While Jungle Juice Platinum might sometimes give me a slightly higher pain threshold, Amsterdam gives me the longest endurance. Moreover, these bottles do stay fresher and the recovery sensations are a little more mellow. You can’t go wrong with Amsterdam. Now that I’ve been using English for a bit, I’ve found that Amsterdam lost a little luster.



English PoppersThe harshest (without being cheap and ineffective) that I’ve ever experienced is English. Massive bottle at 30ml, this is probably the second bottle I would carry to an orgy. This one is for sharing — it’s large. It’s also costly. However, let me tell you just how incredibly intense English can be. To me, sniffing poppers reduces everything around you into the sensation of your cock… just your cock. English takes that same level and pumps it up to 11 — it’s like my cock is covered with pinpricks of pleasure throughout it. So intense, it verges on pain. And I dare say you can come away with an incredible headache.

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  1. I tried poppers a few years ago and I can honestly say that I haven’t been the same since, I always loved to suck cock and bottom but once I started using poppers it really is ALL I think about. I try and suck cock at least a few times a week. Poppers has turned me into such a slut

  2. I have used poppers, Jungle Juice, Rush and Amsterdam for a year or more. I am a 100% Submissive Bottom who found out I can enhance the sensation of sucking another man’s cock and losing my inhibitions for almost anything. They make me so willing and needy. I love them!! I introduced them to my wife and since we have experienced incredible sexual experiences. She has joined me at Adult Book/Video Stores, used poppers and found herself to be so uninhibited as to allow other guys into our booth. No one has penetrated her, yet, but while I am mounted on her I have watched other guys caress and suck her breasts and even finger her clit. I know that soon she will allow another man to penetrate her and that’s when I will be hitting the poppers and licking his cock as it slides in and out of her wet and tight vagina. Can’t wait! Poppers have reinvigorated our entire sex life.

  3. and i have to say that as a total bottom i always take my first 3 deep inhales at first contact/insertion, and let mytop daddy fuck for a few, then pull out/dipstick check and let him re-enter as i take about 4 really deep inhales and hold the last one like a bong hit while he hits me deep…. i let go and just take deep dick for like 10 min on that…then re-hit when my daddy wants me to, and finally when i nut as he’s fucking deep and before he nuts

  4. I have to tell you, this was a great write up. I will never forget the first time I used poppers, this bear gave me the bottle to try and I was too scared because I thought it was a drug and because I am in the Army of course I can’t use drugs. But after snorting some poppers all I wanted was to get fucked and I didn’t want him to stop fucking me. I love poppers now and they are a great accessory for any bottom. I am using right now Jungle Juice, thinking about trying Rush but after reading your post I am definitely going to try Amsterdam. Thanks

  5. I loved your article on poppers. I experienced them for the first time in July of 1985. Met up with the most handsome young college stud you could ever meet. He introduced them to me that night and I was hooked. I wasn’t really into anal sex due to the pain. The sex was so intense. He started penetrating me slowly, I took a nice long snif, he held the bottle for me…he was topping me, after a few seconds I was so crazy horny all I could think of was a cock fucking me…and sucking…he slid his hard cock all the way in. If it hurt I didn’t care at point. It was none stop for the next several hours. He could cum like crazy and I took it all.

    I did attend a few orgies while in the military. Nothing better than to have 5 or 6 hunks in a hotel room, watch them undress, and then do their thing. I always had fantasized over 4 or 5 guys topping me one right after the other with each dumping a nice hot load in me…cum bucket. I must sound like a slut but that’s what the poppers did to me and I have no regrets.

    I had two heart attacks and eventually two by pass heart surgeries within 3 years of each other. I had no choice by then to start using viagra. Talk about another hot experience. I never knew my cock would get soooo hard and stary hard until you shoot. I honestly gained an inch or so when I was fully erect, added to my thickness also. Yes, I was told and I read that anyone that had heart problems should not use them period. I of course never had to use my nitro during the process so never had a problem.

    No regrets, they gave me many long hard hours of sucking and lots of anal sex.

    Go for it fellas!

  6. I tried poppers for 1st time 2 weeks ago. I’m a bi bottom and I used Rush. Extraordinary. I played with 3 guys, 1 came in my ass (friend of mine) the others fucked me but shot in my mouth and on my face. My fav was being fucked in my ass and mouth unreal. They were able to get all the way. Fuck my face like it was a pussy. I LOVED it.

  7. Regarding the following post:

    “Concerning the risk of combining ED drugs and nitrate inhalants, I and many other men I know do use them at the same time. I am sure that there have been fatalities associated with using ED drugs with poppers. Of the couple dozen men I know, only one has had an untoward event (fainting) that seemed related to concomitant use. I suspect that if you are in otherwise good cardiovascular health you can mix poppers and ED drugs with reasonable safety. ”

    Good grief! This is a combo that has killed people. Both Viagra and poppers
    drop blood pressure. Together they can drop it to the point that you have
    a heart attack and die. That can occur without warning. It’s not like you
    can sit around, wait 2 mins for the effects of the poppers you just huffed
    to dissipate. By then, you could be in arrest. Factor in that poppers vary
    from source to source, and even the same brand when you buy them a
    week later. What you did last week that didn’t kill you, could today.
    So, to “suspect” that you can do it and get away with it is, IMO, nuts.
    Is it THAT important that you have to do both at the same time?

  8. Mark…..Great information. Thanks for your research. I took your advice and bought a couple smaller JJ Platinum, and a 30 ml bottle of English. Can’t wait to try the English. I agree the stuff doesn’t stay potent for long, so smaller bottles are a better value and more consistent kick. I love Poppers and have discovered a couple enhancements that I find make a big difference. First, I microwave some water in a small cup and place the bottle in just up to the neck line. That heats the juice just enough to make it vaporizes faster. As a result, when you open the bottle, it reaches up into your nostrils like a dark cloud of sniff, and you get a much deeper and stronger hit. Second, I sometime pour some of the juice onto a cotton rag and breath the stuff right off the rag over nose and mouth……..a body rush your cock (and my ass) will love. Yes, you use up more juice faster. But I think it’s worth it.

  9. Hey Mark thanks for the FAQ on Poppers. I have only used the little brown bottle, but thanks to your article, I will definitely try both English and Amsterdam. As a hunger bottom cock/cum slut Poppers really do take sucking dick and getting fucked to a hole new level. Man it lowers your inhibitions and allows you to really enjoy a hot cock.

    And as far as the headache situation, take Ibuprofen about 20 minutes before doing poppers. I do this and I never get a headache. But if you forget to take them beforehand, If you do get a headache you can take them as soon as you feel the headache coming on and this also works. I do this all the time.

  10. Just wanted to say thx for this extensive FAQ on Poppers. Totally answered all my questions and concerns cause I wanna try buying my own really soon. Btw great blog in general. Good to see someone out of GA/ATL. Still some things I have to learn about my own city lol.

  11. Oops, the link on my name was typed wrong… this one is correct.

  12. i love poppers… agree with everything Mark has written, including the fact that which brand you use is 100% personal preference, what works for you is what you should shoot for.

    For me, it’s always been either English Premium in the gold label, or now, The Real Amsterdam, also in a gold label. Fort Troff stopped selling poppers, including my then-fave English Premium, a year or so ago, but I’ve since found an online place overseas and the ordering is simple, straightforward and fast, even though you’re paying in euros on your credit card and it’s mailed overseas.

    I’ve written two things about poppers on my blog, and the link to the overseas supplier is in the second post:

    FYI: The first post includes an alternative method of inhaling them, through a soaked sock that’s rolled up and inserted in your mouth, letting you breathe through your mouth and forcing the air to pass through the “filter” of poppers. This gets the vapors into your lungs and your bloodstream immediately, bypassing your sinuses and many related headache issues, AND it allows you to inhale for a while without using any hands… Think about it… Hands-free popper snorting. Every bottom boy’s dream! Especially if you’re on all fours or your hands are tied up in a sling. 😉 lol.

    Love your blog, Mark. Especially the HOT pics via Twitter and Facebook.

  13. Read the piece. I let you know the best… top or bottom.

  14. Hey whats up?
    This jockstrappedfun from barebackrt in Brevard County in
    Central Florida.
    What have you heard the best poppers are for a total bottom sluts like me? Love a good fuck using poppers…….Rush, so far is the best I can find but I know there has to be even better poppers for me to use.

  15. Have to add – tried poppers for the first time last week. Used your advice (and only your advice!), bought the Jungle Juice Platinum and it was the BEST SEX OF MY LIFE! We went for over 6 hours, sniffing away and fucking to our hearts content. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally try them!
    And of course, a HUGE thank you for providing this article. Served as my Bible. I’m a convert!

  16. iblastinside, where do you get your English poppers? I’ve tried the authentic English poppers, and they are AWESOME. But, I can’t buy them where I live. And when I try to order online, I receive knock-offs with the pellets in the bottle. Where can I get the authentic stuff?

  17. Another great posting. I only use English. I find the others give me a bad burn on the nostril, but English, despite being strong as shit and harsh, doesnt.

    I can use them as often as i want, and i get no “burning” at all. Fantastic.

    Another good brand, if you can get them outside of the UK, is X. The bottle is a green label, with a green X on it.


  18. Your description of topping with poppers is somewhat similar to my experience as a bottom, with obvious differences . . .

    When taking a cock, particularly a thicker and/or longer one, poppers can pull me to the brink of absolute ecstasy, awakening pin drop sensitivity to all the sensations in my hole. Many times I find myself stifling whimpers or squeals, and have to control myself for fear I’ll blast hands-free just as they bottom out. That actually happened once with a black stud who pulled out a bottle seemingly from nowhere and popped it up to my nose just as his mushroom head slipped in. He touched all my buttons at once, including a deep baritone “you need this cock, don’t cha” taunt as I began to shake – don’t worry, I was turned on and continued for the near hour he wanted to get his, and blasted again with him.

    With good poppers I zone into the moment and can feel every move of the cock sliding into like my slot, like it was made especially to mold around that that perfect cock that’s returning home. On those occasions when I get the tunnel effect, it heightens the sensation even more. It’s like my whole being is my hole and I feel myself opening entirely . . . content and fully aware that my body, and my slot, was built to worship the stud cock driving deeper and deeper.

    I’ve had popper experiences that fell well short, and despite how much they enhance the sensations, there are plenty of times when I don’t use them. But those times when it all clicks, a relatively small hit (I use them sparingly even when I do partake) can send me over the moon and keep me there long after the buzz recedes.

  19. The aerosol sprays are ethyl chloride, or chloroethane. Ethyl chloride is an entirely different compound than nitrate inhalants (amyl, butyl, and isobutyl nitrate). The effects are different from nitrates – similar enough to be called aerosol poppers – but physiologically are very different. I have found them to be almost hallucinatory if I’ve had a bit too much. Available as Maximum Impact and at least one other brand name, it is occasionally found at ABS and sex shops. The cheapest source is PictureBrite ($10/canister), as opposed to ~$25 from most other sources.

    Concerning the risk of combining ED drugs and nitrate inhalants, I and many other men I know do use them at the same time. I am sure that there have been fatalities associated with using ED drugs with poppers. Of the couple dozen men I know, only one has had an untoward event (fainting) that seemed related to concomitant use. I suspect that if you are in otherwise good cardiovascular health you can mix poppers and ED drugs with reasonable safety. If you are new to either one, I’d suggest sampling the poppers lightly – after the ED drug has had time to become effective – and only increasing popper use if you have no adverse effects.

  20. Great article. Might I recommend “fist,” “FF,” and “KUM” from England. KUM is my favorite – nice buzz – and really brings out the pig bottom in me.

  21. Dude…PIGSWEAT is so AWESOME! and if you want to conserve, you can get another small bottle, fill it with cotton, then pout like 1/4 of the poppers in that 2nd bottle and it’s good to go, that way if they get snatched (in the bath house) you’re not out the full bottle. Also if you want to combine them, get a sippy cup with a folding straw, put cotton in that, spray maximum overdrive in there over the saturation of like Jungle Juice…and one could “sip” it out thru the straw (the air not the actual liquid which is held in tht cotton) I do that if pulling a train.

  22. Mark, any experience with the spray poppers, like maximum impact? Always been curious to try those out, but didn’t feel like dropping the cash for something that I’ve never really heard about (only seen for sale next to the poppers!). They still seem pretty easy to get, and since it’s aerosol, you don’t have to worry about spoilage…