Curling Up Into a Ball

I am so fucking over it.

No job leaves me looking for work and, well, I’ve got more time to look. So I look for work and ass. I need to just be looking for a job but, damned if I end up looking for ass more than work.

Fucking stupid of me, I know.

After Christmas and well into January, I’d say it didn’t much matter because both job leads and ass were easily available. But lately, it’s been pretty damn dry on both fronts. No job leads and no ass.

So here’s a little vent, hoping for a turn around. And any Atlanta area bottoms offering up ass, let me know.

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  1. I lost my job last January and took it pretty hard. Decided to start over and relocated to South Florida. Didn’t get the job that I wanted and planned on but I took whatever I could find because it is easier to get another job if you are already working for some reason. rawTOP is correct about keeping friends posted on your job hunt. That’s how I got my first job in SFL then the additional part time job I started & that same week I started the 2nd job I got a better full time job. All via friends and acquaintances. I believe there is another job change that may occur yet this year back to my original career that I started 20 years ago.

    BTW….if you were in SFL, you wouldn’t be needing to look for ass because you could have mine all you wanted. 😉

  2. We truly hope that this economy starts to pick-up… and that sooner rather than later, the financial situation improves for you too. We’ve never seen it this bad. Have you tried (at least temporarily) signing-up with any local temp agencies? I know it’s not the best option, but it helps.

  3. I saw a program a while back on advice for the unemployed. They said to spend most of your time doing stuff you enjoy and just a few hours each day looking for work. People who spend all day looking for work get disillusioned and don’t interview well. But if you’re doing stuff you enjoy and are in good spirits you’ll do better when you interview. They also said to let the people around you know you’re looking for work – they’re often good sources for job referrals.

    So enjoy the time off and fuck a lot of bottoms!