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Snorting Poppers

Poppers, Persuasion and Pleasure

Poppers came to me late in my sexual experience. I first learned about them when I was 16 or 17, but I waited until I was 35 before indulging.

Why’d I wait so fucking long?

So if you’re wondering what poppers are, you can read up on Wikipedia Link Opens in a New Window, although I will quote the effects section:

[alert style=”green”]”Inhaling nitrites relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, including the sphincter muscles of the anus…. Smooth muscle surrounds the body’s blood vessels and when relaxed causes these vessels to dilate resulting in an immediate increase in heart rate and blood flow throughout the body, producing a sensation of heat and excitement that usually lasts for a couple of minutes…. The head rush, euphoria, and other sensations that result from the increased heart rate are often felt to increase sexual arousal and desire. It is widely reported that poppers can enhance and prolong orgasms.”[/alert]

Of course, this sounds a little clinical.

For me, I can actually see my orgasm approach. The sensation is amazing. I sometimes actually get tunnel vision, but usually I close my eyes for that. But in those moments following a snort (or huff), every other sensory input disappears and I exist only in my cock. The nerve endings of my cock are electrified and I sense everything.

Recently, I was fucking a bottom who shot his load without touching himself. I explained to him how his ass felt as he approached orgasm… every muscle contraction, the roll and throb of his prostate as he got close. He said, “You could feel that through your cock?”

“Of course,” I responded.

Then I realized perhaps not everyone does. I do. When I experience poppers, I get the full sensation, time dilation and, for me, the most intense experience ever. I’ll normally huff two or three times in a session. I don’t too much because the intense sensation fades with each subsequent sniff. After a while, I lose the enjoyment.

How to Do Poppers Like a Pro

Unscrew the bottle top and put the edge of the bottle to one nostril of your nose, cover the other and sniff deeply. There’s two basic techniques.

snorting poppers two-handedTwo-Handed Snort

Illustrated here is the two-handed snort, one to hold the bottle and one to close one nostril.

This is probably easiest for a beginner to do but it’s also effective when you’re otherwise occupied like you’re sucking a cock, as you can see to the right.

Snorting poppers two-handed while sucking cock.

Do not spill the poppers or get any in your nose. It will burn. And the taste is awful if you happen to get it on the cock you’re sucking (and if I were getting sucked, I would make the bottom lick clean the burning stuff off to teach them to be more careful.

In my opinion, it’s perfectly fine etiquette to take a few seconds break for a popper snort.

one-handed popper sniffOne-Handed Sniff

The one-handed sniff is very talented indeed and for advanced practice only, as illustrated to the left.

This usually comes from someone who’s been jerking off with poppers for while and can unscrew the top, cover one nostril with their thumb and hold the bottle up to their other nostril for the huff.

The other hand continues to jerk themselves or prop up or keep doing whatever they’ve been doing. A truly talented popper pro can put the bottle top back on.

[box icon=”warning”]

Caution with Poppers

If you are prone to migraines or severe headaches, you may wish to avoid poppers all together. Poppers can and will give headaches. If poppers are not fresh or they’re cheap or they’re counterfeit, a severe headache can result. Believe me, I’ve had a days-long headache from bad poppers.

Additionally, if you take any erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra or Cialis, you should never do poppers, even if it’s just for fun. It will lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

If your blood pressure is not stabilized by medication, do not do poppers. Poppers impact your smooth muscles, which surrounds your blood vessels, directly linked to your blood pressure.[/alert]

Your First Snort

It all depends on which kind of poppers you try, but I recommend that you take a moderate breath with poppers to get a sense of how they will feel to you. Don’t do them when anything is going on. Do them while making out and sucking each other’s cock — preferably with someone who won’t get too pissed off if you suddenly get a really bad headache and have to quit everything.

Each kind of popper has a different impact on each person. My favorite gives one friend of mine a severe headache (but generally, everyone else I know reacts well to it).

After that light sniff, you will know how it feels, so you might be ready for the real thing. A deep snort. The more you sniff, the longer the high, the more intense and the more likely a headache. It’s a risk you run.

Bottoms and Poppers

In my experience, bottoms use poppers as they’re about to take cock. This relaxes the muscles and allows the cock easier entry. As I am not a bottom, I can’t speak to the bottom sensations. However, I do notice bottoms become more voracious for cock. They want it more. I notice it lowers their inhibitions. If you’re a top controlling the feed of poppers to a bottom, giving him more will make him beg for your cock and, later, for your cum (even if he said don’t cum inside).

Tops and Poppers

The experience with tops can be wholly different. I will abstain throughout much of sex and then snort when I am ready to cum since poppers have this ability to allow me to bulldoze through whatever is happening and make my way to unloading. However, some tops may enjoy poppers but have said they cause wood suddenly leave.  Again, a little experimentation might lead you to discovering what’s best for you.

Etiquette for Poppers

Cock head next to a bottle of poppersI believe in any situation it is appropriate to share poppers. That being said, there are a lot of interesting results from this experience. Because I am a bit of a connoisseur of poppers and I only bring the best quality with me, some fuckers think it’s like I’m bringing wine to their house. No. Poppers come with me, poppers leave with me, even if it’s an orgy at someone’s house. Everyone is welcome to enjoy my poppers but they’re fucking mine.

Stealing poppers at a person’s home doesn’t bother me as much as they do when I’m at a bathhouse. I’ve learned to travel with a second bottle and always offer the less fresh second bottle to the bottom I’m fucking so I keep the best for myself.

“Feeding” a bottom is not unusual and I will occasionally keep control of poppers so I can make sure that the bottom does as I wish. Using the poppers as a carrot works like a charm with some bottoms.

Call me selfish but I’ve had my quality poppers stolen from me too often.

That’s one thing to keep in mind. Quality poppers are difficult to find and expensive as shit. Online sources will be your cheapest option and, even then, since a major company went out of business and the U.S. Postal Service began cracking down on the shipment of chemicals, it’s difficult to find places that will

Popper Flavors and My Personal Recommendations

Recently, it’s become more difficult to obtain poppers but I’ve found them available through Link Opens in a New Window and can recommend them as a good source.

I just checked and my former source seems to be back in business, although its selection is currently limited. I’ve been purchasing from Link Opens in a New Window for years and loved it.

I am disappointed Poppers Express does not carry the smallest bottle available, which is usually 10ml or 10cc (or sometimes 12ml). I recommend small bottles because only fresh poppers are good poppers. You will find that PictureBrite does carry the smallest bottle size though. The next size up is the 15ml “tall” bottles. Large bottles are 25ml or 1oz. And finally, the huge bottles are 30ml.

Keeping poppers fresh means keeping them sealed and in dark places. You can keep them in a refrigerator but once they’re opened, it does no good to put them back into the fridge. Just close the lid tight and put them in a dark place. Cold or warm, it doesn’t matter. Within a couple of weeks, they’ll get old. And to me, the little “pellet” inside does no good keeping them fresh.

Taiwan Blue


Taiwan Blue

If you’re just getting started with poppers or you’re someone who gets headaches, I find that Taiwan Blue might be a good option. They are very mild, pure and provide a nice slope up to the pleasure zone and then an easy path down if you do not sniff deeply. For the more advanced among you, I hear that Taiwan Blue can be appropriate for fistee (the one being fisted) if inhaled deeply. If you are someone who finds you enjoy poppers more than rarely, you can easily get used to the other brand name poppers out there, especially the ones below. Taiwan Blue is only available in 15ml “tall” bottles and can be rather pricey, up to $30 for a bottle. But they can be worth it. (I personally do not find Taiwan Blue enjoyable any longer but I keep recommending them because they were my “gateway” to popper pleasure.)


Jungle Juice Platinum


Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers

Once you get into poppers, I suggest moving up to Jungle Juice Platinum. I prefer it over regular Jungle Juice or Jungle Juice Plus, which is much more harsh and has a tendency to lose its potency in very quickly. Jungle Juice Platinum is less likely to give a headache, but users have told me that these can tend to give a good pounder. But when I’m giving a good pounding, this is the second most reliable brand I’ve found to give terrific highs and nice recoveries. I find that Platinum can lose its luster quickly once opened, that’s why I use it quickly or at orgies. 

Jungle Juice Black Label


Jungle Juice Black Label Poppers

Some who indulge in poppers really love the newest Black Label from Jungle Juice. Not as harsh as Platinum with a sweeter scent — I’d liken it almost to Taiwan Blue. Almost. Personally, I do not find it enjoyable and cannot get an intense high anywhere close to what I receive from Platinum. But again, some really love it so I’d suggest those who like poppers to try them. They are expensive and only available in 30ml large bottles, which mean most ends up going to waste unless you have an orgy or you’re an intense user. 




Amsterdam Poppers with the "pink" lable

My personal favorite and the absolutely best I’ve found are Amsterdam with the pink label. Do not confuse these with the silver label “Amsterdam Special.” While Jungle Juice Platinum might sometimes give me a slightly higher pain threshold, Amsterdam gives me the longest endurance. Moreover, these bottles do stay fresher and the recovery sensations are a little more mellow. You can’t go wrong with Amsterdam. Now that I’ve been using English for a bit, I’ve found that Amsterdam lost a little luster.



English PoppersThe harshest (without being cheap and ineffective) that I’ve ever experienced is English. Massive bottle at 30ml, this is probably the second bottle I would carry to an orgy. This one is for sharing — it’s large. It’s also costly. However, let me tell you just how incredibly intense English can be. To me, sniffing poppers reduces everything around you into the sensation of your cock… just your cock. English takes that same level and pumps it up to 11 — it’s like my cock is covered with pinpricks of pleasure throughout it. So intense, it verges on pain. And I dare say you can come away with an incredible headache.

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