Shocking Truth: I Do Occasionally Bottom

Shocking Truth: I Do Occasionally Bottom

Lately, a bit of a misconceptions has been perpetrated. Not on purpose, mind you. Perhaps it’s just been a while since I actually posted something that indicated it as an option.

I am not a total top. I identify as a top. I enjoy being a top. It is my primary role. Out of 100 fucks, I’ll top 99 times. But one time, I’ll take one for the team. In fact, I just might enjoy it.

It’s so difficult to find a good top these days. I guess that’s why I get the ass I do. I’m kidding, of course. yes, it's really my ass

Being that I’m a top and not a natural bottom, I don’t adjust to cock that easily. It takes time, patience and a whole lot of tongue.

Luckily, this hunk of beef nearby absolutely enjoys the challenge. He’s a well-trained massage therapist who always arrives with his collection of non-scented oils and lotions.  Standing around 5 foot 10 inches and solidly built with a great hairy chest, he’s in his late forties, but he looks like his late thirties. I lay naked, ass up, across the king-size bed and begin to breathe deeply as he gets rid of his winter gear.

He’s one of those men who just radiates heat and his hands are truly magical when they touch my tensed back muscles and knead into me. At first, I’m fully aware of every motion he makes, as he cocks the lotion bottle and dumps it onto his hand, rubs his mittens together and then touches that still lukewarm goo to my skin. As the tension slowly flows from my body, I begin to float somewhere between consciousness and sleep.

Of course, as he climbs over me, his cock occasionally brushes against my thigh. His fingers find the inside of my legs and tickle near my balls. But as you can sleep with a hard-on, I allow myself the pleasure of this tension release and build to pleasure all at once. I can close my eyes and just allow this man, nothing more than a servicing bottom with a hard cock, to take care of me.

As he is rubbing my back, he lays across me fully, his hairy chest on my naked, well-oiled back. It tickles a little. His beard tickles the back of my neck. I smile. But I just sigh as he moves down my back, kneading his fingers into my relaxed muscles and finding those remaining knots, releasing the last of the pressures.

Then he has my glutes in his hands. I feel his breath close by. He’s really digging in, parting the way and finally, I feel his tongue there.

His feast begins.

I arch my back to give him more access but he adjusts me to again relax me and allow him to chow down on my pucker. He nibbles around my hole, tonguing it then kissing it, puckering up against all 360 degrees of it, parting my cheeks away from it, paying attention to the mounds that protect it. But his delicate advances allow him entry to my most protected of spaces, giving him uninhibited access as the last of my tension bleeds away thanks to his gripping claws.

Then he licks more, opening my bud up just enough to the juicy inside, allowing his tongue tip to sample me.

His attention remains focused but he tricks my involuntary muscles meant to protect that hole tightly. As he returns occasionally to the massage, releasing the tension from my body, the muscles let their guard down and relax just enough so his tongue can get in deeper and he can tease a little more. And then he works even more magic, letting the little hairs of his tightly cropped beard inside the pucker. Its very sensitive skin awakes to this intense sensation, begging for more, opening up, blossoming open for his tongue, his lips, his mouth.

And I just let it happen. Time blurs. I don’t know how long he works, if it’s been hours or days or seconds. As he uses his fingers to help get his tongue in deeper, he knows the pump is primed. And, like I will do with my bottoms, he’s injected spit into the hole.

He rises, his cock a rock hard six-and-a-half inches, tapered but thicker than mine. He poises his cockhead at my opened door and pushes.

Involuntarily, when he knocks, I resist. But his body comes crashing down onto mine and his hips thrust a little and his smaller head punches through. I grunt as he wraps those strong arms around me and I feel the throb of his cock against my hole and then his steady breathing. He’s conditioned me into relaxation and so I want to return to that state. I don’t want to resist. And, after all, I knew this would happen. I want his raw cock inside me.

I don’t have a natural control. I have to force myself to relax. And as I do, his pressure continues as his cock penetrates me further. Soon, he has impaled me. His cock is inside me fully. And I am now the bottom. I now have the cock inside me.

For a while, he fucks me on my stomach. But I am a natural top and my instinct soon takes over. The cock in intense as it slams inside me, his cock finds that little spot and it begins to work me over. Adrenalin suddenly floods my body.

In a swift move, we flip over and I’m at the edge of the bed, my ass hanging off, my cock red and angry it’s received no attention. He pushes into me and begins fucking again as I demand he fucks me harder and faster. I reach up and play with his hairy chest and tweak his nipples.

“Fuck me,” I demand. “Shoot your fucking cum inside me, man.”

He’s picking up pace and beginning to grunt a little. Precum is leaking like a motherfucker from my prick and he wants badly to suck it, but I push him away and urge him on. His cock arched up, you can see every time his cockhead hits my prostate as the precum is clear but little pearls of white come out.

“Come on man, give me your cum.”

He grunts. This time, it’s more like a growl. “I’m going to cum,” he says with a guttural whisper.

My legs come down and wrap around him, locking him and his cock in my ass, making sure his cock and cum stay right where they should be. And my ass is tight. I can feel it. I feel his load flooding my ass. My right hand comes down and grips my cock and I feverishly take a few strokes. That’s all it takes when I’m shooting.

Cum sprays across my stomach and chest, just left of my face. It’s as if someone has popped the top off of champagne. The sensation of release is immense. Cum then flows, intensely, in seven or eight more pulses. I always cum a lot, but this is extra amounts.

I release my death grip on him and my cock. His mouth comes down to my still pulsing and angry cock, licking up the juicy remains that still flow from it.

I do occasionally bottom. But the truth is, I am a dominate bottom when I take it up the ass.

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  1. Thank God! Because as soon as I first saw that photograph of you facedown, I thought, ” I AM so hungry right now!”

    And your ass truly looks feastable!

  2. The photo is of me and my ass.

  3. And I thought the photograph in this post was you? Not you?

  4. Oh, my Gods! My fat, Cuban Cock is rockhard right now. And today is one of those rare occasions when I AM wearing sweatpants with no underwear. I think I shall remain seated for a while.

    Well, hopefully you shall be in one of those bottoming moods if you and I meet in person, because the thought of you opening up for my cock sounds good to me, studly.

    Also, I enjoy a bottom who does not simply lay there. Go ahead, studly, demand I fuck you harder and faster!

    Of course, on the rare occasions when I AM being fucked, I can be quite dominant, too. And if I AM really far gone, I AM actually begging the top to fuck me! Can you imagine (actually, I think you can).

    Thanks, again, for another fantastic post.

  5. I’d love to top you and have you order me around 🙂