Enthusiasm of Youth

Enthusiasm of Youth

He claims to be 22, not that it really matters since he’s definitely in his twenties. He’s on the beefy side of things, too cute in the face considering his occasional cravings.

When these cravings overtake him, my phone begins to light up with text messages and my e-mail goes off. He wants cock and cum in his ass. No isn’t an option.

Now why in the world would I ever turn down ass? Why would I turn down a very tight ass on a cute boy body?

Normally I don’t. I enjoy him. His biggest turn on is kissing and chewing hard on his nipples. He’s a nice guy and sex with him is fun and intense.

But as with this last time, the experience ends much too soon for me. Well, this time, I was a little more prepared.

After our time kissing and chewing on his nipples, he sat on my cock . Slowly, he eased himself down, taking a huge hit on my poppers. His ass was tight, wrapped around me intensely. He never touched himself, but his cock jutted forth from his body and he leaned forward for a kiss as he began to grind. His cock was caught there between us, I could feel the leak of precum intensely lubricating our bellies.

But I let him continue. I let him kiss. I pinched his nipples on his smooth, hairless chest as those oval mounds ached. I arched my back so my cock entered him deeper, my raw cock inside his ass, rubbing against his joy-button. Letting him feel the intensity as I made sure every nerve in his body felt pleasure as he rocked back and forth.

I felt it in his ass first, as it constricted around my cock first and the throb started on the inside. The globs of cum came out coating our bellies as he broke off the kisses to say he was cumming. But I let him experience it all.

I spoke to him softly, letting him just relax, but I never withdrew my cock. Letting him collapse. His instinct had been to leap and leave, but this time I kept him in place, my cock deep inside.

I found the poppers and took a strong snort, then began moving ever so subtly. He didn’t want to be there, but I held him where he was, moving a little more with each stroke, finding my pleasure. Getting to a pace where I found his ass accommodating and quite nice, where he pleasured me.

And then, with slow deliberate pressure, I pushed into him and I released my load.

The sound that came from him started as pain but soon turned into a quizzical sound. He could feel my cum inside him. Even though he would always beg for my cum, if he ever got a hint I was close, he would hop off. Now he was feeling it. He was feeling cum pump into his gut.

He whispered, “Are you cumming?”

My load mostly released, I answered, “Yes.”

He didn’t move. Silence expanded. I think he realized he liked it. And maybe, maybe, waiting for me might be worth it.

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  1. Fucking HOT! After all that teasing, he so deserved it