Back in the Good Old Days of Cocksuckers Aplenty

Back in the Good Old Days of Cocksuckers Aplenty

Years ago, before I moved to Georgia, I had a personal cocksucker. It worked out like this. If I couldn’t get ass for whatever reason, I could summon him over at any hour of the night. He would sneak into my house and suck on my cock for however long it would take for me to cum and after I shot my load, he would leave.

That simple.

It spoiled me because his skill was remarkable and his endurance proved to sustain for hours. In fact, I think he would enjoy lengthening the time he would be allowed to stay. But largely I ignored him, just leaning back, watching porn, snorting poppers or surfing the web. He’d swallow my nut and leave quietly, locking the door behind him so I could go right to sleep.

Tonight is a night I need my cocksucker. Alas, no such luck.

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  1. nice. Would love a nice cock in my rear