Travel Diary: Five Minutes to Spare

Travel Diary: Five Minutes to Spare

A while back (when I had a job), I was on a business trip. One of those trips where everything turned out to be back-to-back-to-back. No opportunity to fuck around and when the day ended, I’d collapse in the bed to plan for the next day. But after this exhausting 10-hour day, we all got a half-an-hour to freshen up, change clothes and return downstairs for a dinner engagement.

For the fuck of it, I hit one of the bareback sites. And an instant hook-up post actually listed the massive hotel in which I stayed.Ass

The young man turned out to be a little cum slut and, well, he was on a similar schedule. A break between the showroom and the dinner bell. So I gave him my room number as I finished up. We both only had about 10 minutes to spare and, well, he wanted to go to dinner with a load in his ass.

I ran the risk of breeding someone I knew but my balls begged for release. And it was a giant hotel. So what the fuck.

He arrived. Since I was changing anyway, I just kept my clothes off. He quickly got naked and we were to the bed quickly. My cock found his ass in less than a minute. No blowjob. We went to it.

This was one well-used ass. With very little lube, it opened wide. I had to move around to find a little friction for some pleasure. And he jerked furiously. At 28 years old, he popped off quick, two minutes into it, he spooged a small load into his pubes. I snorted a little poppers to get to edge quicker. Spit in my hand, jerked my cock a little and used it as a ring entry into his ass until I finally left a load in his ass.

He gave me a peck, put his clothes on and headed out.

Five minutes. Record time.

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