Dichotomy, Part I

Dichotomy, Part I

People have pointed out my own dichotomy, but let’s consider their own. An interesting example is “Ray,” who contacted me just this past week. His first e-mail:

I am a Malaysian Chinese, living and working in B’ham, AL. Let me know when you are in town the next time. We can go get together and hang out? Just want to be friend with you.

Now I enjoy a little Asian in my life and having a good Birmingham fuck might be just the ticket. But he soon made it clear that our options were limited when I asked if he wanted to get fucked.

Only if you put on a rubber…. haha, which i understand that you only go bare. My ex and i used to go bare. Well, i just want to be your friend first. A good friend that can hang out and do some other things besides having sex…

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind getting to know someone in Birmingham. I go there enough. So, as I tend to do, I ask for a photograph. His response were four photos, all quite similar to this one:

A bikini brief Asian

I pointed out to him the dichotomy. He wants to become friends and not get fucked by me but sends those photos. His response:

you didn’t say what type of pictures you want to see so i sent you pictures of my crotch on purpose, just to get your attention. I see you are a meet and fuck kinda person instead of meet and talk kinda person? call me weirdo, i cannot let people fuck me unless i get to know the other person first. Personally, i think you are a deeper person than what you portrayed on IBI. I read that you have so much disappointment with the hookups you tried to make while you were in B’ham. i thought have a “normal” friend in B’ham might make your stay over here more pleasant. That’s just the caring side of me talking, not my horny side.

So send me a regular photo of your face then! We chatted on Gtalk for a bit today, but in the end, his face was off limits but I could see his panty-clad crotch for days.


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  1. If I make a blog right now
    it may be something like this
    as far as my attitude goes . . .

    A guy emailed me for a month telling me things like he wants 1-on-1 sex and that I make him horny. He also had leisurely naked pics of himself. When I pressed him on my desire to meet and make things real, he said I am moving too fast and bailed out. BAHHHH quit f*king with my my brain! Thanks